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Mainstream Media Talks About MPP Marijuana NASCAR Ad


The ad from the Marijuana Policy Project that aired during the Nascar Brickyard 400 race has generated a huge amount of media coverage around the country, including in Indianapolis where the race was held. Some of the media coverage was favorable, some of it wasn’t (both inside and outside of the marijuana movement), but at least it got people talking for better or worse. This piece does a great job highlighting the hypocrisy of the situation, in which an ad highlighting the relative safety of marijuana compared to alcohol was censored at an event fueled by alcohol sponsorships and use.


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  1. You’re not understanding something here… I don’t GIVE a FUCK what you think! It’s just the way I write. If YOU don’t like it put me on ignore or DON’T READ MY POSTS! Thanks for playing and PLEASE come again!

  2. That ad was PULLED the day of the race. Nobody wants to take RESPONSIBILITY for pouting this as up in the first place. Indiana is one of the most ASS BACKWARDS state in the Union. They JUST got done INCREASING the penalties for “Simple Possession” This ad WOULD’VE been run in FLORIDA who’s trying to pass an MMJ LAW as we speak.

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