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Lemon OG Marijuana Strain Review And Pictures


lemon og marijuana strainLemon OG Cannabis Strain Review And Pics

An OG variant with not too dense but not fluffy buds, Lemon OG will never disappoint you when you’re reaching for a smoke in the afternoon. It’s not powerful enough an OG to couch lock you indefinitely, but it’s definitely a quick slip-to-sleep strain that allows your muscles to relax without an overwhelming sense of being stoned.

“Taste – Has that OG flavor with a hint of lemon zest.

Strength – Very strong high but not overpowering, I feel it around the face then around my entire body moving down the spice.

Aroma – Very OG dominant with a hint of lemon.

Appearance – Superb, great looking Trichomes.” – Rainbright

Check out the Lemon OG marijuana strain on THCFinder.Com, and see what people had to say about Lemon OG, and how Lemon OG affects various ailments.

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lemon og marijuana strain


lemon og marijuana strain


lemon og marijuana strain


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  6. I have grown this strain, it can get really big indoors, I back crossed it with heriwanna which is indica dominant to make it easier to grow indoors. Really nice taste!

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