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Living In A Home Where Cannabis Is Grown Doesn’t Harm A Child’s Health


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A study published earlier this year by the government-funded National Institute of Health, as well as the International Journal of Drug Policy, found that ”there was no significant difference between the health of the children living in cannabis grow operations and the comparison group of children”.

These findings, according to researchers, “challenge contemporary child welfare approaches and have implications for both child protection social workers and the policymakers who develop frameworks for practice.”

Under current law, children are constantly taken away from their parents for growing cannabis – even if the parents are qualified patients under state law – something that this study shows makes little sense, given that a child’s health is unaffected; however, no one can legitimately argue that it doesn’t harm a child’s health and well-being to be unexpectedly removed (sometimes for years, or even permanently) from their parents.

Here’s the method that researchers used to come to their conclusion:

The study examined the household, family and individual characteristics of 181 children found living in cannabis grow operations in two regions in British Columbia, Canada. Data was collected on-site on the physical characteristics of the homes, the health characteristics of the children, and their prescription drug history. Comparison of prescription drug use was also made with a group of children from the same geographic areas.

The study was conducted by researchers at the School of Social Work at the University of British Columbia.

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  1. Just had our 5 foster kids removed because we were growing 8 cannabis plants behind a 6 foot locked gate enclosure. Took it to court and won with the judge declaring that pot plants alone do not pose a risk to children. But, kids weren’t returned to our loving family farm because we used bad judgement and therefore can’t raise happy, healthy children. CPS is so clueless and uneducated about the effects of cannabis on children. There was no exposure or use, and the grower has a Dr.’s rec, but regardless, these children are more damaged by being taken from their family than any exposure to cannabis. The system needs major reform and much more social worker training.

  2. Of course it doesn’t harm children, it’s a plant. Does having an aquarium harm kids? No, it leads to imagination and creativity.

  3. Child victims… double sigh…

    And not to change the subject, but… Holy Cow! I think smoking cannabis has given me the ability to read minds! Cannabis has created telepathy! It’s a miracle! Someone call, uh… the Press! No, the Media! No, wait… The Liberal Media! That’s who I wanna call! Do they have an 800 number?

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