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Legislation Filed To Legalize Marijuana Possession And Cultivation In Wisconsin


wisconsin marijuana legalization forumWhich Mid-West state will be the first to legalize recreational marijuana? If some Wisconsin politicians have their way, Wisconsin will be first. Wisconsin is not the most progressive state when it comes to marijuana, but it’s also not at the bottom of the list when it comes to states that may legalize marijuana. A bill has been introduced in Wisconsin’s Assembly and Senate that would legalize possession and cultivation of marijuana. Per The Joint Blog:

Legislators in Wisconsin’s House and Senate have filed companion bills to legalize the possession of small amounts of cannabis, in addition to legalizing the cultivation of two cannabis plants.

Assembly Bill 246, filed by Representative Mandela Barnes (D-Milwaukee), and Senate Bill 167, filed by Senator Chris Larson (D-Milwaukee), would remove the possibility of criminal penalties for the possession of up to 25 grams of cannabis, and the personal cultivation of up to two plants. Unfortunately the proposal wouldn’t legalize distribution, meaning cannabis retail outlets, such as in Colorado and Washington, would not be allowed.

Under current Wisconsin law, the first-time possession of up to an ounce of cannabis is a misdemeanor with a potential 6-month jail sentence. Subsequent offenses are felonies, with a potential prison sentence of three and a half years. The charge for cultivating two cannabis plants is a felony with a potential 6-year prison sentence.

I’m not sure what the odds are of these companion bills passing, but it’s encouraging to see a bill in each chamber that would legalize marijuana possession and cultivation. No state has ever legalized recreational marijuana via a legislative action. Wisconsin would be an unlikely first to do that, but someone has to be first, and I don’t see why Wisconsin couldn’t do it. It would be a tremendous victory for not only Wisconsin, but the larger national movement as well.


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  1. Denise Williams on

    It would sure be nice to be able to try something other than opiates for pain. My niece lives in Colorado and she works for a Marriott cleaning rooms. People check in from other states and since they can’t take what they bought with them they leave it in the room. She’s gotten edibles,shatter,baggies and pipes. Makes up for the minimum wage pay(which is one dollar more than Wisconsin). If no one has found a song to go with all of this I vote for Don’t Step On The Grass Sam by Steppenwolf. If you don’t remember it or have never heard it you can listen to it on Youtube.

  2. mr. walker needs to open his eyes and take a look at how rich denver is getting due to the tax an regulation of weed. our state could an can be just as rich.

  3. well if our lawmakers would look at denver…. they dont loose money. hell last year in january they made 14 million of taxing and regulating and in august denver banked101 million. if they actually thought about it there looseing more money trying to arrest people for weed. there also wasting money to set up raids on people for weed. FYI…weed is not the enemy the people who are against weed are the enemys.

  4. we need this natural medicine to be legal. dont know what ever ones stand point on god is but hey….. weed is a natural medicine that wasent created in a lab. and this is the one natural medicine that god gave us to use. he didnt give us pills. there is so much help people get from using marijuana and not to mention 1)it cures the sick 2)it doesent kill you 3) there aint a million nasty side affects that come with it unlike pills.. so to that come on law makers of wisconsin legalize the one medicine that actually helps people vs the pills that kill people.

  5. Just remember, Big Pharma and their lobbyists will do whatever it takes to keep all of America from taking money out of their pockets… Legalized use of recreational marijuana means healthier people and less prescribed medications being sold. I completely support the legalization of recreational use of marijuana, as I have spinal problems and certain strains help my pain without the side effects of prescribed pain medications. But Big Pharma has their hooks so deep into politics that it will be difficult to get around. Federal law I think will not change because of that… So states have to do what is best for their citizens, in WI, Governor Walker will not go against his masters so the only way that will happen is to get him out of the Governors chair and get someone else in that is willing to listen to the people of Wisconsin. Do you not agree?

  6. Yes, it is because you can clone it before the last harvest this allows you to continue from the two plants it is an infinate. Supply of weed duh

  7. People like you is why it is taking too long to legalize you want to break the law already by taking it out of a state th tats allows the use of weed dumbass

  8. The problem is walker is scared to lose federal money because of the decrease of criminal charges from weed in wi

  9. Wisconsin needs to get their head out of their asses n do the right thing there are statistics proving there are more benefits then negitives all they are worried about is losing gov money because there won’t be even half the people locked up in wi once the Bill passes

  10. Stephen R. Nelson on

    We were just in Colorado and we could buy anything we wanted for use IN COLORADO, but it’s risky taking it home. The Nebraska boarder is heavily monitored, and the airports have those cute little sniffer dogs. They wouldn’t even let us buy seeds. Those are restricted to Colorado residents only. Ugh… so anyway did this fail? I have never heard about it. I have a meeting set up with my local state Rep. I will ask her what is our next chance. She’s a republican, but she isn’t stupid,,, maybe she will see the benefit of, at least, decriminalizing it!

