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Louisiana Legislature Approves Modest Marijuana Policy Reform


Louisiana MarijuanaBy Robert Capecchi

Thursday, the Louisiana Senate overwhelmingly approved HB 681 — modest marijuana policy reform — with a vote of 30-7. The House previously approved the legislation in a near-unanimous vote, 92-1!

HB 681 would make positive, albeit modest, reforms to the way Louisiana treats a misdemeanor marijuana possession charge for someone who is on parole. Currently, acquiring a misdemeanor marijuana possession charge while on parole automatically results in parole revocation. If signed by Gov. Jindal, this legislation will give judges discretion to penalize parolees charged with misdemeanor marijuana possession with administrative sanctions instead of outright revocation.

While this is a small step towards sensible marijuana policies, it is at least a step in the right direction.

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  1. canabisconsumerpotection on

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    Louisiana ranks 48 out of 50 of having the stricts mawana laws and ranks 49 in the most incarceration for minor drug possession and 49th on having the most people on parole, yet survey shows 74% want it legal in louisiana and 56% want it legal to the public, now add another 10% to both, cause that’s how many people didn’t tell the truth and scared of being on some type of list, and I can’t blame them. Were I live 99.9 have smoked it, 60% smoke it regually, 20%casually, the other 20% don’t that still have friends and family that smokes,it. Ask any family in Louisiana do they have a family member that smokes cannabis and 90% will say yes.

  2. Louisiana legislature is still listening to law enforcement argument – that suspect perps always have weed on them ….. and if they can’t get them for a crime they know they committed a criminal will always have weed on them they can charge/convict them on and keep them off the streets for at least 6 months. I am saying that seems like a lazy way to think about doing your job !! Seems like law enforcement thinks they are a part of making laws – should be a law against them spending any of our tax money to lobby for laws …… not their job !!!

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