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Lemon Haze Marijuana Strain Review And Pictures


Lemon Haze Cannabis Strain Review And Pics

The Lemon Haze marijuana strain has an intense citrus smell that absolutely fits the name it was given. The taste of Lemon Haze is exactly how one would expect it to be – like tasting a fresh peeled lemon. The color of Lemon Haze is very light, almost yellow. The Lemon Haze strain’s THC level has consistently measured at about 15-20%. The Lemon Haze marijuana strain is great for relieving stress, reducing pain, increasing appetite, reducing depression and reducing nausea.

“A powerful strain best used during the day, relieving users of the mental stress and anxiety.” – Brad420Brad

Check out the Lemon Haze marijuana strain on THCFinder.Com, and see what people had to say about Lemon Haze, and how Lemon Haze affects various ailments.

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lemon haze marijuana strain


lemon haze marijuana strain


lemon haze marijuana strain


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  1. You have interrupted a very informative thread, scammer. You are not only pond scum, but you have no manners.

  2. Yes inside xtra bdrm 5 weeks left to go. she was a clone i got xmas of 12 and my girl has had mother all this time. i started flowering thanksgiving or so. yes they are always this hairy when wet and full of life. i will try for better photos now that i know where to find ya.

  3. So, your short bus would be your grow room? Thinking about solar panels, maybe? Where would you get water?

    Just gaze at that beautiful picture (not taken by me)… can you feel the sun’s rays? C’mon, try :D

  4. So, we’re looking at an inside grow? And Bubba is 5 weeks old. Sativa? That’s a lot of leaves — it must weigh down the plant as it grows, huh? And it looks… hairy. Is that usual at this stage? Can you post a picture of one that is a couple of weeks older? I want to see what happens to the hairs…

  5. “perhaps science has steered your thinking away from what you actually want?”

    Good point. I’ve been advised to just follow my nose — it’s just an awfully important job (choosing between really expensive buds) to leave to my smelling abilities. I’ve been doing everything I can, not only to find the right medicine, but to be able to afford the amount I need. I’m beginning to think it’s a hopeless cause…

  6. This is 1 of my needy 8 wives. her name is Bubba she’s one of my alltime faves. well this is her arm anyway. she’s 5 feet tall and has only 5 or so weeks left to live, but she will bring me joy in her passing :)

  7. yeah my house would put you in anaphylaxis hahaha. The short bus my dear has been my lifelong dream… to find a snub nose short bus with a wheelchair lift for a future deck that i could drive off into the desert & never pay electric again hahaha. my dream house! a long bus is too much to keep clean. but alas the fates gave me a 26 x 46 3 bedroom on 10 acres under a mountain, in the middle of nowhere (which is now-here haha) so i’m not complaining. That electric bill gets me out of the house to work and stuff so it’s alright

  8. Holy Grail OG good morning to you PK…I am empathetic with the fact that you don’t eat or sleep well due to pain. i am sorry…it sucks. Firstly…anything with purple in the name obviously puts me right out! My personal thoughts are, like myself (didn’t want to imply “me” we were talkin with), you miss the good ole days in the 80s & 90s when everybody in the desert sw had connect to lots of people with huge bags of dank for 20 bucks and you could afford to get LOADED :) I know for a fact in my own case that CBD does nothing for my appetite or sleep. I need THC and lots of it. Sativas make me not want to eat or sleep and everyone else around me that smokes it is pleased which makes me mad hahaha. They make me clean and tidy things that really don’t matter. Indica does not couch lock me the way it does the rest of the world but it makes me eat like a piggy (despite my only weighing 115) and cures my back enough to get out & build my chairs, and then have good sleep at least 4 or 5 hours dependent on the strain. perhaps science has steered your thinking away from what you actually want? just a thought…high THC is necessity! lack of sleep makes 1 feel crazy…i know

  9. I don’t often say this but i love me! you sounded very experienced and gave way better advice than any Bergman crap i’ve read here lately. very concise and easy to understand. you have helped me to understand my own desires and effects out of my grow for my needs. Thank you for teaching PK so you could teach me (i mean.. uh..myself? LOL) a few things in the process!

  10. It seems like it should be easier to learn about this plant, don’t you think? I gotta depend on the kindness of strangers…

    I’d like to nominate “me” for a Weed Blog award, something like “BUDdy of the Day” or “Teacher Extraordinaire.”

    Peace out, amigo. May you always be blessed with great bud. And I hope to see you around here again.

  11. Eh to see the trichomes you have to use a magnifyer. Usually at least 10x. preferably 50x magnification.
    I’m glad I could kinda help and I know I’m not the best at explaining stuff but I try to help when I can.

