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Legal Marijuana Sales Officially Begin In Colorado


One small step for marijuana, one giant leap for marijuana consumers. Legal recreational marijuana sales are officially occurring in Colorado today. From the looks of my twitter feed, just about every mainstream media outlet is in Colorado to witness legal marijuana transactions. Most of my friends in the marijuana media world are there too, which is good, because I prefer their coverage to a member of the mainstream media who has likely never seen someone buy marijuana before.

Iraq war veteran Sean Azzariti was the first person to buy legal recreational marijuana in Colorado. What strain did he buy you ask? Bubba Kush, as seen below:

first ever legal marijuana sale in Colorado


In addition to purchasing the 1/8th of Bubba Kush, Mr. Azzariti also purchased a truffle, for a grand total (after tax) of $59.74, as seen in the picture below:

first ever legal marijuana sale in Colorado


Are you planning on traveling to Colorado to purchase legal marijuana? If so, how far away are you traveling? Do you currently live in Colorado? If so, what’s it like on the ground? Are you prepared for an influx of tourists coming to Colorado to buy legal marijuana? Do you live in Washington, and if so, how do you feel about Colorado selling legal marijuana while you still have to wait for full implementation? Regardless of how you feel, I think we can all agree that this is a very historic day for marijuana!


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  1. I see your point there. You are absolutely right, I just came back from Denver and wow to those prices. This is why though. The dispensaries have to pay their employees and make sure the gov’t is happy as well with their lofty standards and more than unreasonable cost of business. First they say its so dangerous, and funnel billions and make almost the same in seizures with the ‘war on drugs’ then when they realize that they could make the money back based on the desperation really of the people/ businesses that want to go legal. $25,000 for a license? it would take a while to make that kind of capital back, because that’s only for the piece of paper to sell it. Then there’s the growing side, where there’s requirements too. Lab tested quality testing, pre-approved growing equipment including land/space which has been marked up because of the growing potential, raised rent for the space you use to sell because of the increased traffic and safety requirements. Then there’s the state tax on the product, which is REALLY high when you add up everything together. These dispensaries spend so much money just to put the product on the shelf to make what turns out to be pennies on the dollar compared to what the state makes total. Basically the federal Gov’t has successfully kept the war on drugs alive. I can only guess how much of that state money gets paid up to the fed level to help fund the DEA, who are kicking down doors to dispensaries. There needs to be some kind of compromise with these prices so the public has more confidence in the sincerity of our lawmakers to right the wrongs done by prohibition of Marijuana. Its not done by making as much money on it as possible. the money is good but come on. You were arresting dealers and distributors for doing the EXACT same thing. Just my thoughts.

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  3. Dustin Neumann on

    Or you know nothing and just like an ipad/mac user think price = quality. This is what i charge 25$ an 8th for . Sucker

  4. Dustin Neumann on

    No i grow shit better then hightimes posts in their shit rag.
    Here is some headband i have been running . Good luck with those stupid prices suckers.
    BTW check my FB for more pics. ~DR00L~

  5. Dustin Neumann on

    No i AM a grower and would pay the tax out of pocket. By dropping my prices to adjust.
    Not raping my customer base. I give the market 8 months tops before it all comes down. Sure there will still be crap at retail markets . But those of us with a shred of decency are going to drive prices so damn low no one will make a damn dime!

  6. 1. Much of Colorado’s tax revenue is going to fund school construction – it’s written into the law. 2. Serious dealers and growers can get themselves a license to grow or sell, just like serious brewers can be licensed to start a brewery. It’s also legal to grow your own and to give some of it away. 3. A lot of people prefer to buy their weed legally, even though it might cost more. Did you see the lines in front of the stores last week? Unlike Uruguay, visitors can legally buy cannabis in Colorado, and we are expecting a lot of tourism as a result.

  7. I have lupus. Debilitating pain and feel like I am getting the flu everyday. This is huge. There is no reason why I should not have access to something that makes me feel better. Now to try to get it….

  8. Also, if you think the cops are just going to give up on persecuting potheads, think again. They are no doubt in discussion right now to determine how they can twist the law to circumvent it or make it irrelevant. Bullies don’t like to be told to stand down, and 99% of LEO’s are bullies.

  9. Oh come on. Do you really think cops are going to make a difference when you’re about to get stabbed or raped? Hell no. Being armed is more likely to help, and taxing pot isn’t going to achieve that. Whining about your illness is wasted on me. I have been hospitalized twice in the past six months and I’m on the verge of returning. So I doubt you’re anywhere near as sick as I am. If you have a flu, you’ll likely recover. I probably won’t. Get over yourself.

  10. Uhhh…did you read my comment? 1) I was referring to the tax aspect of it, NOTHING ELSE. 2) I said it’s going into the community, the same as all other taxes. Uhhh well aside from other illegal drugs, these LEO’s now won’t be arresting people for BS marijuana crimes. If you really think that having law enforcement is completely unconstitutional then shut the fuck up if you ever get stabbed or raped or something. If you truly believe this then you have no right to turn to law enforcement when it suits you. 3) I quote my post directly here “Yes, obviously not everybody that sells drugs illegally are scum bags, but A LOT of them are…” Obviously not all drugs come from shady sources, but many, many do. (I said drugs, not pot, including heroin, coke, etc.) 4) I’m very, very sick (some kind of flu like virus, yuckkk) and not much in the mood to have somebody twist my words and argue against me with the exact same things I said in my original post… I have no plans to move to Uruguay either but thanks for the heads up.

  11. It is a historic day for marijuana! It took a long ass time. Many years ago we protested and wrote letters to our elected officials trying to legalize it. I think Nancy Regan did the most damage to the movement, with her drunken, “just say no to drugs” campaign, supported by the alcohol industry.

    Beware, the alcohol industry will still try to crush what is just getting started!

  12. You can’t make a blanket statement like that. 1. The tax money will also be used to beef up law enforcement to make your life miserable 2. Not all black market weed comes from a gang or cartel – and the dealers/growers are only criminals because the law says so. If they have not harmed anyone, it’s a victimless crime and invalid in my opinion. 3. The only way to eliminate the cartel & gang involvement in the reefer biz is to undercut their prices so that they can’t compete. The president of Uruguay has figured that out, that’s why they’re selling it for $1/gram. But before you make plans to move there: it’s a socialist country that banned soda among other things.

