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Legal Recreational Marijuana Sales Start Today In Washington State


marijuana washington state felony drug possessionIt’s been a long, hurdle-ridden road for legal marijuana sales in Washington State. But the wait is officially over – legal recreational marijuana sales start today in Washington State. There are 24 stores that have a license as of yesterday. How many of those are opening today is yet to be seen, however, as many as 24 stores could be making their first legal sale as early as today. There is not enough legal marijuana to go around, so expect shortages and high prices. Below is a press release sent to me yesterday from Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, along with a graphic of all of the stores that got their license yesterday:

In the wake of glowing reports coming out of Colorado six months after the state began retail sales of marijuana, Washington state’s Liquor Control Board plans to issue up to 20 licenses to retail businesses today, and stores can open as early as Tuesday, though few stores seem likely to be ready by that time, and since growers only received their licenses in March, supply will be limited at first.

“I’m sure the first day will be a disappointment to some consumers,” said Major Neill Franklin (Ret.), 34-year police veteran and executive director of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, a group of law enforcement officials opposed to the war on drugs. “But this isn’t meant to be a party. Any delays are reflective of the fact that Washington state is taking the responsibility to regulate and control this new industry seriously.”

“Washingtonians know that, as in Colorado, governments both foreign and domestic will be watching to see how legalization progresses in the state,” said Seattle Police Chief Norm Stamper (Ret.), a LEAP speaker and advisory board member. “And I imagine that, as in Colorado, lower crime rates, increased tax revenue, thousands of new jobs and continuing public support will indicate legalizing and regulating marijuana is one of the simplest ways to improve not just our criminal justice system, but our state governments generally.”

Nearly 7,000 businesses applied for the 334 licenses authorized by I-502, the voter initiative which legalized marijuana in the state. Those licenses are strictly controlled and come with a host of regulations, including prohibitions on retailers being within 1,000 feet of schools, parks and other locations likely to be frequented by children. So far, no manufacturer has passed the stringent requirements surrounding marijuana-infused edibles.

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition is a group of law enforcement officials who, after fighting on the front lines of the war on drugs, now advocate for its end.

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  1. it’ll be legal here in DC in october–i think its up to the states to do have it legalized. just move to like the legal states! or to canada–it’s legal there.


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  3. Miggy Miggs on

    I still love you and your crazy belief that this is a good thing and perhaps it is but in the long run it will be be a good thing but presently a lot of people are suffering because they put all they can into it hoping this was a chance of legitimacy but in actualitiy this whole process is for people with deeper pockets, Covington passed a moritorium and now one woman is broke besides the fact that the governing body wants to dip its finger into the medical scene but its been fine since 1998 but as you know I’m not a professional, just a dude that likes good weed.

  4. I hope so too, but don’t count on it. Think about how much it costs to buy or (better yet) grow herbs (all herbs, not just marijuana) and compare that to how much it costs to buy pharmo medicines for the same conditions. It’s about maximizing profit.

  5. Hopefully they will use some to research all herbal medicine, in a decentralized way, so we may find more safer alternatives and hopefully cures.

  6. The Federal Government needs to pass a bill legalizing cannabis nationally and taxes for cannabis and hemp should be earmarked for college students education fund and k-12 students a trillion dollars spent over 30years should be enough wasted on a war against our nation citizens. Cannabis is not a criminal issue but a civil and state rights &jobs issue. Get out and vote progressives in office this upcoming Mid-terms election and vote to Legalize Cannabis and hemp nationally!

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