  12. Terpenes are my favorite, besides THC of course. Maybe if I could get bud that smelled like, I dunno, bubble gum or chocolate mousse, then I’d be in heaven, regardless of THC strength. I recently burned some fragrance oil that smells like cotton candy as I enjoyed a Sweet Tooth strain, but I didn’t notice that this made the effect any stronger. I was trying for a placebo effect, but I can’t seem to trick my brain that much… :)

  13. Hey, Me, you’re talking about things my eyes can’t seem to catch. I just can’t see the trichomes in that much detail — they all look the same to me. Sure, trichomes are shiny and glittery, but I’ve smoked bud with high CBD counts that looked like that yet had no strength at all. In fact, I’ve gotten some bud that was mostly light green in color, with no brown at all, that was pretty good.

    Basically, there is not one rule to follow, just a bunch of “maybes.” And you must feel pretty frustrated, trying to help me, and all I do is complain. (smile) You’ve helped much more than the majority of people I’ve discussed this with, so again, gracias.

    Anyway, maybe weed’s not for me. Maybe I’ll try mushrooms, instead — it has to be a lot cheaper than marijuana. :D

  14. Yes. If the dispensary will let you examine the bud under a magnifyer you will see lots of things that looks like mushrooms or a stick with a ball on top of it. These are the trichomes or crystals as some people call them. The ball on top is what you want to see the color of. A lot of clear means it was taken early. A lot of milky colored ones means it was taken about right time. And a lot of brown/amber means it was taken a little late. So you would want to find a sativa with some amber/brown trichrome heads and see how that works for you.

  15. For daily pain, it would seem like you are right. But it also appears that for pain, one needs the THC along with all the other CBDs. Something I don’t think big pharma will ever be able to extract into a pill form. Time for another photo from beautiful New Mexico!

  16. I keep trying to get a mental picture of this process, but it’s hard to do just from words and pictures. But you are doing a great job of explaining, thanks.

    I never knew that the THC in the bud doesn’t become psychoactive until the water evaporates in the drying process. That’s fascinating. I’m going to have to think about that a little more, though — I’m not sure the information is clicking yet. It has something to do with the moisture in the trichomes…

    Heck, I’m trying to figure out how to read the lab results too, which seem to suggest that we’re not talking about THC here, but THC-A. THC doesn’t happen until the heating process… I think.

    I’m getting the feeling that I should be looking for lots and lots of brown hairs in my bud. Brown, amber, whatever, you know what I mean. Right?

  17. Haha…. join the club I don’t want to marry either..
    I hope you find something that works for you.
    If I was in your area id gladly grow what you needed but I’m behind enemy lines so to speak.
    Wish I could help more than just typing words on this page and I sincerely hope you find what works.
    I think if you liked the one blue dream then you probably want 60/40 sativa or maybe even 70/30.

  18. Since I have allergies, I don’t have any pets to keep me company — however, I have the Sandia Mountains, and they are gorgeous. Plus, I don’t have to clean up after them. :)
    And what the heck is a short bus? Are you referring to some hippy song, girlfriend?
    I don’t know about you, but I’m in the mood for another beautiful picture of my new city…

  19. Almost to the day that I became an MMJ patient, I received the same advice: grow your own. In fact, that is mostly the advice I get on this website. However, for a lot of reasons I won’t bore you with, that is not an option for me, even though a small personal grow is permitted in my state.

    Since I’m not going to grow, and the dispensaries aren’t cutting it, I thought a more personalized set-up would be better, but as I said above — I’m not really in the marrying mood. I was thinking, though, if I found a co-op situation, I might be able to afford it AND get quality meds. But our law is funny about co-op set-ups — and it’s my understanding that a handful of licensed producers are pushing changes that make it more difficult for just plain personal growers, let alone types of co-ops.

    And so, I am sad, even with my new friend, Grape Ape. Now, try saying that strain name three times really fast — a favorite game of mine to make sure I haven’t over-indulged. :D

  20. The Blue Dream strain that I liked had a description that included “hallucinogenic.” Frankly, this is hard for me to believe, but then I’ve never had that effect from anything — including a bucket full of prescription medications.

    Right now, I’m thinking about what the right sativa/indica mix would be, but it’s not like any of the dispensaries are going to grow a specific hybrid just for me (even if they could). I think my best bet would be to marry a grower… problem is, I don’t wanna. :)

  21. sounds like you need more indie based hybrid for body effects for your pain. I thought Indica THC no matter what its percentage or strength was for body pain because it gets in your muscles not your head but i’m a guesser too.. so i’m headed to bed on a purple mr niceguy mmmmm

  22. Yes a pure or sativa dominat strain will give you and energetic high where as an indica makes you not want to move. Some pure sativas are so potent its like tripping.
    The reason you have trouble telling the difference is that most modern strains are hybrids. A mix of both.