  13. I agree. Sick of the PJ’s and alkies who think they’re better than potheads. I was in rehab one time with an old lady who drove us all crazy saying “I shouldn’t be here. My doctor prescribed me those pills.” Never mind the fact that she was running out before she could refill and had started to buy them on the street…

  14. Interesting. I remember years ago there was talk of buds sprayed with formaldehyde going around. Ick!

  15. you are either extremely close to the grower, or you are not yet sufficiently experienced in knowing the differences between the varieties of Cannabis. In NYS, it it $15/field to $22/v.good. Am sure prices will float wildly until regulations take hold. Patience: Illinois just approved MMJ. Another victory for states’ rights!

  16. yea just makes it sticky and makes Mexican brick weed look like good frosted bud
    you may not even notice till ants starts eating your Buds lol.

  17. But if it was dried, then the extra weight from the water was evaporated so I don’t see how it could benefit the dealer to do so at all. Seriously. Stepped-on POT? I really don’t think it’s a very common occurrence and most likely to lose a dealer customers especially when there is so much competition for business.

  18. Unless its from the Grower you are more then likely Getting “bush weed” Not of high quality steped on

  19. so my next question is – piss tests at work – how will this affect the job market – because if you make it legal and can’t find work because a test still is in place – then who will the buyers be – the unemployed who collect welfare because of being unable to work for 30 days after enjoying a stoned session – so many sides to this question!

  20. Jack S. Klotzner on

    true they do now have medical but there is a big issue with their medical law, the list is extremely short and if you dont have something that is on that short list you will have to fight for years just to get your medical card Ill is not much better than IN they are taking the right steps in the right direction unlike IN but the difficulty of getting your medical card there is to me just as bad not to mention they dont have any dispensaries and you can only order your script from an intrastate supplier

  21. Jack S. Klotzner on

    i totally agree but once i have the finances and all that good jazz i am leaving this backward state and will not look back i was born here and raised the first half of my life in Las Vegas let me tell ya i miss it out there but at the same time i am sure there are several states that i would be happier in than here

  22. Jack S. Klotzner on

    hell here in IN you pay 50 an 1/8 100 a 1/4 and if you want to go big and buy a 1/2 expect to pay 200 they as in the black market doesn’t like to show love unless you buy bigger than 1/2

  23. Not if it was dried afterwards i heard of ppl spaying./soaking bud in sugar water before lol of course first time you lick your fingers you know ..

  24. alex hungerson on

    Poor little twopie .. such an angry little boy. guess his mommy never hugged him.

  25. alex hungerson on

    It’s an 1/8 for $48 with tax not $35 … better take another look at that receipt at the top of this page lol
    $40 for the 1/8 and a bit over $8 for the tax :(

  26. alex hungerson on

    I’d much rather sit back, smoke a fatty and get high than get drunk and beat my wife and kids like so many drinkers do. I don’t think I’ve ever heard about anyone beating their wife and kids while smoking pot. Maybe you should give it a try you may find out you actually like it like my +80yr old parents did. ( I can smoke my face off and still be in more control than anyone that drinks their face off) ever hear about someone overdosing on pot? NOPE … ever hear about someone overdosing on alcohol … YEP … many times. Well back to the books going back to university at 50 is a hard thing to do. (Thanks god over and over for providing pot to us to help relieve the stress of life) Cya

  27. alex hungerson on

    Sorry for heckling ya man. I got buddies all over the states that I visit with and them legal prices seem really, really high. Bought some really great stuff on the streets in Orlando last winter and it was only $30 an 1/8. I guess it’s worth paying more to not have to worry about being thrown in jail for a bit of pot. Congratulations to everyone in Colorado for doing something nobody else in the world has yet to do . My hats off to all of you :)

  28. sorry just thought figured you it out when i said that lol.

    yea they just freeze the bud in the freezer for like 24 hours when wet they use ice water or just dry ice .
    When dry just use dry ice ,
    than they just lightly shake/break off the Trichomes
    and use for the other products they sell at a much higher price.

    To avoid this ppl carry mag glass check for broken heads it’s more common than you might think,and if you don’t look you never know there doing it.

  29. This is awesome now people can truly get help for their medical issues i think this is a very big step in getting people real help for their addiction to pain meds. Its rediculous how pill junkies and alcoholics look down on marijuana just because its illegal, not anymore you self righteous dope fiends this is goin to really revolutioniz the u.s. im stoked!!!!!!

  30. I’m neutral here but I don’t think that’s got anything to do with why the movement has taken this long. We bought black market because there was only black market, we’ve had no alternatives until now.

  31. Cool man but we don’t all live in Canada, so what’s your point? Choices aren’t many, so consider that first before you heckle us who like good weed but aren’t Canadians.

  32. same taxes apply to cigarettes and even more once its retailed, it takes about 12 cents to make a pack of cigarettes for a big company, but they are taxed so hard the prices just keep rising, of course they are gonna tax it high its the only way to make it profitable but would u rather a $10 tax or a $100 or more ticket for even possessing it?

  33. they actually have laws for smoking and driving its a certain amount in the blood stream is allowed it makes it out to be the same as what the ABC is for drinking and driving. Props to Colorado now if we can get all other 49 states to follow this country might come a little out of debt

  34. I read that was the cheapest place and he paid about $50 for an 1/8th, w/tax. Other places were charging $65-70.

  35. Uhhh….why? Do you have ANY good reason or evidence for believing so? Of course you don’t, so don’t even try to tell me you have something that doesn’t exist. Prohibition causes nothing but harm, of course except to the criminals making boatloads of money from it. Yeah, great idea bud! Thanks but this is 2014 where most of us prefer logic and common sense to ignorance.

  36. Something I believe A LOT of you aren’t picking up on, is that the taxes made from legal marijuana sales in CO are going to fund school construction and maintenance, and are overall going to be used to build your community. Black market drug money goes to funding cartels, gangs and other criminals. Really? You would really rather give money to drug dealers and gang bangers than see it go into your community? Yes, obviously not everybody that sells drugs illegally are scum bags, but A LOT of them are…

  37. Be happy For what then can just get u for driven high the ggovernment fuking sucks one way are the other they try n fuck u

  38. Uhh, no, at $48 an eighth it comes out to roughly $13.71 a gram WITH TAX ADDED. Math FTW! $70 would be 20 a g, not $48….

  39. Um, I WISH I only had to pay $40 an 1/8th… It’s $60 in North Carolina. That ain’t nothing to bitch about.

  40. I think it’s equally naive to believe the government is truly the voice of the people. That’s spin: advertising to ply the masses with. Actions speak louder than words, and if they were truly the voice of the people, the picture would be drastically different. For one thing, our sons and daughters would not be continuously sent to slaughter in undeclared and unconstitutional wars. We all have to settle for inept governing at the end of the day, because that is all there is to choose from… there are no viable alternatives (yet).

