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Los Angeles County Democrats Endorse California Adult Use Of Marijuana Act


california adult use marijuana act auma legalizationYesterday, the campaign in support of the Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA) announced the official endorsement of the Los Angeles County Democratic Party (LACDP), the largest Democratic county committee in California and the largest local Democratic Party organization in the nation.

The LACDP represents more than 2.4 million registered Democrats and a population larger than 42 other states in the 88 cities and the unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County.

“Los Angeles County Democrats support the Adult Use of Marijuana Act because it will end the failed policies of prohibition which have disproportionately harmed communities of color, it will protect California’s children and it will provide critical funding for public health and public safety programs,” said Los Angeles County Democratic Party Chair and California Democratic Party Vice Chair Eric C. Bauman.

The Adult Use of Marijuana Act is a consensus measure based on recognized best practices and recommendations from hundreds of engaged citizens and organizations.  It includes strong safeguards for children, businesses and local governments, strict anti-monopoly provisions and the toughest warning label and marketing-to-kids laws in the nation.

It also closely adheres to the Lieutenant Governor’s Blue Ribbon Commission on Marijuana Policy and the new medical marijuana laws recently passed by a bipartisan majority of the Legislature and signed by Governor Brown.

AUMA has been endorsed by California Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom, U.S. Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Torrance), the California Council of Land Trusts, Drug Policy Alliance, Marijuana Policy Project, California Cannabis Industry Association, California Medical Association, California NAACP, and national NORML, among others.

Source: The Adult Use of Marijuana Act press release


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  1. William Levy on

    With all the researches and studies being conducted, there are still people who don’t believe on the medical benefits of cannabis. The good thing about this act is, as posted here, it includes strong safeguards for children, businesses and local governments, strict anti-monopoly provisions and the toughest warning label and marketing-to-kids laws in the nation which is a win-win situation. One primary concern of those not in favor of medical marijuana is that they are afraid for the youth to increase their usage with marijuana. In Los Angeles, marijuana is legally available for medication. Marijuana patients can have or buy legal marijuana through cannabis dispensaries in Los Angeles and even order pot online for their medication. There are medical marijuana delivery services offered around all California. One thing that a person just need to be keen is to be very careful in ordering pot online; make sure it’s legal and that they will deliver your medical marijuana right in front of your door. Pot Valet, a marijuana delivery service, offers Overnight Delivery in California. Let’s hope that medical marijuana be legalized and be readily available for those who need to be medicated.

  2. Jerry Bisbo on

    Hillary doesn’t realize millions have been using weed for a half century in this country. If there were going to be any real problems we would have seen them by now. The people know this and realize Hillary is trying ride the fence on this issue. But it’s total bull. If Bernie is the nominee I will vote for him. He’s got it right.

  3. saynotohypocrisy on

    Hillary’s position on medical cannabis is indeed reprehensible.
    Assuming she’s the nominee, she is desperately going to need the support of Sanders and Warren, and of their supporters.
    Their views are going to be represented in the party platform. Should cannabis reformers be thinking about getting a strong statement about
    medical marijuana into the platform? It would have overwhelming public support, especially from the Democrat base.
    Isn’t the timing right to push for this?

    She’s said she’s watching the experiment proceed in states that have legalized rec use. That gives her cover, IF she wants, to improve her attitude, saying there is now more evidence that legal adult use weed is workable, she can cite Hickenlooper’s recent comments as an example.
    Or she can hold on to her retro views, and lose a lot of votes.

  4. Where are all the Utopians to tell us that since AUMA is not perfect, it should be rejected altogether?

    C’mon, I need to read some of that; I haven’t had my daily dose of absurdity.

  5. Jerry Bisbo on

    All of this endorsement from all theses organizations, and smug-mug dishonest Hillary only wants to move cannabis to number two on the federal CSAs list. So what does that tell us about Smug-mug. Bernie sanders wants too get the federal government out of it and truly leave it up to the states. He passes the test. Dishonest Smug-mug fails it big time.

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