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Los Angeles County Democratic Club Endorses Marijuana Measure


democrat marijuana los angeles democrats proposition dI’m not sure how I feel about this, but below is the press release I received. I don’t see the benefit of restricting access. But then again I don’t live in L.A.  How do readers feel?:

Tuesday evening, in an historic vote, the Los Angeles County Democratic Club endorsed Proposition D, a Medical Cannabis Proposition written and placed on the May 21st ballot by the City of Los Angeles. This is thought to be the first time the Los Angeles County Democratic Club has endorsed a Medical Cannabis Proposition.

Instrumental in bringing the historic vote forward were the efforts of a coalition which included patients, caregivers, union members, The Greater Los Angeles Collective Alliance (GLACA), Americans for Safe Access (ASA) and UFCW Local 770.

Proposition D was placed on the ballot by the City because a competing ballot initiative, Initiative F, allows unrestricted numbers of dispensaries to remain open. Initiative F places no limits on the number of new cannabis facilities which can open in the future. The Los Angeles County Democratic Club has voted to oppose Initiative F.

Written by the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office, Proposition D limits the number of cannabis collectives which can currently operate in the City to approximately 100 and does not allow any new facilities to open.

“We have chosen to stand with the City and support Proposition D,” remarked Yamileth Bolanos, President of the Greater Los Angeles Collective Alliance. “We are pleased that the political party to which most cannabis patients belong, has chosen to support Proposition D as well.”

“Democrats wrote the original Medical Cannabis Legislation passed by the State of California,” added Don Duncan, co-founder of Americans for Safe Access. “The endorsement tonight demonstrates their continuing commitment to this issue.”


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  1. I see D allowing a corporate takeover of the industry. I see F as being so poorly writen that it will be also used for the same end, just a bit less honest means to reach the end.

    The fact is that both are only on the ballot because of greed. Each party has different roles, but the goal is to divide and conquer, and it seems to have worked. The consultants working for each measure actually work with each other. Their Job is to bleed an industry with phony initiatives so when hard times hit, and they will, they wont have the resources to continue.

    Measure F actually says you must adhere to all federal laws, WHAT?

    Why, or who the fuck wrote that one? A federal prosecutor?

    Measure F also gives full power back to the city council to change it anytime they’d like…. who wrote that, Jose Huizar?

    Ok, so here is the scoop dispensary owners. We need you to put your money towards legalizing marijuana in our city, and state. We do not need to go backwards, your actions on these measures will hurt us, they will lock more people up and cause loss of many jobs and future jobs. You are funding your own demise. Beware people like David Welch and Don Duncan. They are, in my opinion, government agents working to turn marijuana over to the Pharmaceutical companies,. They only act like they have different goals.

  2. ShinyRedGuitar on

    No, No, No & quadruple No… VOTE NO TO ALL OF THESE BILLS!!!! We don’t need “more government control”. We need competing businesses new and old. None of the bills should be allowed to pass. The only benefits are outweighed by the cost. Testing is done & published at better dispensaries. Patients can choose the merchants best rated by their peers. What does the city know about testing cannabis and why should the city spend money in this business?. Why would we want to slow down new business growth and at what cost?130 dispensaries or 1700. Controlling dispensary growth only benefits some merchants and cuts the jugular of others….

  3. I support Measure D. I’m conflicted about it because I know it will decrease the number of collectives by a long shot. But my collective has been around for nearly 7 years. We’ve spent a lot of money on attorneys, licences, land surveyors, etc. to comply with the city. I think that should count for something. It seems wrong to put us in the same category as someone who just opened their doors.

  4. Quick question, I’m a part-time volunteer for a collective. Would I be required to pass a background check under measure F? My record is squeaky clean, but this would be an invasion of my privacy. How does running a background on all dispensary volunteers promote safe access?

  5. Americans for Safe Access (ASA) has received two reports of Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) raids in the Los Angeles area:

    Marina Caregivers, 730 Washington Blvd., Marina Del Rey, CA 90292

    Zen Healing, 8464 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood, CA 90069

    ASA is calling on supporters in the area to go to these sites to support the victims of federal attacks. Be a part of the peaceful protest.

    Thank you,

  6. Vote no on all 3. It is time to legalize, not recriminalize as all three of these do. Marijuana has never been dangerous, it has always been prohibition that caused harm and increased prices. All three initiatives are reefer madness propaganda machines in a big boy game of medical marijuana monopoly. Prices have never been so low as they are now. Mark my words that prices will increase if any of these three pass.

  7. After getting Measure-80 on the ballot our petitioning team left for LA to save the MMJ dispensary system. One thing was abundantly clear to us in the streets. People were extremely angry at the ‘abuses’ of the present dispensary arrangement, and the use of 420 nurses to lure men to specific locations.

    Women on many occasions were incensed that semi-naked young girls/gals were being used to mock real female nurses to promote ‘medicine’,. The DIMS are just reflecting what their phone complaints are telling them.

  8. I have no horse in this race!
    access is important , and Its nice to see unions getting involved
    I think 3 bills were drafted , confusing even more!
    each bill has special considerations for some shops and they want all the other ones closed.
    read the ordinance before you decide!

  9. Vote Yes On “F” … Created as a grassroots organization brought together out of necessity in 2012, The Angelenos for safe access sole purpose is to secure consistent, dependable access to medical marijuana for the residents of LA. If approved, ordinance F would implement a new increase on the medical marijuana tax by 20% -this additional income would provide further funding for LAs cash-strapped teachers, firemen and police departments. Additionally measure F would seek to increase safety within the many collectives around Los Angeles. Mandating personal background checks on any and all employees, managers and volunteers that handle medical marijuana. http://voteyesonf.com/

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