  11. www41WorldUSAcom on

    Menomonie Shawano WI Vote: 677 Yes to 499 to legalize marijuana for recreational purposes 899 Yes to 275 to legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes. Wisconsin Dells, Adams, Columbia, Juneau, Sauk Poll: 52% Yes to legalize marijuana for recreational purposes 15% Yes to legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes for 67% 2/3 Majority Yes to 33% No. Assembly Bill 246 and Senate Bill 167: $11 Billion Fiscal Estimate 6/15 15 Representatives-Senators Lead Sponsors likely Wisconsin becomes 4th State in USA to legalize marijuana as early as 9/15 Session resumes a 5-year study and passage. 215 U.S. House of Representatives Members voted Yes for U.S. Veteran’s Administration Doctors, Physicians and Providers to recommend marijuana for pain, PTSD, mental health, etc. in a 1st-time brief debate and Vote. Wisconsin borders marijuana states Illinois, Minnesota, Michigan, and Badgers are known since La Follette as Leaders, Progressives legalization may come early Fall, 2015. A long-time coming as California, Oregon, Washington West, Colorado Central, DC and New York East lead. With many University of Wisconsin-Madison, UW Health System, U.S. Surgeon General and VA System Endorsements and a Global, High-tech, liberal arts. culture educated population Wisconsin is likely an early Top 5 leader in MJ business, growth, overall by 2015-16. State Bills are for legalization of 1 ounce, 5 plants or 25 grams: Wisconsin’s Agriculture, Crop, Dairy Farms can diversify. Marijuana has many health, medicinal and natural benefits vs. alcohol, prescriptions, tobacco, other legal; vs. heroin, meth, narcotics, opiates and other illegal. When U.S House-Senate pass full legal Law Nationwide maybe 2015-16 Session, MJ is possibly regulated by AMTF, Commerce, FDA, VA Departments. Americans and Badgers are for legal MJ: do the Math, read, study, Yes. Pro MJ Bills Law are important for Local, State, Federal Administration, Justice, Legal Systems + good for People too.

  12. Without distribution laws lifted, this will change nothing:( Add in distribution laws and start taxing it already!! Win for everyone!! Less people in jail and prison, more tax revenue, and a happier (and probably healthier, with a viable replacement for alcohol) populace!!

  13. Actually it’s a step in the wrong direction I disagree :/ 12 plants is what medical patients get to grow. 2 For recreational will make the poor poorer because they always have to buy it. And the pigs wont leave people alone with that number.it only leads to further problems with the law. I stick by my original statement ;) 2 plants isn’t enough for recreational.

  14. Devilsplaytoy on

    Couldn’t people file wrongful death suits against states for not allowing patients the use of a scientifically proven medicine that saves lives if their choice is to use medical cannibis rather than a destructive pharmaceutical? How can a state have the right to limit what medicine a patient can use?

  15. At least it would be a step in the right direction. If you want to get a cultivation license, so be it, it’s it would only help with any legalization.

  16. States need to collect revenue from this products. I like good roads, great schools, clean water, and helping folks overcome alcoholism and addiction to bad drugs.

  17. If you can only grow two plants then you would probably only have one in your flowering room at a time. But even if you harvested more you could process the excess into oil or something.

  18. newageblues on

    A second possession charge is a felony. Fascists in action, pure and very simple. And then they take people’s right to vote away for this political crime, in a further bow to fascism. And then they go home and drink a really dangerous drug, making them scum hypocrites as well as fascists.

  19. Joe_Thomas_WI on

    I hear you, and am a leader in the reform community and am a victim in the war on drugs.

  20. elections are nest year, here is your chance to vote them out. WILL YOUR KID BE NEXT TO GO TO PRISON OVERA PLANT? The incarceration model does not work! it has already ruined more lives and broken more families than legal cannabis will ever cause.

  21. Know how you feel, it’s the same way in Texas. Cancer patients won’t even have the chance to
    use this medicine for at least 4 years because of our damn governor and conservative legislators, no matter what the people want.
    Just sad

  22. The only thing I see wrong with this is that you can harvest 4 oz easy from 2 plants. So that’s 112 grams which is way over 25. But I would love to be able to learn to grow instead of buying my own. They even sell seeds in colorado so just get some seeds there and boom… weed for life (provided that this bill by some miracle gets passes). I really don’t want to be the guy who says it but decriminalization is not the way to go because the state makes no money and it will only provide more weed for the black market. It would also get cheaper as well so it would still be a win win for me at least.

  23. Joe_Thomas_WI on

    WI needs any incremental improvements possible. Activists are more focused at the local levels because these bills have no chance of passing. They’ll pass the amended CBD bill, which will be only a marginal improvement.

    Republican legislators have been unwilling to even entertain the idea of ending second offense felonies for simple possession.

  24. 2 Plants and 25 grams isn’t enough.. go big or go home :) .. 12-20 plants per person over 21 is about right I wouldn’t vote yes for less than 8 plants 56-112 grams to possess in public should be legal. The cops will still bother people to make sure they only have 2 which will always be a law that gets broken so they need to change the language or I wouldn’t vote yes.

  25. stellarvoyager on

    The odds of passing? With a GOP-dominated legislature and gateway-theory spewing Snott Walker as governor, the chance of passing is exactly zero.

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