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Longtime Hash Bash Frontman Released From Prison


adam brook hash bash prisonJACKSON- Adam Brook’s two-year stint as a marijuana POW is over.

Brook was jailed two years ago on gun charges related to a marijuana raid on his home in Royal Oak. The raid came shortly after Brook announced his intention to sue the city of Royal Oak for passing an ordinance that discriminates against licensed and registered medical marijuana caregiving and patient activities within city limits. Brook’s lawsuit was dismissed before he entered incarceration.

Brook described to me before his jailing that he was swimming at the YMCA when officers informed him that his home had been raided and his wife was being held pending his arrival. On the advice of attorneys, and in exchange for dropping drug and weapons charges against his wife, Brook agreed to the sentence.

Incarceration posed problems for the ailing Brook, who often walked with canes when he made public appearances. His medical care was not as strident as was required by his illnesses.

The Brook family has requested a period of adjustment before Adam returns to a more public role.

Source: The Compassion Chronicles


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  1. Jay Day Statzer on

    has always been willing to delegate HB to new talent, often to
    disastrous results. This negative post at Adam is not true nor
    appropriate for a news post about a returning THC POW. Don’t playa’ hate,

  2. Although I appreciate all of Adam’s past efforts in organizing the Hash Bash, the Hash Bash never ran more smoothly than when he was in jail – the people who stepped up to the plate and organized the last couple of Hash Bash’s did an amazing job, they brought in some great speakers and kept the event flowing smoothly and I hope that the next Hash Bash is just as good if not better than the last two events, and that Adam is wise enough to hand over some if not all of the organization to the great group of people that helped make the last two such a success

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