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Los Angeles Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Face Another Possible Ban


closed medical marijuana dispensaryAction Is Needed Now With A Possible Vote As Early As Next Week

Today, the City Planning Commission voted to approve city staff recommendations (city attorneys, planning department and council staff) to BAN ‘medical marijuana businesses’ in the city of Los Angeles. The city Attorney’s office is calling their new law a ‘gentle ban’ because it still allows for the activities that they think State law intended but bans storefront medical marijuana dispensaries.

They based the recommendations on the current status of the now famous Pack v. Long Beach case. The city of Long Beach implemented a similar lottery process, but the Judge ruled that ordinance violated federal law, ruling that the city was basically sanctioning the distribution of an ‘illegal drug’ and struck down the ordinance. The decision has since been appealed to the California Supreme Court. Citing pending litigation with a similar outcome, the L.A. city attorney decided against working to find solution that works for everybody; instead, leaving patients without safe access to their medicine.

The commission’s vote was transmitted to council today; meaning, it could appear on the next LA City Council agenda for a final vote as soon as Tuesday, January 31, 2012.

The Patient Advocacy Network put together a plan on how to help stop the ban:

Who: ALL members of ALL collectives in LA city limits directly to the LA City Council


The LA City Council must hear your voice. The same 10 — 30 faces have appeared at City Hall advocating for safe, enforceable regulations for LA’s dispensaries for the last 6 years.


The only way your voice is counted on any issue in LA is to file a Speaker Card at the beginning of any council, committee or commission meeting.

When your name is called, you get 2 minutes to address the council. When medical marijuana is not on the agenda, you can speak about the topic during ‘general public comment.’ When the topic is an agendized item, you speak your 2 minutes when the item is called to the floor.

When: Tuesday, January 31, 2012, 10:30 a.m. (may be the day Council votes), Wednesday and February 1, 2012, 10:30 a.m. (if it’s on this agenda instead). Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday are the council’s weekly scheduled days to meet.

Where: Los Angeles City Hall, 200 North Spring Street (Downtown), Room 340 Public entrance is on the Main Street side of the building. Have ID.

You and your bag go through detection devices, much like court.

How: Never done this before? Don’t know what to say?

You will state your name and then identify yourself as a constituent or stakeholder in the city. “I work downtown,” “I live in the Valley,” etc.

You then want to clearly voice your support or opposition to their proposal. “I oppose this ‘gentle ban,’ I support my dispensary,” etc.

Make your story personal. “I’m a cancer survivor, veteran… Medical cannabis helps me…. My collective is so important to me because…. I rely on more than one collective because….” Remind them you support or oppose

the proposal and thank them for their time and consideration. Write it out, read it out loud, time yourself, edit, repeat.

BE PREPARED! Prepare a 2-minute and 1-minute version of your comments.

When a lot of people show up to speak, the council may choose to limit your time to 1 minute.

-Contact PAN if you have any questions



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  1. So Miss Lucy, which one of the shops did you work at?  I see your making the same point as the other guy, that patients will get their medicine anyway.  How?  Can you explain how a person who was just diagnosed with AIDS or cancer get theri medicine?  What happens to the person who starts chemo only days after a doctors visit they thought would just be routine?  Would you want this person to have to waste away since he never had a street dealer?  How long do you want this person to suffer?

    This law was passed so people didn’t have to suffer and could get access to their medicine.  It is our State and Local government officials who have let us down.  They are the ones to blame.  It is their job to restore order when it has been lost.  It is their job to find the right directions.  They have millions of dollars at their disposal to find the right answers, yet they have only created more problems through inaction and action unconstitutionally. 

    Sales are legal, I will prove that quite soon in court……….

  2. I have a funny feeling you work for Huizar.  I have looked at your posts and they are suspiciously in support of a ban, yet the only talking points you mention are those of Mr. Huizar himself.  I agree with you about the pot lawyers though, they are running a scam along with the city attorney to bill medical marijuana collectives for frivolous lawsuits that should be thrown out of court in two minutes.  Rather, they tie up our courts and I have a hunch that some backdoor payolla is being funnelled from Attorneys such as David Welch, who claim to represent up to 90 collectives in our city, to the city attorneys private foundation. 

    There is a power struggle amonst the city at this point with medical marijuana like no other struggle before.  We have unregistered lobbyists with their own parking spaces under city hall(Don Duncan) who have a vested interest in closing other collective so he and his chronies can act with immunity.  You have City Council people trying to set up lotteries so that they could put their buddies in, which was found unconstitutional, even without the buddy part.  You then have a fragmented medical marijuana community, who’s goals are all over the place, and at this point have so many initiatives on the ballot that they need to hold a debate called Cannadome to figure out which one is which.

    So Stonie, what do you do down there at city hall?

  3. Miss Lucy, you are right. The shop owners do feel bad for themselves only.
    Evident in the high prices they charge for meds. They will tell you the high
    prices are for overhead and to pay employees but we know different. Big profits
    seem to be their motive only. People will go back to the black market for their
    meds and good riddance to the pot shops.
    Btw, funny how pot shop owners get suckered in to the lawyers that get absolutely nothing done for them. Naive shop owners and grasping for straws that will not help.
    As far as the shops go, the damage has been done and too little too late to stop the ban.

  4. I have worked in a medical marijuana store in Los Angeles for over 7 years. the city council is doing the right thing to ban all dispensaries. these stores make 1000s a day,and lets not forget the doctors we all work together.yes together. and lets not forget the lawyers that promise the store owners they can stay open and we will file your paper work with the city so u will not be bothered or shut down by the city of Los Angeles. you must pay me $ 10.000 ( yes ten thousand dollars )in cash Ha Freakin Ha, so i can have my $8 an hr runner file this pointless and poorley drafted document on a .1cent piece of paper. with the city clerk on this .this needs to stop this is what makes the patients suffer. people will get their medicine without the pot stores around just like before. so before u feel too bad for the store that say they are there for the patients think again. its themselves they feel bad for.

  5. NOT TRUE STONIE!, the city counsel failed you long ago by not putting a moratorium in place to stop the influx of dispensaries back in 07 and even though theres way to many dispensaries they still wont. there a lot of bad dispensary owners giving us a bad name. also the ordinance that caused the law suits was unworkable and the lottery the city wanted would have let new clubs replace some of the oldest clubs in LA if they didnt make it threw the lottery. i could write about this all day but ill just keep it simple. the politics and city officials have always hated the idea of medical marijuana and never cared enough to make it work. they have always looked for any excuse to ban us all and the patients have not shown up to protest’s or city counsel meeting to make a different s. the answer to the problem is for every patient to show up at city hall when they vote to ban and say no!!!!

  6. One of the main reasons for a ban is the 60 pot shop lawsuits against the City.
    Did these collective owners the screw things up for patient? I think so and many
    should give the blame to them. Will be hard though,chances are they are in hiding.
    Total morons those shop owners are and I am positive there are countless patients
    that feel the same. WEED BLOG should post the names of those “lawsuit” collectives so we know who the culprits are to partly blame for this ban. All these certain shop
    owners are wearing their clown shoes.

  7. In their great wisdom, those that have always been against medical marijuana use will send users and patients back into the hands of the black market, perpetuating the “criminal class” and providing the continued excuse funding for their friends in the police unions and prison industry with billions of taxpayer dollars. Interesting term “gentle ban”, it sounds like forced gentle anal rape to me.

  8. Seems like state and local governments are trying to force medical marijuana patients back into the arms of big pharmaceuticals and the liquor industry! How is marijuana worse than opiates or booze? But the government has to protect us from the evil cannabis.
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