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Maine Governor’s Racist Comments About Drug Sellers Draws Outrage

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Maine Republican Governor Paul LePage is drawing outrage over racist remarks about out of state drug sellers, “…with the name D-Money, Smoothie, Shifty” impregnating the “young white” girls of Maine.

The comments came at a townhall meeting when LePage was asked to address substance abuse in the state.

“LePage’s comments sound like those of an unreconstructed racist,” said Ethan Nadelmann, executive director of the Drug Policy Alliance. “Whether one focuses on his outrageous words or on his outrageous drug policies, what’s apparent is the governor’s indifference to the lives and wellbeing of people struggling with addiction to heroin and other drugs.”

LePage’s comments are part of a long history of racism and the drug war. The first anti-drug law in the U.S.  was passed in 1875 in San Francisco. It was directed at Chinese railroad workers and was prompted by the belief that Chinese men were luring white women to have sex in opium dens. The first cocaine regulations were a reaction to racist fears about use among African Americans in the early 1900s. The first anti-marijuana laws were directed at Mexican Americans.

Subsequent drug law enforcement, which fueled the current mass incarceration crisis in the U.S., has had a disproportionate negative impact on communities of color. Black and brown people make up the overwhelming majority of people arrested and incarcerated for drugs, even though drug use is equally prevalent across all races.

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  1. WoW, from a person in a position of power…and you blame parents for how their children treat others? Ever think they are watching people like this in mentorable positions in government…#sayanythingwithoutrepercussion

  2. There was no mention of criminal activity. Why would you say that? If you engaged in criminal activity You should be prosecuted, but I have no evidence of that, and in this case neither do you. Over reaction is not pretty.

  3. He doesn’t belong in an important government job like governor of a state, this is true. But you don’t put someone who is that stupid in a jail cell. Throw this clown out of his job, but don’t waste a perfectly good place in prison.

  4. A racist yourself? Just say ‘NO’, then tell me that every single person doesn’t discriminate. Then tell me how countries with non-white leaders are so much better off. BS. :<P

  5. He’s not racist, what he meant to say is, “guys with names like Bubba, Scooter, and Chip come to Maine and impregnate their at risk youth”.

  6. Amimal Cookies on

    Time for this white trash hillbilly to go.Time for patients and caregivers to unite and vote in members that are green.

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