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Louisiana Senate Votes To Legalize Strict Medical Marijuana Bill


Louisiana MarijuanaLouisiana has not been high on the list of states that are likely to legalize medical marijuana. After all, no state in the South has legalized medical marijuana. Florida came close during the 2014 Election, but it ultimately failed. The Florida vote was due to a citizens initiative. Finding a Legislature in the South that is willing to step up and pass a medical marijuana bill has been tough. But it sounds like Louisiana’s Legislature may step up to the plate. Per Marijuana Business Daily:

The Louisiana Senate has passed a bill that would allow a small number of dispensaries and one grow site to open in the state – a milestone considering lawmakers shot down similar legislation last year.

The bill now goes to the House for approval. If it passes, Gov. Bobby Jindal has indicated he’ll sign the legislation as long as the market is tightly regulated.

Under the bill, 10 dispensaries would be allowed to open in Louisiana, and they could sell MMJ to patients with glaucoma, spastic quadriplegia and those undergoing chemotherapy for cancer, according to NOLA.com.

A lot of the rules that would govern the program are still up in the air, and the bill still has to pass in Louisiana’s other legislative chamber. The Louisiana Board of Medical Examiners and the Louisiana Board of Pharmacy would make the rules for the dispensaries. The Louisiana Department of Agriculture would make the rules for the one grow site that would supply the dispensaries. The bill is far from perfect, but progress is progress, especially in a state as tough to achieve reform in as Louisiana.


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  1. And as far as red state is concerned that just shows the polarity of the current political spectim. LA historically has been socially liberal while being financially conservative. When southern democrat was a thing LA was a blue state. It’s only red now because the polarity shift. Most of the state pop is in the south which is mostly catholic which is mostly democrats except recently there has been stronger catholic support for republicans. I am a libertarian by the way. And a physician

  2. And as far as only cover those 3 diseases when the law was written those were the only diseases shown to be benefitted. The law is really old and there was no reason to update the law because there was no census on distrubution. If for some reason the law does pass I’m sure the original law will be updated to include more diseases.

  3. FYI medical Marijuana laws have been present in LA since the 70s it was one of the first states. Laws governing the despinsory of mj has always been the problem as legeslators could never agree on a plan

  4. These “Red” States are so far off base… it is pointless. Like most States that don’t allow for the “oil” to be made and dispensed at a low price, this just creates more “dead bodies.”
    How is it that I have been able to make oil and prevent people from taking “chemo” or; having mastectomies performed on them… and then 91, 71, 70, or 60 days later; they’re cancer free?
    As I have stated on this blog and several others, these politicians are just defending and protecting Big Pharma’s role in medicine and their resulting profits. Any other conclusion is irrational.
    The same holds true for Law Enforcement and the Prison system.

  5. The Other LA on

    Hi Jason, I wish you the all the best, and nobody on this Earth should ever deny you the cannabis medicine that eases your condition. I did criticize the bill (in my other post), but I also acknowledged that it was a small step in the right direction. I support it as a work in progress, but not as a permanent solution.

  6. I realize that I am preaching to the choir here, but the human animal is an odd creature, isn’t it? Once accustomed, or “trained”, if you will, even the most bizarre of actions are just fine with the vast majority of us. It’s just the way it is, you know? I mean, just think, really and truly think, about how ridiculous it is that “The State” should even attempt to consider, much less actually do so, harshly penalizing someone for GROWING A DAMNED PLANT! A PLANT, NOW!!!, and upon pain of loss of liberty, family, freedom, money, property, etc., for daring to do just that. Until we all (and again, I realize that the readers here don’t likely ascribe to such nonsense) FINALLY realize just how STUPID that this and many other laws are, we will continue to advance rapidly….backward!

    I’m not saying that a lawless society is anything we should seek because the human animal is not only an odd creature, (s)he is also often a predatory, blood thirsty monster. A happy medium is what is most tenable and desirable, but we are so, SO far right of that that it’s incredible.

    When I really consider this, I am literally embarrassed, and that’s when I’m the only one present at the time.

    Well, the wheels of “justice” are greased by graft and corruption, and Lady Justice eats money like a frickin’ big ass hog.