  41. I’m all for healthy competition. Likewise, I’m not too keen on government monopolies… and if reefer turns out to be the revenue-maker we all know it will be, they’re (the IRS or “revenuers” as the hillbillies call ’em) going to be pretty serious about cracking down on black market competition. But it will never go completely away, if it did, moonshine would not still be around!

  42. Well, it’s what we’ve been arguing since the sixties, so a welcome return to sanity for this most useful and beneficial plant. But I wonder about the loss of the toker/hippy/eco-friendly alternative culture that the very illegality created; the natural rebels, creative, hilarious, mind-expanded, free souls who stuck a finger up to the straights and careated a worldwide cultural paradigm shift. Furry Freak Brothers, Cheech and Chong, High Times, Easy Rider, free festivals, anti-capitalist, Stonehenge, Woodstock … you know.
    Once it’s yet another commodity of capitalism to rip everyone off and further enrich the rich will the high be the same? Will society embrace the promise of hemp for reversing climate change grown as a commercial fibre [fiber] crop and locking away millions of tonnes of carbon in jeans, tees, bedding, ropes, canvas, structures, lubricating oils, building materials?
    It’s so much more than just recreation and medicines. It’s so much bigger than just a threat to global pharma or alcohol, there’s the whole plastics industry [fossil fuels], a dying industry in more ways than the obvious, with islands of plastic now threatening sea life. There’s polluting worldwide cotton production too that can be ruined by adoption of home-grown hemp instead of cotton imports. Or will we just become extinct happy and stoned, rather than drunk and miserable? And is it in the nature of cannabis to turn straights into evolved stoners?

  43. 1/8 of some kush for 35. That is a really good deal. I don’t see why people are complaining

  44. I think that when people realize buying pot legally is as easy as going to the store for beer or soft drinks, they’ll gladly pay a bit more. Who wants to go looking for it or wait on a hook-up if they don’t have to? And I hope it’ll smooth out to lower prices eventually.

  45. Yes, that is true, but there is a real concern that if we tax it all the way up to the black market price, then the black market will survive.

    Most of us, like you (and me), I think will be very happy to pay almost that much in exchange for it being completely legal which allows wonderful variety and quality. Also, once legal, you’ll likely be able to find high quality cannabis that is less than $10/g even if it isn’t their top shelf. I do think we need to protect home growing, though. That’s the best answer to the cost of the flowers, IMO. I only even mention this because many of the later medical cannabis laws have disallowed it and forces people into the retail market.

  46. Well Jesus, you may have your customers, but guess what? You won’t have prohibition doing your dirty work anymore. You won’t have prohibition protecting you at the expense of other people’s liberty. It’s a new day.

  47. You said “The bad thing is it’s gonna become legal……” You act like you miss prohibition. smh

  48. Daniel D Battista on

    The point is that it is legal LAWS are changing. If your going to bitch about $40 an 1/8 than your an idiot!!, and probably shouldn’t be buying it to begin with!! Get to the point LEGALIZE IT EVERYWHERE!!! IF YOU CANT AFFORD $40 1/8 FIND A NEW HABIT!!

  49. Daniel D Battista on

    The point is that it is legal LAWS are changing. If your going to bitch about $40 an 1/8 than your an idiot!!, and probably shouldn’t be buying it to begin with!! Get to the point LEGALIZE IT EVERYWHERE!!! IF YOU CANT AFFORD $40 1/8 FIND A NEW HABIT!!

  50. This is so fabulous! It makes me want to move to Colorado, but hopefully FLORIDA s not far behind!!!

  51. Well all of us in Co knew it would be hella taxed, but 30 to 35 is what I pay gpr 1/8 out of the store, but seeing is it is legal to buy now im sure I will end up buying from there, it is costly, but its helping out the economy and the shop isonly 10min away from me.

  52. LouWhoSkipped on

    not sure why people are complaining about prices. It all depends on where you live. Here around my area in PA, i pay $65 for 1/8 for the good stuff. i would GLADLY pay $40 for 1/8. Also, around $20 a gram is the average.

  53. And the highest TCH content out right now is Death Star tested out at 26% at the Clinic in Denver. You also don’t have to worry about getting shot by ninja’s. Good luck mr 22% hahaha

  54. I agree with you. Generally speaking, yes, we’re in for a dramatic change on availability. Long-term, it will work itself out, too (as you’ve stated with, “…in the years to come”). I’m talking more about those years from now until then. We’re in for some weird times.

    I recommend growing it for personal use. It’s really the best way to ensure your own happiness with the end result. Anything else, and you’re relying on someone else’s techniques. It’s certainly not rocket science, but, once greed gets involved, it goes straight to shit. And, that’s what is going to happen – the greed. There are too many people out of work looking for a quick fix (what they call, “A solution”).

    I genuinely think there is going to be a huge “Green Rush” in 2015 complete with its own version of the Wild, Wild West.

    Mark those words :)

  55. Hi, I’m Jay from Toronto, Canada. 1/8 chocolate kush – $30, med. grade (chemdawg, purple kush) – $40

  56. LegalizeEverywhere on

    Its funny to me to see so many people complaining about the price he paid!! Its really not that bad, here in Ky its $20 a gram..

  57. LegalizeEverywhere on

    Lol, That’s what it usually cost here in KY so that’s actually not that bad, in the long run its cheaper..

  58. LegalizeEverywhere on

    Its chocolate laced with thc(and lol, no worries, I didn’t know what it was until I googled it and I’ve been a toker for years!)

  59. tried to get some, but the store I wanted to shop at won’t be up and running till February. Go figure!!! here’s one of mine

  60. im up here in Washington states. we pay 10 a gram for the best buds and as low as 5 dollars a gram. although iv been all over the us and I have found we have the best weed at the cheapest prices and if you know people it gets a lot better as well. East coast doesn’t have shit on us. come visit and try it out. every were iv been iv been able to find weed from here as well. but they charge ridiculous prices for it. and if you don’t pay it you get a sack full of seeds… that’s bad!

  61. No I’m not a troll or any other Mythological creature lmao. The government isn’t some monster, it was made as the voice of the people. I know the concept of a well functioning , non corrupted government is naive, but I rather hope for the best then settle for inept governing. Also there has yet to be a country, without an involved government

  62. In Austin, Texas I can get it around $10 a gram, but that’s because I’m on a college campus. And every other person I know sells lmao. The legal aspect is a good point tho.

