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Liquor Control Board Releases Draft Regulations For Recreational Marijuana Sales In Washington


washington state liquor control board draft regulations marijuanaAfter months of discussion, debate and public input, Washington State’s Liquor Control Board - the regulatory body overseeing recreational marijuana sales in Washington State - has released its initial draft regulations for the newly-legal industry. The board will hold a public hearing on the regulations in the coming weeks as they finalize these rules, with the aim of having the first marijuana retail outlet open early next year.

Here’s an overview of the draft regulations submitted:

  • Requires applicants of a marijuana business license to be a Washington State resident of at least 3 months.
  • Establishes tight regulatory guidelines, such as requiring the testing of all marijuana products for contaminants (such as mold and pesticides), requiring security and surveillance systems, etc..
  • The Liquor Control Board will monitor the production of marijuana from its seed, to its sale.
  • Allows for licensees to produce and sell cannabis concentrates like BHO (butane hash oil) and Rick Simpson oil, though requires the end-product to meet strict purity standards, and requires that it’s infused into food or drink items.
  • Establishes labeling requirements, including warning labels (“keep out of reach of children”, that kind of thing), potency labeling, net weight, the name of the 3rd-party company that performed quality testing, the date of the medicine’s harvest, etc..
  • Puts restrictions on advertising (such as banning the inclusion of children) without limiting it entirely.
  • Doesn’t restrict the purchase or consumption of marijuana by out-of-state individuals.

Those who are interested can find the draft regulations, in their entirety, by clicking here.

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  1. We here at Acumen Genetics are going to do everything we can to comply but they definitely have not made it easy. This is not the final draft thankfully.

  2. jerrylucien on

    You really have to read the whole draft. If your going to be a grower or producer they will basically have a camera up your ass on every move you make. From where you get your seeds or clones. To have you weight every bud you produce with a documented scale from dept or agriculure(with a free for that). They want to know the exact time(you have to call them before you leave and when you arrive at the prossors place). the vehicle you transport in has to registered by them, and has to have a locked compartment in it. Oh and no stops along the way..
    You also have to be finger printed by the state patrol( again at your expence). And that doesnt even include the 75% taxation and 10% sales tax by the time it gets bought by the consumer at the retail location.
    The state got out of the liquor business, and now booze is taxed so heavy it cost way more than when they ran it. The state is one big greedy machine. This wont work.
    And we all thought it was about our personal rights…LOL
    I cant believe the weed blog would only skim over the few good things about the draft……All the state wants is taxes, taxes,taxes.
    Mom and pops growers…….its not going to happen! and thats a shame!

  3. wait so concentrates won’t be sold unless infused into food or drink? If so, Hello dab black market…

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