  7. Jason Leigh on

    Greetings. I am not going to site all of the conditions and medical terms that medical marijuana will, indeed, subdue, as there are factual DOZENS of them! Yet this prevailing Louisiana Bill will only allow for three (3) serious conditions, and this a serious miscarriage of Justice! In California and yes, even recently in Colorado, there are MANY medical conditions that can and are allowed to be treated with this God-given-creation. Before we overly condemn this new Bill (let’s first hope & pray that it will pass), we should consider that at least it will be a stepping stone in the right direction, which one day could and should be expanded upon. Therefore, we should support it with all of our might! I have suffered from a serious medical condition for over thirty (30) years now, and the ONLY medicine that will relieve these horrible symptoms is Marijuana. I would get very sick and throw up until I developed what’s called ‘dry heaving,’ which led to a chest hernia and reflux of the stomach. Pardon my lack of proper spelling of these medical conditions, yet I want everyone to understand what I am relating to. Of course, 30 years ago I could smoke the ‘glory herb’ and within seconds; those horrible, painful symptoms would disappear. I did not have to be concerned about UA/drug testing, but now I do, and at my present age and serious health conditions; I can not run the risk of using it in Louisiana. Thus, my suffering goes on . . . And I should add that my serious 100% disabling health condition was firstly due to an on-the-job injury, which ended my working career back in 1985. In closing, the Law makers should see the high dollars involved in legalizing Marijuana, which should really be their motivation to pass this Bill and the ones that will follow. But then, of course, they and we should be prepared for the rebellion that will later be born when the outrageous prices and taxes (like the 25% tax in Colorado) are set, leaving only a select few the ability to afford the wondrous benefits Marijuana. Best wishes to all who suffer needlessly at the hands of a dying breed of closed minded hypocrites. Oh yes: don’t be fearful of posting your real name. That’s what those in power want you to do; live in fear of retribution for exerting your Freedom of Speech. Most feel the only way to do that is to use a ‘handle.’ Isn’t that akin to being ‘a crank?’ (LOL!). No one will take you seriously, in other words. Step up to the plate!

  8. Patricia Lally-lloyd on

    You hit it the nail on the head! The “one” farm for growing would be owned and operated by legislators and their buddies. It is moronic that any state would penalize anyone who choose to partake in the consumption of marijuana. The feds need to set the standard and put the issue to rest. Big Pharm has way too much riding on keeping marijuana illegal. Simply follow the money. If he/she opposes legislation to legalize, simply see who is “buying” him/her. All deals. It is what it is. Thanks to you Droid for your outstanding comment!

  9. Getoutofhere on

    Louisiana full of it. Don’t want everyone to eat on the bill. What good is my medical marijuana education if I can’t use it because they want a strict hold on everything? I get the the just of it and I support the over all motive of being strict, but for the right reasons. What are you limiting the treatments for medical marijuana for to 3 or 4 things when it’s clearly being a cure for over 10. As a grown man I’m tired of Louisiana gov treating us like we children. Scared of changes scared that a better person will step up and take position where they not fit only because of being closed minded, and greedy for money, and incarceration for a extra 5 bucks. This is a very weak law and it shows how weak the people are that’s writing them for us as in there in a I’ll kiss ass for a lil something on the backend. Stop trying to play us like we all dumb. When you come to lock us up for anything of the matter you won’t play games when you try in throw the book at is.

  10. Divergent Droid on

    This Bill is Fraud – DON’T VOTE FOR IT. It’s already Legal in that sense – ” Louisiana has a law on the books that allows medical marijuana use by patients with diagnosed glaucoma or spastic quadriplegia, and patients suffering from symptoms related to chemotherapy cancer treatment. (40 La. Rev. Stat. § 1046.) This law allows a physician to prescribe marijuana for these therapeutic uses, but does not specifically list protections from prosecution, for doctors or patients”
    This went into effect in 1991 and was reupheld in 2006 – – http://www.criminaldefenselawyer.com/marijuana-laws-and-penalties/medical/louisiana.htm – This Fraud Bill is for the purpose of getting a heavily regulated marijuana market run by greedy money grubbers backed by politicians and NOT for the smokers who really need it. The list of requirements is a joke. Once they have the control they wont change that list and forget ever getting it legalized recreationaly. We need another bill Not this one. This is Not real Medical Marijuana for the people.

  11. It’s just the best we will do this year…hopefully they will expand it for other people who could benefit from it. These people kill me with their fear of ‘smoked MJ’. Eating it and vaping it is far more intense, but these fools are afraid of the smell??? Again…baby steps. It Bobby Jinitals actually signs this bill I will be very surprised. Every decision he makes is based on how it will affect his presidency.. His main problem is his decision making is based on what would’ve gotten him elected 15 years ago. He doesn’t realize how much the world has changed as is the case with 98% of republicans.

  12. firetheliberals on

    Folks in the south enjoy all the vices, including weed. The politicians wont legalize it because they thrive on the graft from the criminals

  13. Don’t get the wrong idea, this bill is a joke. Louisiana is the #2 most corrupt state in the country (Look up the Forbes article about it, MS is #1.) Corruption includes a ridiculous private prison slave trade (enacted by the 13th amendment, apparently, that protections don’t extend to convicts.) Legalizing marijuana means they will be losing contracts with prisons which provides cheap labor and busywork for law officers. This isn’t considering the minorities they are able to pack into prisons with marijuana “crimes.”

    Hopefully if Texas legalizes (along with our capitol, D.C., 4 other states, Italy and all the South American nations that have, also) then we can finally see some of the marijuana “criminals” released from prison and salvaging his and her lives. This has been far too long coming.

  14. Kathy Shealy on

    This is my take on it: The governing body has now admitted Cannabis has medicinal value. But only a select few can obtain this medicine. This is like when eyeglasses were invented. What if they had restricted eye glasses to Only natural redheads????

  15. The Other LA on

    Hate to be a Debbie Downer but this bill is way too restrictive. No flowers, and you have to either be at death’s door or a quadriplegic. However on the positive side, being that this is Louisiana, I guess it’s a turtle’s step forward. Slow and steady and all that.

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