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‘Life Sentence For Marijuana’ Billboard Posted In Missouri


jeff mizanskey marijuana billboard missouriBy John Payne

As of this past Monday, April 15, motorists traveling east on Interstate 70 from Kansas City near the mile marker 63 encounter a billboard featuring Jeff Mizanskey. As you likely know, Jeff is serving life without parole for a non-violent cannabis offense. The billboard is located about 17 miles west of the junction of I-70 and U.S. 65, which goes south to Sedalia, Jeff’s hometown.

The billboard is already generating more attention for Jeff’s case in the media and more calls to the Governor’s office asking for clemency. It is also forcing over 80,000 drivers each month to think about the human consequences of cannabis prohibition as they pass the sign.

The billboard costs $500 a month, and if it helps free Jeff, that’s a bargain. However, we can’t meet that expense without your help. Please take a moment now to pledge a small $20 recurring contribution to keep Jeff’s story in front of drivers on the busiest interstate in Missouri!

Those of you in the Saint Louis area can also now hear our ads running on KSHE 94.7 FM late night Wednesdays through Fridays. If you haven’t heard them yet, you can listen to them online here.

Of course, we hope to continue expanding our media presence to other markets across the state. In particular, we want to secure radio ads in Kansas City and a billboard in Springfield.

The Springfield billboard will feature Trish and Daryl Bertrand, whose lives were shattered when a SWAT team raided their home because of Daryl’s medical cannabis grow room. A generous contributor has offered to pay for the production costs of the sign — which usually run over $1,000 — but we will need people like you to step forward to help cover the $600 monthly fee.

In Kansas City, I plan to start off our ads with $1,000 monthly budget, and there are several contributors who have already pledged a couple hundred dollars each month to support those efforts. I believe we can have all this media in place by mid-May, but only with your help. Please make a contribution now!

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Johnny Green


  1. It’s pure narcissism. Law enforcement and prosecutors will do anything to prove their authority. Little people with little minds.

  2. what do they think weed actually does to people i have done it daily for 20 years im in good health i have a good job and i enjoy my life. Its just pure ignorance

  3. I would think that they see canabis as a worse offense than METH. Crying shame thanks for the warning, cross that state off the list

  4. Johnny Bloomington on

    Crazy I live near Sedalia! If you’re looking radio slots in KC, try 96.5 The Buzz. Then again that maybe preaching to the choir but they do have “Buzz” in their name…

  5. Somebody needs to come to BENTON county Arkansas and watch the bs that goes on there in judge robin greens court. It seems that if 10 yrs ago I went thru a drug court for meth which I completed successfully. 10 yrs later I get fought with a gram of bud and a pipe and these fuckers are attempting to charge me with a felony and acting as tho I’m still using meth which I haven’t touched in 10 yrs which will result in me not being able to work or pay fines they will give me so that they can throw me back in jail. I’m ready to head to Costa Rica this is absurd the way they function and get away with it all of the time

  6. What s it going to take to change the minds of so many week minded people. At this point I think it’s pride, ego, that they could believe a lie so completely and pass judgement on so many people without knowing what the he’ll they are talking about, Nixon wasn’t a crook, right you have to believe that, he told us so. All those people who need a study to prove its benign, the Schafer report, look it up, Nixon asked for the study, then you tell me was he a crook. I don’t know Jeff, but he could have been a friend. I could be where he is, there but by the grace of God go I and why, over a plant

  7. blaze up 420 on

    i have to say 1 thing weed has medicinal properties that help with glaucoma back problems and ect its been legalized in how many states now… so now i got a question did your momma drop you on your head as a child

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