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Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom Calls For Marijuana Reform At The 2013 CADEM Convention


California Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom addresses delegates at the 2013 California Democrats State Convention in Sacramento. During his speech he passionately calls for marijuana reform. It’s not everyday that a Governor (lieutenant or otherwise!) gives a speech like this in support of marijuana reform, so it’s very significant, especially from such a large state. Is your Governor stepping up to the plate to support marijuana reform? If not, put the pressure on him or her. The Governor of Oregon has always sat on the fence about the issue, and I’d like to see that change, especially with HB 3371 working it’s way around his building.


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  1. The house of cards that is pot & hemp prohibition is about to fall (sooner than we think !). End hemp and marijuana prohibition NOW ! Support the “Jack Herrer Hemp Initiative” to legalize, regulate and tax BOTH in 2014 in California. The campaign kicks off on May 18 at WeedFest 2013 in WEED, CALIFORNIA (naturally). http://weedfest2013.com/ .
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  2. Cannabis has risen new heights when you hear a democratic gubernatorial candidate talk about legalization at a party conference and the crowd cheers in favor. I think California will legalize well before Newsom is elected. HR 1523 will force a lot of states off the fence to tax and regulate.

    Oregon will legalize then California will follow. The entire west coast will be legalized and things will only get better…

    Thanks Gavin. Your progressive position on cannabis is appreciated.

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