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‘Legalize Louisiana’ To Attend Legislative Opening


Louisiana MarijuanaI’ve finally been going through my e-mails, and found the following message below that is worth passing on. Louisiana needs marijuana reform more than most other states:

BATON ROUGE, LA – Legalize Louisiana is calling all citizens to the Capitol on Monday to ensure, from the start, that this year’s legislature ends cannabis prohibition, for health and justice in Louisiana. Responsible citizens will bring the research and testimony exposing the current laws and policies as unjust, illegal, unscientific and irrational, unconstitutional, inhumane, and unacceptable. Lawmakers will be drawn clear solutions based on the promised rights to peace and prosperity for all.

Community members will gather at the Capitol steps at 8:30 AM, to share their testimonies and pleas for justice, and will on regular business, at the legislature’s opening, submit facts and researches attesting to the abuses now being permitted under color of law. Nothing short of due diligence will be allowed; law and policy must respect the highest and most basic natural and common, State and Federal Constitutional, and human rights to use cannabis for any bona-fide medical reason.

Science reveals that all human beings have an endocannabinoid system; the most cutting-edge researchers now characterize cannabis a necessary dietary element. Louisiana’s medical cannabis rights are to allow one to produce medicine without hindrance, to grow the plant for one’s family and loved-ones as a natural healing herb, according to one’s compassion and wisdom as a human being. Medical cannabis should never be bought, sold, or taxed.
Louisiana’s law and policy makers have shown willingness to lessen some penalties for marijuana-law victims; let them administer justice correctly. No more penalties will be tolerated for cannabis use; no forced “marijuana addiction treatment” programs are needed. The end of state abuse of law-abiding innocents is needed.

Hemp cultivation will bring prosperity to Louisiana’s farmers who may convert, on-site, raw materials into medicines, clean premium fuels, fibers, coals, building materials, plastics, and much more. Moving forward, local and state governments may seek to fairly tax and regulate certain commercial cannabis products with input from all stakeholders.

By Calendrical Virtue, Louisiana deserves to enjoy the full restoration of her natural freedom and glory by Oct 1st, which would otherwise mark our eightieth year of an insane, self-destructive program of cannabis eradication. This will require due diligence and best practices, only, from government, from scholars, from all professionals from all disciplines, from all persons from all walks of life. Those unable to attend the Capitol on Monday are also urged to be in continual frequent contact with the officialdom until freedom and sanity are restored.


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  1. I live in louisiana, I am 60 years old and a retited Union Pacific railroad switchman and machinest, all of my arrests here have been for simple possession of marijuana, very small amounts, my most recent being 0.125 of a gram in which I received a $700 fine, one year supervised probation @ $40/month w/random screens, I have been forced to attend substance programs to “brain wash” me into believing marijuana is a “deadly” substance. I raised my son alone who is 28 and is now a electrical motor repair specialist @ a major industrial facility here in louisiana. I am in fear everyday of my life because of my choice to use marijuana instead of alcohol or tobacco. I am overwhelmed by the back woods attitude here bylaw inforcement with their greed for money.
    As you should know louisiana has the highest incarceration rate in the UNITED STATES of AMERICA for non-violent offenders
    When will this all STOP ? I am a non-violent human being and I’m just plain exhausted trying to continue my persute of happiness. PLEASE let’s all get together and vote people in w/a desire to change this unnecessary punishment of otherwise law abiding citizens…..thank you…..

  2. This is the true crime here folks. What is so different now between the fear and suffering people had to endure during slavery times. This is a plant that benefits us and harms nobody. The cannabis had no affect on this poor man’s life, but the law very well did. You and I may be comfortable in states here like California, and further away like Colorado, just remember there’s people like this who are living in fear and are suffering every day for nothing.

  3. The legalization of marijuana for recreational use will be the best thing for Louisiana. Colorado’s productivity is up and crime rate went down significantly since the legalization and we all know that needs to happen in Louisiana. Also there are thousands in jail for this harmless crime while its proven that alcohol and tobacco are far worst than marijuana. Alcohal kills millions every year and so does tobacco and marijuana is proven to help with cancer, down syndrome, and also all of those “stoners” do not have to hide something so harmless. If Louisiana does in fact legalize marijuana it will be stongly taxed and most if the population will buy which will bring Louisiana more jobs and more money.

  4. Please help us in Louisiana I have four kids been on my job 18 years own my house coach all there sports don’t hang with no one my kids all my life and I’m looking at 15 years second time getting caught with weed no criminal record but that 40 years old I’m not a criminal for smoking weed any thing over a ounce of weed is felony and then they put you selling weed even no its personal now I’m a convicted felon and a criminal for a harmless plant that more than half america smokes and wants legal my life is been turn upside down I need help so bad please everyone let’s vote the right people in office I hate drugs alcohol cigarettes they kill but weed isn’t the problem the cops focus to much time and money on weed and not real criminals that’s why we have so much crime decimalize it or legalize so we can tax it and hire more police to help fight real crime and fix are so in need schools new roads and treatment centers for the real drug problems pills herion method help us Louisiana please

  5. Louisiana needs A LOT of work. There are a lot of cannabis smokers in Louisiana, recreational and medical. Louisiana has the most people in jail per capita, far more than any other state in the nations. It has one of the nation’s toughest cannabis laws on the books, a felony 5 year prison sentence for second time possession. Also “Possession, distribution, or cultivation of marijuana within 2,000 feet
    of a drug free zone is punishable by 1.5 times the maximum sentence
    allowed for the underlying offense.” If you’re pulled over with weed near any one of these zones in Louisiana, you are TOAST!

    Let’s push for decriminalization of 1 oz or less first, and then push for getting (actually legitimate) medical marijuana on the books.

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