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Legalize Louisiana Rallies Statewide For Cannabis Reform


Louisiana MarijuanaLegalize Louisiana Statewide Rally

Citizens across the state will gather for cannabis policy reform Thursday, October 25, starting at 3PM. Legalize Louisiana is an unincorporated grassroots education and lobbying effort dedicated to ending the peculiar institution of cannabis prohibition in Louisiana. In New Orleans, those who recognize our inalienable rights to bona-fide medical, religious, industrial, and recreational cannabis use will convene at Lafayette Square.

Similar actions are also scheduled for Lafayette, Lake Charles, and Alexandria. Residents of Baton Rouge are encouraged to visit their employees in the Capitol on this official business.

Statewide, the group will also circulate a petition to be sent to the Louisiana legislature, which will include scientific, legal, and other findings and will call immediately for the necassary revisions to Louisiana code. The petition will also demand manifestation of rules and liscencing requirements from the Louisiana Boards of Health and Pharmacy, respectively, regarding access to medical marijuana for Louisiana patients, a statutory requirement under LA RS:40.

Organizers are asking all university students and their professors to take full advantage of this critical, teachable moment-in-time. They are also calling all area professionals to best practices, only. The groups statewide will hold their assemblies for several hours and are asking every community to join in the creation of health and justice for all Louisianians.


Legalize Louisiana Statewide Rally
Thursday, October 25, 2012
3:00pm until 6:00pm in CDT
Your Town, Louisiana
For the health and justice of all Louisiana Citizens.

Actions will commence statewide at 3pm, until we are finished. This is to accommodate the regular business hours of our government offices, and any individual with scheduling conflicts. Special efforts should be made to notify all university students about this opportunity to make peace in our communities.



MONROE: Details coming soon.

LAFAYETTE: Meet at Girard Park, 3PM, and will leave before 3:15. DO NOT PARK AT GIRARD! We will have made our way downtown by 3:45-ish.

NEW ORLEANS: Meet at Lafayette square just off Poydras Street between St. Charles Avenue and Camp Street, 3PM, sharp.

LAKE CHARLES: Meet at Stellar Beans Coffee House. Activity/Rally Routes TBD.

ALEXANDRIA: Meet the the Tamp and Grind, 828 4th Street. The group will be making their rounds with officials in that vicinity.


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  1. facebook.com/legalizelouisianaofficial

    The group has already gone on record to unambiguously denounce the injustices in their neighborhoods. Their initial March 2, 2011 gatherings proclaimed: “The…community will be assembling to demonstrate the urgent need for change in our criminal justice system.
    Sympathizers will meet at 3:00 PM Girard Pond and walk through campus on their way to the Lafayette Parish Courthouse, calling for better integration of the university and municipalities as education, discussion, and action move forward on this issue.At the courthouse, participants will demand a more correct interpretation of the Constitution whereby corrupt, racket-driving social engineering efforts are rejected via real remedies from our judges, public defenders and prosecutors or probation officers. The group will then go to the Lafayette Parish Jail to demand immediate release of and reparations for those nonviolent drug offenders currently or formerly incarcerated or on probation.

    (Legalize Louisiana) is a non-profit, indeed, non-monetary, independent lobby with the clear vision to secure the inalienable rights of those citizens who choose to use cannabis. The group utilizes the Internet and social media sites to build its network of volunteers. Legalize Louisiana seeks to establish policy reflecting the mounting evidence that the current prohibition is unjust, unreasonable, unscientific, unconstitutional, inhumane and unacceptable.” (Feb 15, 2011 Press Release)

    The turnout for the above messaging: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e6vPosQ5Ihc

    In the two seperate resultant local media polls, sixty percent of Louisiana citizens claimed to be in favor of policy change.


  2. Legalize, legalize, legalize, yea, yea, yea. But what about justice. I dont hear no one talkin about justice. Every day people die because stupid laws stupid people make because of their selfish greed for money. That’s like shooting people while robbing them or a bank. That’s murder, not to mention theft. We need justice as much as we need legalization. And we need it now because everyday were letting them kill more & more people

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