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Legislative Action Alert – Call Your Missouri Senator


Below is a legislative action alert that I received from the Show-Me Cannabis campaign:

missouri legislature marijuanaThe Missouri Senate is considering passing an expansion to the state’s CBD oil medical cannabis program. Currently, only patients with intractable epilepsy qualify for CBD oil, and only neurologists can recommend it. If passed, Senate Bill 386 would greatly broaden the number of qualifying conditions and allow all doctors to recommend the therapy when their patients qualify. It would also increase the number of licensed cultivators able to supply this treatment from two to ten, which will be necessary to handle the increased demand.

Please ensure this important legislation passes this session by calling your state senator today and asking them to support Senate Bill 386 for Missouri patients. You can easily find your senator’s contact information by using this form on the Senate website.

It’s particularly important for Senators Eric Schmitt (R – Glendale, 573-751-2853), Mike Cunningham (R – Rogersville, 573-751-1882), Majority Leader Ron Richard (R – Joplin, 573-751-2173), and President Pro Tem Tom Dempsey (R – Saint Charles, 573-751-1141) to hear from their constituents in support of SB 386. If one of these gentlemen is your senator, please call and urge them to support the bill right away!

Regardless who your senator is, please be sure they hear from you. It may make the difference in how they vote.

After you’ve called, contribute $10 so Show-Me Cannabis can continue fighting for cannabis reform and a safer, freer, and more just Missouri!


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