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Legislators, Patients And Families To Rally Tomorrow In Pennsylvania For Medical Marijuana


philly norml marijuana pennsylvania philadelphiaA bipartisan group of Pennsylvania legislators and a member of the governor’s executive staff will join a group of seriously ill patients and their family members at a rally Tuesday in support of ending the wait for legal access to medical marijuana.

State Sens. Mike Folmer (R-Lebanon) and Daylin Leach (D-Montgomery), Reps. Ed Gainey (D-East Liberty) and Mike Regan (R-Dillsburg), and Pennsylvania Director of Planning and Policy John Hanger will participate in a news conference at 1 p.m. ET in the Main Rotunda of the State Capitol Building. Patients with cancer, chronic pain, and PTSD, as well as the mothers of several children suffering from epilepsy, will discuss the challenges they have endured while waiting for the House of Representatives to adopt medical marijuana legislation. The Senate approved a medical marijuana bill on May 12.

“It’s been about 130 days since the Senate bill passed, and we’re still waiting on the House to take action,” said Cara Salemme of Hanover, whose son, Jackson, suffers from encephalitis and febrile infection-related epilepsy syndrome (FIRES). “My son has had to use 18 doses of rescue medication, he’s visited the hospital five times, and on two occasions I thought he’d taken his last breath. We simply cannot wait any longer.”

WHAT: News conference and rally in support of ending the wait for legal access to medical marijuana in Pennsylvania

WHEN: Tuesday, September 22, 2015, 1 p.m. ET

WHERE: Main Rotunda of the Pennsylvania State Capitol Building, Harrisburg

WHO: Sen. Mike Folmer

Sen. Daylin Leach

Rep. Ed Gainey

Rep. Mike Regan

John Hanger, Pennsylvania Director of Planning and Policy

Latrisha Bentch, Harrisburg mother of a child with mesial temporal sclerosis

Christine Brann, Hummelstown mother of a child with epilepsy

Jason Cole, Pittsburgh cancer patient

Julie Michaels, Connellsville PTSD patient

Cara Salemme, Hanover mother of child with encephalitis and epilepsy

Angela Sharrer, New Oxford mother of a child with epilepsy

Louise Sherman, Bucks County mother of a child with epilepsy

Luke Shultz, Bernville chronic pain patient

Dana Ulrich, Reinholds mother of a child with epilepsy

Additional patients, their family members, and advocates

# # #

Campaign for Compassion is a group of seriously ill patients and their loved ones, medical practitioners, and advocates that works to educate the public about the benefits of medical cannabis and to enact a comprehensive medical cannabis law in Pennsylvania. For more information, visit http://www.campaign4compassion.com/.


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  1. Neither is marijuana. Comparing the two, I’d rather see someone smoking marijuana than two guys lip locking in public. Cannabis hurts no one. Smoke away, merrill!!!

  2. Matt baker and mike turzai couldn’t care less if kids (or anyone for that matter) suffers or, worse… Your options are buy underground and support the cartels. When Pennsylvania gets some serious leaders we will stop supporting the underground and buy at locations that are safe, tested, regulated, taxed. The government supports all kind of controversial topics like abortion, pornography, gambling, homosexuality. cannabis is nothing like any of those vices. They have lost the right to tell us what to do any longer.

  3. PA..has been ridiculously slow in passing anything progressive towards Cannabis legalization, medical or other wise ,,, I say follow the money trial. So long as Big Pharm or PIC has any policy makers in the back pocket.. Expect slow to no progress.. It is what it is..and that’s the monster we have to tackle first !)

  4. It’s about time they get this ball rolling. Enough with the House delay tactics. People are in need and Pa. is the only state in the North East without a MMJ program.

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