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Legislation To Legalize Marijuana Introduced In Mexico City


mexico flag marijuanaCourtesy of The Joint Blog

A legislative proposal to legalize recreational cannabis was officially introduced today in Mexico City.

If approved into law, the proposal would legalize the possession of small amounts of cannabis for anyone 21 and older.

In 2009, Mexico City took a step towards decriminalizing cannabis, by making the possession of up to 5 grams no longer a criminal offense; this new proposal would take it a step further, by actually legalizing small amounts of cannabis, including sales.The measure – which was introduced by members of the Democratic Revolution Party – would create a health program to monitor cannabis consumption and sales.

The proposal comes as federal lawmakers in Mexico continue to discuss legalizing cannabis on the national level.

Source: TheJointBlog.Com


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  1. I live and work in Washington D C also. Can you send me a small sample. Please, I am leaving for Mexico City 2 1/2 weeks and will order after I test the sample. I need some to take with me.
    Address it too my secretary or maybe you can deliver
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  2. As soon as we do it, it will make the DEA obsolete – as well as all drug task forces, NIDA, the ONDCP, and all the other prohibition goons and profiteers.

  3. I have lived in Zacatecas, Mexico for over 14 years. Therefore, I am following the legalization developments, especially for the country as a whole, closely. I hope that sales mean in MJ stores and not on the street (and ultimately from the drug ratels). And I hope that possession includes growing it. I already have a spot set aside on my patio well secure from thieves and with lots of sunshine.

    Legalization would not only mean relief from the cartels and the addition of much needed dinero; it would also destroy the barricade to the north and make it impossible for the US not to follow suit. Bless you Mexico and mucho suerte!

  4. If Mexico legalized cannabis, would it help to rebuild their economy with marijuana tourism? Would it damage the drug cartels that have devastated the country? Would it make the DEA furious? Oh yes, it would.

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