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Louisiana Lawmakers To Hold Hearing On Medical Marijuana Bill Tomorrow


Louisiana MarijuanaThe Louisiana House Health and Welfare Committee is scheduled to hold a hearing Wednesday morning on a bill that would establish a workable medical marijuana program that allows patients with serious illnesses to access medical marijuana if their doctors recommend it.

Several local patients and advocates will be attending the hearing to express their support for the measure.

The Therapeutic Use of Cannabis Act (HB 1112), introduced by Rep. Ted James (D-Baton Rouge), would allow Louisiana residents with qualifying medical conditions to access medical marijuana from a limited number of regulated dispensaries.

WHAT: Louisiana House committee hearing on HB 1112, which would establish a workable medical marijuana program

WHEN: TOMORROW, Wednesday, April 27, 9 a.m. CT

WHERE: Louisiana State Capitol, House Committee Room 5

WHO: Louisiana House Health and Welfare Committee

Dave Brown, president of Sensible Marijuana Policy for Louisiana

Local patients who could benefit from medical marijuana

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Source: Sensible Marijuana Policy for Louisiana is an organization dedicated to statewide coalition building, sound policy research, education, and advocacy in support of substantive drug law reform. For more information, visit http://www.SMPLouisiana.org.


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  1. Tricky Ricky on

    I pulled over in my vehicle yesterday and watched this bill debated in the house Health and Welfare committee yesterday. There were a lot of great testimonials, but after alll was said and done Representative Ted James (D) decided to voluntarily defer the bill in favor of a Senate bill (SB 271) by Senator Fred Mills (R) that is further along in the process and has better chance of getting through the house. James said in his closing comments that he knew how a lot of the reps on the committee felt and decided to pull the bill to keep it from being voted down. There are some real assholes on thar committe and even though the testimonials were very strong, he didn’t feel it would pass. Such a shame that republican politicians can stare in the face of people who are either hurting or have children suffering that get relief from cannabis and still hold on to their ignorant views. So sick of living in a state that strives to be one of the most backwards ass states in the country. Progress will only come when the Feds finally reschedule or de schedule this wonderful plant. And that will certainly happen sooner after the November elections when several states out west along with Maine and Mass pass recreational and Florida passes medical.

  2. So, when will we get details on what happened in the hearing this morning in Baton Rouge?

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