  63. Here in Texas we pay 20 a gram. So 4 for 3.5 grams is a deal. Plus no risk of jail time. Definitely worth it.

  64. You’re an idiot- I live in CO and 40$ an eighth is completely reasonable especially considering the quality. You apparently have no idea what it takes to grow quality stuff, that doesn’t surprise me coming from a dude who lives in Michigan lol. Enjoy your ditch weed.

  65. Queenie, that’s your choice. If you want buy from the black market, that’s your choice. But what I ask is that the black market not control the monopoly of the trade. That’s what prohibition does. It imposes an automatic black market monopoly regime. People like me want the freedom to choice of buying from a legitimate retailer just as you want the freedom of choice to buy from an black market source.

  66. David Scott Falke on

    omg it was said before legal that we she tax it and make it legal ,it will cause jobs and income for both the people and the state now that its taxed u bitch about it ,ungrateful punks……..

  67. I been smoking for 45 years and NEVER made an excuse, I SMOKE TO GET HIGH, which I prefer over the old fashioned “alcohol buzz!” Skunk, pop corn, hydro, I have NEVER paid over 30 for a quarter oz. It may not be 20-22% THC BUT, I still get HIGH!

  68. HEY MASON…BEFORE you all anybody an idiot…why not look at yourself bubba. HAVE YOU BEEN TO MICHIGAN? hAVE YOU PURCHASED ” A N Y ” MEDICAL HERE???????????? I’m A GROWER HERE and last week my purple-trainwreck tested out at 22% thc and a whopping 7.3 cbd so takE your fucking “COLORADO GOOD ” AND SHOVE IT UP YOUR ASS From a better grower than you ever thought of being…………………………………………………………………………twopandan

  69. Dustin its not the same thing. you are an idiot too. Co has the best marijuana out right now. Straight chemist grows it compared to the swiggity swag you get in michigan. Your not even coming close to compare apples to apples

  70. sry but it will never get a bad as some mexican deer piss. some will yes but those gardens wont be for public consumption, just the noobies tryin to learn to grow. all will be good and prices will drop alot in the years to come when medical grade is much more readily availible

  71. 40-50 here in indiana also. im in michigan all the time and never seen it that low myself. not sayin your wrong but you atleast have a good hook up. lowest i seen there was like 35$ and it was just some okish

  72. i don’t think that’s expensive. here it’s been costing $500/oz forever. SO that’s reasonable. i’m very psyched about this. as soon as the rest of the country learns of the $$ & jobs generated, hopefully the rest of us will follow suit

  73. Dustin Neumann on

    OMG 40$ an 8th? What a fucking rip off. It’s like 25 here in michigan and it isn’t even legal. Way to be a ripoff. And this is progress?

  74. It isn’t as easy as you think, most folks “don’t have the time” (so they say) and nothing’s going to change. Sure, there are going to be some folks who take it up and do good at it, but there are going to be a lot of people churning out some shit cannabis that’s going to affect prices negatively for a while. Think “Gold Rush”, but slap a good coat of green, purple & orange on it.

    The quality of cannabis is going to take a brief nosedive. Then, it’s going to get spectacular as the people who should be growing become more prolific.

  75. I think I’m going to move to Colorado!
    At least they have the common sense to step forward and give the fed. gov. the finger. hopefully this will teach other states how to handle this prohibition.

  76. Anthony E Richardson on

    hey weed down here in Orlando ,florida,,,,3 hit weed,,,nice buds,,,is goin for $20.00 for 2 grams,,,kush,diesel,scunk,ect,,,

  77. If its legal to grow, who cares if its taxed. In five year the people would force a tax drop by just havein 30percent of the people to grow there own gardens.

  78. You all have to remember that many ppl have zero connections so there is no black market.

  79. Simple remove some or all of the Trichomes. However even greedy growers may do this.

  80. Except when the fine for posession is cheaper than the weed you buy. I don’t think they will release people, because it was illegal when they were arrested for it, so I’m sure that will be the excuse. They have to keep the private prison slave labor going.

  81. Like I said before, no 1 here is gonna pay that ridiculous amount for a plant that you can get for half the price. I don’t care how good the quality supposedly is, You can get quality homegrown here from the farmers that you’re neighbors with for the regular price of cartel dirt weed. I’ve smoked weed from a couple dispensaries, and it wasn’t any better,and burned up faster. I know those prices might be cheaper in some places, but way 2 overpriced for this town. I also know that the licensing fees, and government red tape is what drives those prices, so I’m not laying the blame on the dispensary owners. I’m not trying to start arguements with anyone, but if they opened 1 of those stores here, and charged that amount, they wouldn’t have any business. It’s 2 easy to get here, no 1 would pay that price.

  82. occasionalsmoak on

    quit bitching about the price guys,its better than having a 300 dollar ticket and maybe jail time,i dont smoke much weed,but a good eighth,usually ran 60,so yeah..

  83. that is rather expensive isn’t it. And some of the pot they were selling didn;t look that tight.

  84. People from CO that grew their legal 6 plants last year, are probably finding creative ways to unload their inventory about now.

  85. Congrats to Colorado!
    Sry guys i live in uk n im not even english, so what is that Truffle?? it is a fungi? its almost 200 a gram, 5 times more than gold…

  86. alex hungerson on

    Come to Vancouver B.C. Canada for a holiday some time. I complain when I have to pay $25 an 1/8 lol

  87. alex hungerson on

    Man you people are being soaked down there in the USA on the prices. $48 for an 1/8 of pot LMAO I get the best stuff ever for about half of that up here in Canada. Cheaper if I want to buy more at a time. $48 is way too funny lol

  88. alex hungerson on

    With tax $48 for an 1/8 of pot <<< LMAO I won't be throwing away any of my phone numbers that's for sure. LOL $48 That's way too funny LOL

  89. How old are you? Not to be rude but there is literally a black market for almost everything being sold in a store right now. it exists for the sole purpose of being an alternate and most times cheaper means. However, when you have people whos soul job is to make sure this batch is better than the batch that preceded it, on every strain that particular store sells, the black market is going to fall out on itself if just over quality control itself. not to mention the back alley dealers and suppliers and whoever not being able to make nearly as much as they did when it was still outlawed because people don’t have to roll the dice every time they need some smoke. there is the choice. im choosing freedom. ill be damned if i get back on papers for having something that people are buying in a store. i live in central PA btw and its ‘war on drugs’ is a disgusting waste of funds.

