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Lobby Day A Success For Michigan NORML


michigan medical marijuana town hallThirty activists gathered at Think Live Music in Lansing to celebrate the Michigan NORML Lobby Lansing Day event on Tuesday, January 20.

More than half actually traveled to the Capitol Building and visited their legislators, bring with them concern and encouragement- and bright green informational sheets.

The activists came from around the state. Portage. Flint. Cheboygan. Port Huron. Detroit. Dewitt. Although allied under the banner of Michigan NORML, each had their own reasons for supporting the lobbying effort. Many are raid victims, and some have serious medical conditions like Lupus.

At least three waves of activists visited offices in the Anderson, Farnum and Capitol Buildings. Although challenged by a conflicting Committee session schedule and a State of the State address from the Governor later that evening, a significant number of legislators were able to meet the groups.

“More lobby days are planned for later this year,” said Steven Sharpe, a Board Member of MiNORML and a primary architect of the Lobby Day. “Legislators need education. This is how we do it.”

Source: The Compassion Chronicles


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  1. Just wait, sooner than you think you’ll be saying, Remember the good ol’ days when it was illegal and it was better, cheaper, and eaiser to get! Just saying.

  2. We discussed the need for dispensary and edibles legislation, along with decriminalization and/or legalization of marijuana, forfeiture reform, hemp and the environment.

  3. This is true but you will get better policies and quicker action if you get get politics behind the cause. The ultimate goal is federal legalization untill this happens the DOJ and police can still use poor legislation to arrest people and ruin lives.

  4. What’s to discuss,the people voted it in. We change policies with our votes. Not you greedy politicians choice.

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