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Louisiana: Bill To Reduce Marijuana Penalties Pending


Louisiana MarijuanaLegislation is pending to reduce mandatory minimum penalties for certain marijuana offenses.

House Bill 103 reduces penalties and incarceration time for those convicted more than once of possessing marijuana, and removes cannabis possession as an offense that qualifies for mandatory minimum sentences under the state’s habitual offender (‘three strikes’) law.

Specifically, the proposal seeks to lower the maximum penalty for a second marijuana possession offense from five years imprisonment to no more than one-year. It lowers the maximum penalty for a subsequent marijuana conviction from 20-years imprisonment to no more than two-years.

Under present law, Louisiana’s penalties for marijuana offenses are among the toughest in the nation.

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  1. Correction: Louisiana’s penalties for marijuana offenses are among the dumbest in the nation.

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  4. Tanner Howells on

    These penalties are insane. The only right thing to do is pass the bill and get them reduced. Stand up for what is right, and be heard!

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