  90. and then on top of that, so what about the tax, some of the best pot can now be sold in Colorado like a pack of, well anything else in a store for sale. That means more growers in friendly competition to provide the best an most diverse product range in their market. State government is providing their smokers with what will turn into the best quality, variety, and most importantly LEGAL means of toking. All they want is some measly tax for being the only the FIRST state in the country doing it right now. After the post-commercialization quarter reports, there may even be a lowering of the tax rate because they will have so much money that they can afford to. Maybe.

  91. I agree with Peggy, I think the taxation of Marijuana is actually important on a political and financial level, and absolutely should be taxed. It is a bit high, but it doesn’t really bother me.

    I live next door in UT, where they’ve just agreed to put Medical Marijuana on the next bill. Buying illegitimately, I pay 50$ an 1/8th anyway, so actually 40$+Tax$ ends up being about the same thing for me, personally. And I’d travel and buy some if I could, but, eh, starving college student. =P

  92. Apocalyptik Green on

    Born and raised in Colorado. I am truly proud to be a part of this historic event! Everything is going really great. Lines are long but everyone is in good spirit. No incidents, no arrests, no problems:) freedom is ringing

  93. SickOfStupidPeople on

    This day may have been the proudest I have been with my country since my birth 35 years ago. Now if the rest of the country will wake up and create some new jobs while generating more state capital we will be on our way to living the good life!

  94. Dear guest read the bill of rights then tell me what it says.The point isn’t grammarical anyway.

  95. Even my 81 yr. old mother signed the petition in Fl to put it on the ballot for medical use. I’ve used it for pain, anxiety and especially to go to sleep. I have a friend that has MS and uses it for pain and it helps him. The only problem is we are in Alabama and it’s hard to find if you are an outsider and not from here and won’t ever be on the ballot for medical use because you can’t fix stupid!!!! Rather use it instead of taking pills for the last 30 plus years.

  96. Michael Bravin on

    I am so happy for You guys! And Mr. Azzariti frame that receipt.
    Decriminalization and legalization of cannabis in Sweden is coming soon…

  97. Kris Brisebois on

    a cup of what ….soup !!!!!!!! who cares ….dont live my life worrying about what the score of some game some other dude is playing is …… if everyone had the same enthusiasm they have for sports for things that actually matter the world would be a great place so ya im canadian but could give a shit about hockey ….

  98. even though the tax is high if all states did this the United States would lower the deficit. This should have been done many years ago.

  99. The bad thing is its gonna become leagal but its gonna become leagal in the worst
    possible way

  100. Andre V. Buttry on

    I think taxing it is completely unnecessary. $40 + tax for an eighth is a little high in my book. Hopefully it won’t end up like Canada where they tax it so much that people would rather just turn to the black market because of the cheaper, tax-free product..

  101. Price is of course an issue but it’s control thats the real issue. It’s the fundamental rights of life, liberty and the persuit of happines.

  102. William P. Homans on

    “Step on”?? I’m buying smelly buds, no shake, maybe 20 inadvertent seeds per ounce– don’t see no bootprint on it lol

  103. Congratulations on regurgitation of the most commonly spouted nonsense we libertarian anarchists hear. I think you’d be surprised to know just how few people really think our government is truly “functional” and how many believe people like you are the biggest obstacle to peaceful coexistence with one another. Scratch that: you’d just deny the truth if it smacked you in the face and bit off your nose too.

  104. A fair number of the folks in line to buy legal cannabis today were “seniors.” Pent-up demand from the 60’s? I think Colorado vacations might become as popular with the Medicare set as Mediterranean cruises. Cannabis spa, anyone?

  105. I guess you’re one of those anarchist or libertarians. I guess you should go to Somalia and live in your utopian world, and let the rest of the country live in a society with a functioning government.

  106. i think paying a tax is better than paying to get bailed out of jail or paying a fine for posession…i just wanna know if people are in jail for weed could they be released….we ace overcrowding as it is in the penal system…

  107. Drumminlukeman on

    Went to Denver from Boston bought some sour diesel and glass slipper from 3D! Shit was amazing

  108. I totally agree with you.I used to be on over 20 pills per day plus 3 inhalers.. I’m allot healthier now thanks to my marijuana intake

  109. Legal is relative. As has been pointed out above, it’s still illegal under Federal Law and they WILL flex their muscle and prove that they’re not going to just let people live their lives without harassment. The police state never does…

  110. Good for you Missy for speaking up . I grow my own as well for medicinal purposes legally.I dont consider myself a stoner either or lazy if anything it helps me function without it im exhausted.The prices are very reasonable depending on where you live.My state has the dispensaries which go by income.Which is very nice when your disabled.Happy New Year to you all good day

  111. I also support full legalization.
    Just ‘cuz ya might be interested…
    Here in Cen Cal, there is such a glut of product, the bottom has fallen out of the market. The dispensaries are having BOGO sales, or free 8ths with each quarter. The dispensary is selling things like ounces of Blue Dream for 150, Dream Queen for 180, Bubba Kush for 100. The local growers have lowered their prices, too, but there is just too much product, and the growers are having trouble paying their bills. Stay tuned for this news.

  112. I’m glad I don’t live where you do… I only know one source of reggies, but you can get hi-test all over town. Not always a named strain… but certainly not reggies or even mids in quality. Hell, it’s mids that’s hard to find in South FL

  113. God help you if you lose the receipt to PROVE it was obtained legally… cuz let’s face it, just showing a dispensary container is not good enough. People refill those…

  114. Yeah, I’d like to know that, too… I mean, theoretically with reggies you could add seeds, but in the hi-test strains they’re all seedless. So… what? You trying to say they wet it down to add weight? That would be obvious.

  115. Right… which is great… until the feds come. Don’t get me wrong, it sounds lovely… utopian even. But I don’t EVER trust government, and those that do ALWAYS get bit by the beast sooner or later.

  116. Not everyone gets caught or locked up. I knew a guy who sold weed all of his life and died of old age without ever getting arrested. He sold to mostly doctors and lawyers & made top dollar compared to the rest of us in the old days. And you bring up a good point. “Legal” is relative. The effin’ feds can drop in and nix it all at any time they damn well please, just to jerk everyone’s puppet strings. I’d rather not walk into a situation where I could be anyone’s puppet…

  117. I came from texas about a year ago and now reside in lovely Colorado. I have had my red card for this time period (for those who don’t know a “red card” is the licence for medical usage of bud) and for those people that say you can buy cheaper bud in a state that marijuana is illegal, all I say is…. show me a dealer who, not only, can show me copious amounts of DIFFERENT strains, edibles, oils and lotions but also explain how each product can help my minor issues (lack of sleep, need energy, cramps) to my major issues (extream back pain, arthritis, seizures) then ill take a trip to save a few bucks.. beautiful day today in history

  118. Broke = cheap, yeah. But I also detest government and forking over taxes when I can hit the black market instead just sounds stupid. What parasites? Never seen any, except in someone’s half-assed homegrown dirt weed reggies, and nobody pays $40/eighth for that…

  119. Timothy Wanamaker on

    Wouldn’t some or even most stoners like quality cannabis? Seems quality would overrule quantity, which is what CO is providing.