  23. Nothing really helps me sleep — I’m only looking to manage pain. And, to be honest, I can’t tell the difference between indica and sativa, except I had this sativa once that gave me energy — it was magic! I’m just guessing here…

  24. Yeah unless the grower has their stuff wired tight the quality of the bud will fluctuate from harvest to harvest even running clones of the same plant.
    Lots of factors go into growing.
    Are you allowed to grow in your state? If so that’s what I would suggest. That way you have control over your end product and not dependent on hit and miss growers supplying dispensaries.

  25. I thought more Indica was what is needed for THC to give body effects rather than head high. My wheelchair and back surgery friends sleep very well on indica which makes for better management tomorrow with sativa. and “me” knows his stuff here

  26. My house is a health risk for the general public without immunity systems LOL i have 4 cats that rule the world and an old banged up dog and i have learned that dusting in this desert is so futile why bother? (it just comes back in by dinnertime anyway) wait…unless you have that short bus that i’ve always dreamed of living in?

  27. Ask all the questions you want. I don’t mind. Its how we learn. And if I forget to answer one remind me..

  28. Hang Drying usually takes about a week.
    Once the outside of the bud is dry you sweat out the moisture by putting them in a jar. After about a day the moisture in the stem is wicked to the outside of the bud. You then dump the buds out and let the dry again. Once dry again, back in the jar they go. Another day dump out again. Repeat until the buds are at the right moisture level. The whole process is about a week and a half to two weeks. Buds can be smoked at this point. But most prefer to leave them in the jar to “cure” for a few weeks to months longer.
    This brings out the flavor/smell more. It doesnt effect potency as in THC levels. But by slow drying and curing the terpenes are left behind and can effect how the high feels(if that makes sense).
    The length of the cure comes down to personal preference. I know some people who wont touch their buds until its had a 6month cure.
    The drying process is done to keep mold away but also because THC doesn’t become psycho active until the water is evaporated. Hence wet buds are not as potent as dry buds.
    Late harvest refer to when the plants are actually cut down. There is usually a 3wk window for harvest.
    An early harvest when trichomes are mostly clear will give a racey/paranoid effect.
    Plants harvested on time, when trichomes are mostly milky will give the high that was intended.
    A late harvested plant will be a little more on the heavy end of things due to thc degrading to cbd etc.

  29. Tried a few different Blue Dream strains, and had some success with this one strain (allegedly at 21% THC) until, for some reason, 50% of the resin disappeared. Still can’t figure out what happened, but the strength dropped too. Because it had a lot of sticks and stems, it turned out it wasn’t really worth the price (towards the end, it came out to $21.60/joint!). Of course, it is hard to justify a lot of the dispensary prices I have to pay.

    For the first time, I recently tried a purple bud, Grape Ape. Surprisingly, it only tested at 18.17% THC, which doesn’t make any sense to me. Maybe the strength lies in how long the effect lasts — hard to tell. Anyway, I’m really liking this strain, and I hope it keeps up its strength. Unfortunately, when I find a strain that I like, it’s not readily available. When will I be able to purchase this strain again and in what quantity? Your guess would be as good as mine, because right now I’m still waiting for a response from the dispensary.

  30. The CBDs and CBNs help pain patients whose pain is mostly due to inflammation, but for long-term intractable pain, it is the THC that makes a difference.

    Okay, let’s take this one step at a time. The flowers are ripe, and you hang them to dry. How long does it usually take for the drying process? And, besides the chemical processes taking place, is the removal of moisture more for potency purposes or to keep mold away?

    Then, it’s time to cure. I would think most dispensaries let the bud sit for one to two weeks for the curing process (hopefully), but how much longer would a late-cure take? Up to 3 months, like the one grower said? And, does a “late harvest” refer to the drying and curing, or just the part up to that point?

    Sorry for all the questions, it’s just that it’s hard to find someone who is willing (and has the patience) to explain things to us novices.

  31. my issue is this, if i need to buy bud i want it to smoke now not in 10 days ya know? Yes great movie! But AZ sucks you don’t want it, trust me. and i have this ‘very small thing’ called social anxiety with panic attack disorder…LOL trust me, you don’t want me up in your cookies.

  32. Also the terpene profile (flavor/smell)can affect the high. So you could try to experiment with diff flavors of bud. If find the “purple” smelling/tasting buds to be very effective on migrains and insomnia.
    If you can find some and haven’t tried it a good example of blue dream may provide some relief for you.

