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Legalize Marijuana – 3 To 5 billion A Year In Tax Revenue In Quebec Coffers


Marijuana legalization is sweeping America, which is long overdue. Also overdue is marijuana legalization in Canada. Growing up in America, I smoked a lot of Canadian marijuana back in the day, all of which came via the black market. I would much rather prefer that the marijuana I were smoking was legal, and didn’t benefit gangs or other organized crime organizations.


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  1. This doesn’t impress the people who can print money out of thin air like your Central Bank. At the state, province and local levels where balanced budgets are the reality, there you can impress those officials with tax windfalls etc etc beyond their wildest imaginations. Here in Washington state they apparently have almost caught on to the endless possibilities their liberal minds can imagine. It’s a new day…..here. And it won’t come to your state until you get to work and change or replace some of those minds that don’t like…..change. Good luck!!

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