  120. Meh. I’m still not keen on buying it legally just because I’m betting they’ll end up using the tax revenue to persecute potheads somehow. Mark my words… and may I be proven wrong. Please! I’d love to be wrong about this one, but somehow, I doubt it. They are probably already working out ways to get around the law so they can go back to arresting more people again. Remember: the prisons are privately owned and the government has promised their stockholders they’d keep ’em full to capacity. >.<

  121. If you believe what they do, god created weed anyway! I thought it would have bin legalised in those areas first?

  122. Umm what… So the place of everyone going broke and they want something cheaper that’s called smarts….. Ignorant yourself

  123. I would like to see it legalized everywhere, medical and recreational, but no 1 I know will pay as much as these dispensaries are asking. I know that’s cheap compared to other places, but weed here is good, and a lot cheaper, so I think it’s gonna keep the black market going. We’re definitely making progress, and I certainly am happy for that.

  124. I support full outright legalization. Decriminalization just makes prohibition more comfortable and it ensures a black market/criminal element monopoly over the trade. Just my two cents.

  125. thats just crazy. i live in colorado n i can get a half o for 90. or a quarter for 50. and an eighth id NEVER pay over 30. Thats just crazy!!

  126. Yes it’s a lot cheaper here, that price is a rip off, but I’m glad they have made some progress at last.

  127. James Atmanavicius on

    It blows my mind.!! all we been talking about is gettin cannabis legalized..this is the 1st state and its been open for 6 hours…want you wait like a week..then see how its going! and to the people that complain about the prices being high..and that they can get it cheaper..WE KNOW..thats not being tested for parasites or taxed..And alot of dealers will beout of business..why u go thru all that B.S when u can go to a place that has hours its posted. variety of strains..edibles..and your Concentrates..All i one one place..U either CHEAP, ignorant too the advantages .or both

  128. people with thoughts like this is what will ruin it for everybody. some people always find a way to take something good and put it thru the grinder

  129. Just out of curiosity; do you think it would be better if legalized around the country, or decriminalized? I’ve talked to a lot of different people about this, just wanting more opinions.

  130. KY is slowly starting to come around, they’re talking about clearing the criminal records of anyone that was arrested for simple posession, if they have completed probation and haven’t been in anymore trouble.

  131. Weed is good here, and a hell of a lot cheaper. I would never pay as much as these dispensaries are asking for it. Lots of the home growers here give it away to their friends, not everyone does it for the money. The best and most potent weed is grown in the middle east, not the US or Canada.

  132. If the state is taxing it, will go like the Cigarette taxes. It will still be there and if You don’t seller it legally then you will go to jail. (business for private) It will be a matter of time before your get locked up. If you selling weed to a set group of People then your be good. You wont be able to keep selling buds at 10 dollars a gram for long. Oh lets not forget that its still illegal under federal law so at any time the government can come and hit you with Charges

  133. Cop pulls me over finds a bag of marijuana and a couple of vicoden pills in my car, states seems you have a drug problem, i reply i have no problems with drugs that’s why you found them in my car. I reply it is you giving me the ticket that has a problem with drugs. hey now

  134. Mathew Alan Harris on

    I think the point is you no longer have to worry about getting caught with what you bought. If it costs 5 or 10 dollars more for that peace of mind, that would seem to be one “point”.

  135. The problem is really that the state, city, and county is taxing the holy ever-loving shit out of it. That’s the only reason it costs more. The state knows that they are losing out on billions of dollars of revenue from the criminal justice system, and they are trying to figure out how the hell they can make that money up.

  136. I am a resident of Florida and yes, I plan to vacation in Colorado this Spring or Summer! I’m 65 and have been waiting to purchase legal weed for 47 years!

  137. its cheaper for the quality than one state east, and i agree. colorado doesn’t have as good canada, but give it time.

  138. Christopher Lairdriver on

    Nobody gets good Weed in Windsor. That’s the dirtiest place in Canada. It’s half weed half carpet lint. Some top end kush can cost up to $60 for a half quarter.

  139. It’s less for the locals though.. expect insane tourism very soon… That’s where the state will see its profit.

  140. midwestfinest on

    You have to pay a little more to buy it legally, you have more choices and the product quality is always consistent, It’s a no brainer. Oh I forgot, you’re stoners, you’d rather buy some unknown shit in a back alley deal to save a few bucks. No wonder the marijuana movement has taken so long to come this far..

  141. It wont be long.. if today was the first legal sale… tomorrow billy bob will open his shop next door for 5 bucks cheaper.. and the next and the next…

  142. Rachelle Cramer on

    Actually thats completely wrong…Colorado made it medically legal a few years back FIRST…and only NOW are making it legal to also smoke recreationally…So that is NOT what we here in CO believe at all….it takes baby steps

  143. How exactly does that make sense… you only know so many people… they already buy from you.. SOME of those customers will go to stores for variety (im guessing you dont offer truffles)… and the people you dont know, that were not already your customers… that think the store prices are unfair… are not magically going to know “jesus” all of a sudden to buy it off you… Think man think!!!

  144. I have to disagree. This does absolutely nothing to tarnish the reputation Cannabis holds for medicinal purposes. It is merely the righting of a old wrong. It messes nothing up but your attitude. I suspect that was already messed up long ago.
    It paves the way for a the rest of the country and the world.

  145. Up to 6-8 plants I believe. But hell, do your own thing, Id grow 20-30 if i had the space.

  146. More power to you Chris. But no one is forcing you to come to Colorado or to buy retail, ok?

  147. Kris Brisebois on

    YOURE A TOOL ….i grew inside for 10 yrs and never gacve it away lol how would you make money and ya ….here in my city top quality goes for 30 …60 …100 …200 …..so if you pay more dont hate retard ive been burning for 30 yrs and im sure i know the difference …..ive had american pot and it sucks ……aside from cali kush ….canadian pot is the best quality and its a well known fact

  148. Kris Brisebois on

    i dont know what country youre in but here in canada ……in windsor ……top quality chronic is 30 for an 1/8 ….. ive been smokin for 30 yrs and have seen crap …..i know the difference and theres no way id go to some store and buy it for 40 plus taxes ….the nl way for the black market to be eliminated is to undercut it not overprice it ….lmfao …. and most pot ive seen from the us is crap of equal to ours but mostly you cant compete unless its cali bud ….cali bud is the only close equal to canadian pot but still not as good cause there is no comparison …indoor will always outdo and outdoor pot out there

  149. Hell,ya’ll should live in N.C. it’s 20 to 25 a gram here.We live in the middle of the Bible belt,we’re pretty much screwed we’ll aways be outlaws.