  33. The ” cure” brings out the flavor and smell more and makes for a more pleasing smoke but also can effect potency to an extent. The drying process can effect potency also. I.e. if its dried in a hot environment or too quickly it will taste “green” and damage trichomes therefore effecting overall quality.
    By letting a plant go beyond ripeness some of the THC is degraded to cbds and cdns. These are the cannibinoids that seem to help with pain. So by letting, like you said, a sativa dominant hybrid go a little longer you will more than. Likely get what you’relooking for relief wise.
    The cure is what happens after the flowers are mostly dry. It helps sweat moisture from the inside of the bud to the outside. Once they are the proper level of moisture they are sealed in a jar, for example, and left to sit for 2 weeks or more. This is done because there are still processes going on within the bud itself. The chlorophyll is eventually used and you’re left with all the good stuff, terpenes and cannabinoids.
    I imagine it’d be hard to find late harvested buds in a dispensary, because people get in a hurry to harvest and reap the rewards, buds or money.
    This is based on about 15 yrs of growing experience.

  34. Okay, let me get this straight. When I purchase bud, I could “cure” it further myself, and this would make it stronger? I mean, if we’re only talking about wet bud. Wouldn’t work for over-dryed bud.

    We’ve got a number of strong indicas here in New Mexico (while I’m looking for a strong sativa). So, I’m thinking we need to switch homes, you know, like in that movie “The Holiday” with Cameron Diaz.

  35. “me” has a theory there about “overcooking” that could be right. I normally am not a fan of chemdog due to its sativa trait however, my girl grew some that went 10 or 11 weeks til harvest and it was so powerful i begged for more. it was a super heavy sleeper because she let the trichromes amber up i believe. I can’t wait for more! She wants to harvest at 8/9 weeks to avoid that tiredness in it…i’m gonna let mine go longer though hoping to let the Indica age into it. That became my theory on the unhappy disp weed is they are kicking it out at 8 weeks because the calender says so, and so therefore everything is testing for them in sativa ranges. They don’t seem to have the patience to grow and cure any Indica for me because it takes “too long”

  36. I know 1 dispensary that is clueless and another that has the best pain management advice i have seen yet so AZ varies on care vs. profit greatly. Someone in Phoenix has Holy Grail OG that is great pain med without the sleepy, but they are more custom caregivers not dispensary personnel. It doesn’t have that “heavy shoulder” feel to it. It is my new found daytime love :) I found it through our down-right awesome med farmer’s market. I was introduced recently to oil tinctures with custom blend sativa/indica ratios like you want also i.e. 60/40 mix. These have long term pain relief effects for me but i have to stay under my limits on quantity due to their strength or the affects are too much. Sari can give you my email if you want it, i’d conversate, no big deal.

  37. Pure indicas seem to increase the heavy feeling that comes with daily pain. But sativas don’t have enough pain relief. So, I’m thinking 70% to 80% sativa, the rest indica. But does the amount of days for curing affect the strength? Or, is it just for an increased flavor/smell?

  38. For intractable pain I would consider a pure indica that is slightly over ripe. Like an 8 week afghan harvested at 9 weeks..

  39. I don’t have too many problems with wet weed, but I think Sarijuana is right that sometimes the buds are force-cured. Does this remove any of the strength? Maybe, sometimes — hard to tell, really.

    I think dispensaries are starting to specialize, which is a good thing, especially for edibles. I don’t understand why edibles appear less expensive than bud, because it takes an awful lot of the good bud to make the edibles, waxes, tinctures, etc.

    Maybe I’m looking for a grower who specializes even more than that — specifically, one that grows for intractable pain patients. Now, where would I look for such a person?

  40. that makes no sense because cure only costs time. I get ya PK! The 1 local dispensary i don’t use anymore would say to me, “we just harvested some such&such that’s really nice last week”… There is a point that they run out of supply if they don’t sell it wet right off the line. There is no time to let age and cure when you have to keep those profits (or so called not-for-profits) rolling in the wads of cash for wet weed to consumers who are so desperate to get any legal weed at all. They use the excuse of using vaporizers or edibles so it is fine but some of us just wanna kick back and burn 1 (or 2 hahaha). Long Cure Rules!

  41. Beauty to look at but this strain is in no way good for my over-paranoid tastes. Brings out that OCD in me. Not really good for anxiety… more for depression i thought… I dislike when the two very different conditions get lumped in to anxiety. Despite wanting to lick that 1st pict i’d be crawling my walls for sure. Just wanted other non-sativa “freaks” to know this about this strain, it’s a worry maker sometimes!

  42. In a cannabis forum, I found this posted by a personal grower in New Mexico: “I myself like to ‘cure’ my buds for at least 3 months.” A process that appears too expensive for dispensaries, huh?

  43. Me too! Unfortunately what is available locally is too often force-cured, or something. Not enough aroma or flavor. I would really love to taste some if it freshly cured and cured slow! That would be some kinda wonderful.

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