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Legalize Marijuana In Maine In 2013


maine marijuana legalization LD 1229NORML is pleased to be working with Representative Diane Russell to support historic legislation — LD 1229 — that would make Maine the third state to tax and regulate the adult use of marijuana.

This is common sense legislation that would put Maine at the vanguard of a reform which is not only supported by more than half of the country, but would also save the state precious law enforcement resources, create a new job and tax producing industry, stop the arrest of non-violent citizens, enhance protection of civil liberties, and help keep marijuana out of the hands of Maine’s children. This measure already has an unprecedented amount of legislative support behind it. LD 1229 was introduced with 35 co-sponsors, including Democrats, Republicans, an Independent, and two Tribal Representatives. We are hearing from our folks on the ground that this is in no small part due to the outpouring of support they have been receiving from their constituents on this measure. If we want to see Maine become the third state to legalize marijuana in 2013, we need to redouble our efforts. Below you will find a few simple actions you can take to help push LD 1229 over the top.

Take Action Maine!

(The most effective activism is local activism, so please only take these actions if you are a resident of Maine)

Have a minute?

Click here to use NORML’s Take Action Center to easily contact your elected officials and urge them to support LD 1229! If you already have sent a letter, share the action alert with your friends and family in Maine on Facebook and urge them to join you.

Have ten minutes?

Call your elected officials. Hearing from constituents is very important to politicians and as one of the voters that keeps them employed, you would be surprised how seriously they can take your quick phone call. You can click here to easily enter your zip code and find the phone number for your Representative and State Senator.

Have twenty minutes?

LD 1229 has been referred to the Joint Committee on Criminal Justice and Public Safety, the Representatives and State Senators who sit on this committee will ultimately be the ones who decide if this measure moves on to the floor and potential passage or dies without a hearing. You can view the list of the committee’s members, along with their email and phone contacts, here. Email and call the committee members and let them know that Maine supports this rational and common sense policy and to give LD 1229 a hearing and “Ought to Pass” recommendation.

Have a half hour?

Write a “Letter to the Editor” of a Maine newspaper. You can find all the necessary email contacts here. Writing a short and persuasive letter that gets published helps spread the message across the state and educate people on LD 1229. For an example, read NORML’s letter published in the Sun Journal here.

Share this page with your family and friends and encourage them to join you in taking these simple actions. If we work together and expend the effort, we can pass LD 1229 in 2013.

Together, we will legalize marijuana.

Source: NORML - make a donation


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Johnny Green


  1. Did I read you correctly when you said that prohibition can only be a good thing? Is arresting 800,000 people a year for herb a good thing? Is the corrupt and venal War on Drugs a good thing? If you were being sarcastic, then please disregard my reply and accept my humble apologies. But if you are not being sarcastic, then you must have Stockholm Syndrome if you support the oppressor. I hope I’m wrong about the intent of your post.

  2. hempforeverUSA on

    Malcolm, I am assumming you do not consume alcohol then. right? Stop bashing on the prohibition of God’s green herb bearing seed. God gave this beautiful plant for mankind to use. It has wonderful health benefits and is proven to prevent and cure cancer. Prohibition can only be a good thing.

  3. Prohibition is an absolute wrong; those who support it are absolute wrongdoers—vicious parasites who pray on their own family, friends and neighbors, delivering us all up to be devoured by the most corrupt and venal elements in society. They are waging a predatory war on all we hold dear, bringing corruption and degeneration to our most cherished social structures and institutions.

    During alcohol prohibition (1919-1933) all profits went to enrich thugs and corrupt politicians. Young men, while battling over turf, died every day on inner-city streets. A fortune was wasted on enforcement that could have been far more wisely spent. On top of the budget-busting prosecution and incarceration costs, billions in taxes were lost. Finally, (in 1929) the economy collapsed! Sound familiar?

    Are we (again) going to stand by and allow our wealth, safety and freedom to be sacrificed on the blood-stained ‘alter of prohibition’ by traitorous demagogues who cannot control their own vile and sadistic urges?

    An ever growing majority of us no longer think we should!

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