  150. TheCleanGreenMan on

    Not to mention the marijuana farmers markets where you can trade, sell, or buy plants and marijuana products in a setting of over 50 people who have a booth set up for the purpose of selling and disbursing! Excuse me… donating and giving out!

  151. TheCleanGreenMan on

    It’s for the simple fact that the USDA controls and monitors prescriptions… which is a government run agency. Therefore the government is getting loads of money from sales of narcotics and pain meds on such a level that if they were to do away with the opiods and prescription medication, a huge portion of their money would be cut out. So now not only will they still be running the USDA and collecting money from people’s addictions to pills, but they are now opening the new door to marijuana and taxing the shit out of it. In Washington state the State Liquor Board will be regulating sales and production of marijuana… which again is yet another government controlled agency… meaning they have just opened themselves a new bank account. Don’t ever expect pain pills to be gone… as long as there is money to be made, Uncle Sam will do what he needs to do so that he can control all aspects of money flow in this nation! Boy we have such freedom in this country of ours right!?

  152. Where im from on the east coast a cut lf that would be sold anywhere from 60 to 75 bucks so coming from that to 40 I would pay for those prices and be happy

  153. right? lmao, i was scared at first, thought i was going to loose my custys ;c but with them prices, ill evan gain more custys ;D haha

  154. TheCleanGreenMan on

    You are a foolish person Chris… I know people who never have to pay for pot just for the simple fact that they are in good with the grower and it’s given to them just for being friends. So for KRIS Brisebois to be speaking about getting some bomb buds for 30 an eighth is most likely true… too bad you don’t have the friends or the connections to get yourself good deals like myself of Kris… you idiot! Just because you can’t get the best pricing doesn’t mean nobody else can. Get over yourself you self centered P.O.S!

  155. my connect always be letting eighths go for 30 and quatars for 50, half o’s for 100, and full o’s for 200, thats what i call a hookup and he’s always on some DANK, sometimes evan better than dispence shit, just got to know the right people ;)

  156. TheCleanGreenMan! on

    To be honest… I actually can’t wait for them to start selling marijuana and taxing the shit outta it in Washington State. That way, for those of us still believe in the black market side of mmj, well they can make more money. Seriously think about it. Right now everyone grows and you can buy it anywhere at anytime. Which makes it very difficult to keep clients or customers coming in on a constant basis. As soon as Washington state starts taxing the pot and you are paying nearly 60 dollars for 1/8th of pot through the state, business for private (not state) growers will double if not triple! Would you not rather go to your local known grower and pay 10 dollars a gram still, rather than paying 40 per 1/8th plus all the tax???? Growers will finally be able to get thier product off without sitting on it for months at a time!

  157. Some times you find good bud but most of the time it like dirt weed no THC to it. it is a waste of your money.

  158. Kris you are right but the street dealers do not have the strong bud as a store would have. you would get more bang for your dollar i believe.

  159. No i do not think this is going to hurt the medical Marijuana moment, it is a better pain relieve than these pills the drug companies are pushing on the public, it all natural with out the side effects you get from a whole lot of pills. Plus with the sales starting to come in it will show other states on the borderline it can be a business boom to bring tax dollars. what not to like about it. free up Jail space for these violent Criminals.

  160. I thought the tax was purely a state-level tax, not federal? I haven’t heard anything about a dime going to the FED because of this. It would seem to be getting even more press if that was the case, because like you said, if the Federal Government is making money on taxing people for marijuana, it would be illegal to make it a federal crime at the same time.

  161. you guys completely miss the point. bitching about price. stfu. fucking seriously. this is why we cant have nice things. people always find some stuuuuupid fucking reason to bitch. your paying extra because its LEGAL. give it a year and the price will start to drop as new growing techniques and quantity grow. its how capitalism works.

  162. It’s simply what was bound to happen to a new market. Prices are higher because demand is higher. Grow your own you can have up to 12 plants right? Cycle 4 every 3 weeks a part and you will never run out for yourself. And I’m sure if you get to know your neighbors in friendly areas, trading strains for equal amounts can’t be illegal right?

  163. No, it’s true. I live in Seattle and there are some great buds out here that I can snag for $30 an eighth. There’s this one strain called Blueberry Sativa that I really enjoy at that price point. And of course Blue Dream shall forever go for that much.

  164. Idk what you’re talking about but if your getting an eighth for $30 it isn’t the best of the best or you’re suckin someone off for disco unts lol

  165. Johnny Bloomington on

    It’s a quarter of an oz for non-residents. I really don’t see how they are going to enforce it in Denver when you can just go to another store up the road.

  166. I got 4 to1 money that Kentucky is last jack wagons to legalize it…..If this state gets any slower it’s gonna go backwards in time

  167. IN, KY, OH and other backwoods states still think it’s 1940…. you’re never going to see it lol

  168. Kris Brisebois on

    thats stupid ………who the hell would pay that for 3.5 …..lol 40 dollars plus tax lol i can get the best of the best for like 30 for the same amount …..and no tax ……thats at least 15 cheaper for the same amount …….if they arent gonna sell for less that the guy you have been gettin from all along then whats the point ………

  169. Because there will ALWAYS be the morons that need to CONTROL what others do. Reasonable or not.

  170. about the same time it matterd in oklahoma, It wont ever be legal here XD
    I pay 50 an 1/8 100 1/4 150 1/2

  171. This is stupid it completely ruins the argument of why weed should be legal medically Colorado is fucking everything up by doing this now the argument to try to legalize medically in the rest of the states has taken a huge step backwards because now we have co saying we just wanna get high for the hell of it recreationally fuck medical and that’s just messing shit up for the rest of the country

  172. OkieGirlInLotsOfPain on

    You know I don’t understand why they just can do this across the board. I mean it has so many proven GOOD side effects. Why not let us all not have to be addicted to pain medications and other things instead of letting us use something that is grown out side and has many healing properties. I have a genetic condition that I live in massive amounts of pain all the time and yet doctors think that cancer is the worst thing possible, ive got news for them. I have had cancer and yes it sucked, but having a genetic condition that there is no cure for either and people with my disease usually live to be around 65 to 70. Im 33, can you imagine having to be in constant pain or be jacked up on pain pills when instead I could smoke some weed and have hours of relief and no bad side effects. I just don’t understand why the government things its better to take prescription drugs instead of a organic plant. They are all idiots!! Happy New Year Friends !!!! Smoke, smoke, smoke it up and enjoy the natural side effects of a great plant!!

