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Legal Medical Marijuana Is Finally Being Grown In Illinois

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Illinois’ medical marijuana program has faced a lot of delays. Illinois’ medical marijuana program is also not that big. The last stat that I heard was that there are 2,800 or so medical marijuana patients in Illinois now. I think that number would have grown faster, but considering that there is literally no way to legally obtain medical marijuana right now in Illinois, I’d imagine a lot of people have just been waiting. Legal safe access is one step closer in Illinois, as it sounds like seven cultivators have been given the green light to start growing plants. Per Marijuana Business Daily:

Illinois has given final permission so far to seven medical cannabis cultivation centers to begin growing MMJ, bringing the industry a big step closer to the start of sales.

The seven sites that have received the green light so far are PharmaCann, GTI, Nature’s Grace and Wellness, In Grown Farms, Ataraxia, and two by Ace, according to the Associated Press. The centers are spread all over the state, with only one near metro Chicago. The other six are scattered across more rural parts of Illinois.

Eleven more cultivation centers have received initial approval but haven’t yet gotten clearance to begin growing, the AP reported.

Now it’s time to see how many medical marijuana patients there will really be in Illinois when the dust settles. Patients who apply now and jump through all of the hoops will be able to make purchases at about the same time these cultivators are harvesting. There have been a lot of concerns about the low patient counts in Illinois, and rightfully so. If people think that business opportunities are bad, image how crappy things are for patients, especially those that don’t qualify under current rules which are very strict. Illinois’ medical marijuana program needs a lot of work. Contact your legislators and make them aware of that fact.


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  1. Does anyone else think the bureaucracies across this great land are selecting growers they are already profiting from, but finding it difficult to legally bring them into the fold?
    I mean what is the delay with finding cultivators? Do most just not want to come out of the shadows and become a member of the legal growing community? Do all of them have charges on their records? It seems unlikely all of them are less than intelligent producers and thus would have been caught prior to this event. Is the state inquiring with their local Agg schools finding candidates to grow for them that can be marketed as functional botanists, making the appearance of growing cannabis to be a scientific venture and as a result a more credible one?
    I just don’t understand the delays. Are they hoping the Feds will finally intervene and shut the systems down? That is never going to happen. The people are rising up and speaking clearly. Prohibition is dying: albeit a slow death, but it is dying just the same.

  2. How is decrim coming along in Illinois?

    You will note that they are repeating the alcohol prohibition model. Use is legal – sort of – supplying the market is not.

    No more taxed or regulated than tomatoes.

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