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Louisiana House Passes Bill To Reduce Marijuana Possession Penalties


Louisiana Marijuana hb 103Louisiana State Rep. Austin Badon’s HB 103, a bill that would reduce marijuana possession penalties for second and subsequent offenses, passed the Louisiana House 54-38.

Unfortunately, time is running short on this year’s session. The Louisiana Legislature plans to adjourn June 6, so the Senate must act quickly to pass this sensible reform.

Rep. Badon’s proposal has been weakened somewhat since the last vote, but it’s still a solid step in the right direction. As approved by the House yesterday, HB 103 would change the maximum sentence for a second possession offense to two years rather than five; a third offense would carry a five-year maximum sentence instead of 20; and the maximum sentence for a fourth offense would be set at eight years rather than life. In addition to lowering penalties and possible incarceration time for marijuana possession offenses, the proposal would also remove marijuana possession from the list of offenses that receive mandatory minimum sentences.

If you are a Louisiana residentplease ask your senator to support this sensible legislation.

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  1. Not exactly an enlightened bill. I know the people of Louisiana are wonderful but think I’ll steer clear of this great state until the lawmakers wake up to the will of the people. They should be at least introducing decriminalization bills, not spending precious time on tinkering with prohibition.

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