  173. I live in Washington and I am paying 50 a 1/4 for high grade AAA. here in Wa is how it works , all 3 lic are issued by the LCB no 1 person can hold more than one Lic . 1 you can be a grower , 2, you can be a wholesaler or 3, you can sale (store) .. it is really open here. they even have weed fairs right in front of the capital building in capital park ..

  174. You know, all of you are complaining about pricing. Wake the eff up! IT IS NOW LEGAL! What, did you think they were just gonna make it legal and let you go about your own way? Of course there are taxes, duh! The point is, it’s legal now. No more worryung about gettin busted. No more paranoia. Just be happy people, geex!

  175. We can always jump ship and move to illinois, since its starting up it medical program at least.

  176. This is beautiful. Congratulations Colorado and congrats to those that voted to make it happen. For the people complaining about the high taxes and how it’s supposedly cheaper and better to buy from the black market, I leave you with this: No one is holding a gun to your head and forcing you to buy retail. You have other choices like growing your own, getting a red card or even getting from the black market if that’s so important to you. All I ask is to let me have the choice to buy it legitimately if I desire. Here’s to you freedom and success, Colorado!

  177. So true indiana will be one of the last ones! Ive said the backwards thing so many times! And its sad bc we are one of the unhappiest states.and have one of the worst economies. Legal marijuana could bring us out of this hole. We are more worried about things like banning gay marriage and working on taking those 10steps back!

  178. you obviously are not watching polling in Texas.. cuz 79% favor decriminalizing. .. it was put out in dec.

  179. Instead of whining about the tax think of it as a small donation towards decriminalizing it elsewhere. I hope they make 100s of Millions in taxes so the greedy politicians in other states follow suit.

  180. I live in Colo Spgs.
    Pueblo charges about 35% tax with city, county and state. Medical is not taxed that way and it is more available here.

  181. Im a medical patient in Colorado and get 5 dollar grams from the dispensary i am a member of, keeping your red card is the way to go!

  182. Wow I’m amazed and impressed… good for you Colorado. Lets hope the other states get a clue…

  183. Jack S. Klotzner on

    i think FL will jump on the band wagon before Indiana honestly hell my state is a backward state every other state takes 2 steps forward and Indiana says hell with that we are going to jump back 10 steps

  184. Until the price of legit budz is lower than black market, screw ’em. That 20% or more in taxes isn’t worth it to me… especially as an anarchist. I wonder how big of a shortage the legit Colorado market is going to cause on the black market.

  185. Jack S. Klotzner on

    that is cheaper than what you will get it here illegally here in Indiana you will pay $50 for an 8th that only weighs anywhere from 2.7 to 3.1 grams not thhat i buy it but know ppl who do i am too poor to afford mj,here and not get what i am supposed to be getting, so that there is a awesome deal to me :D i might just take a trip to Colorado when taxes come in as a vacation hehe and i wouldnt even bring any back due to the chance of getting caught and loosing a license and jail time here

  186. Even though Portland Maine has made it legal, it’s still 50 a 1/8th. That’s without taxes..


  188. Richard Taylor on

    We were payin $10 a gram in co. And as low as $25 an eighth. So these prices are actaully kinda high for us. And there a 25% tax rate to pay now too

  189. i totally don’t mind these circumstances… here in pittsburgh id pay 60 for that eighth. pay down the debt, absolutely not, but it is a right step in that particular direction… it will greatly help in the long run. as for D.E.A. attention…hahaha they will try and colorado will sue them into extinction, i guaranfuckingtee it

  190. un regulated weed in maine is 45 to 55 an eigth. I can’t wait til we legalize n i’ll grow my own, MUCH CHEAPER! Sucks as mersh isn’t around as it usually gets me higher than so called high grade

  191. Richard Taylor on

    It is just like the luxury tax. Its called an excise tax. There is a 15% excise tax on recreational pot in colorado and a 10% sales tax. The total tax rate on all recreational pot is 25%

  192. It’ll be a cold day in hell before Florida wakes and bakes legally. Guess I’ll continue being an outlaw.

  193. It’s more expensive in pa for an eighth, plus buying legally you know for sure it’s legitimate product and hasn’t been tampered with. I also like knowing the real kind of weed I’m buying, instead of everyone in pa saying they’re selling sour when really it’s silver hays or something else. Making it legal is beneficial for everyone.

  194. here to see lagalization on

    Exactly. But medical don’t have that “high” tax. Also recreational use has added a security blanket for medical by absorbing dea attention

  195. here to see lagalization on

    I get my medical cheaper. But you haven’t spoken about the 25% tax. He basically paid fifty for that eight. But he did it legally.

  196. Now prohibition is over nation wide ! why you ask ! because the federal government will receive taxes for marijuana ! wich means if they don’t reschedule marijuana they are criminals too ! end it now !

  197. Prices are going to much higher due to demand for about the first 6 months. You can buy as long as you are over 21 yeas of age and have a valid picture ID (drivers license) to show them. Non residents of the state may not purchase as much as a residents. It’s all in the new law.

  198. WHOA – just noticed the $10 tax! this is what I was saying the entire time… Decriminalization is the way to go… Legalization = Taxation = Regulation. I’m quite happy with my current $10/g $45/q rates; and the man still has a variety of strains for sale.

  199. But just because you bought it legally doesn’t mean you can take it back with you to wherever you came from.

  200. Anyone can buy! Residents can buy like an oz.. and non residents can buy like 1/2 oz at a time. 40 is not a bad price I pay that here for delivery in So. Cal.

  201. I know my Canadian arse is on it’s way to Colorado as soon as I have the time to vacation for a week or two!

  202. $40 for an 1/8? I thought it was cheaper out there. I am guessing it depends on the store?

    Can I travel to Colorado and purchase legal marijuana if I am not a resident? I thought I read that only residents could do this.

  203. I Would Have Sure Liked To Have Been Part Of This Historic Day In Colorado!! Maybe The Rest Of The US Will Get On Board Soon?? We Can Only Hope And Please Do Your Part And Let’s All Get Legalized♥♥

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