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Major Changes to Montana Medical Marijuana Program


The Montana Medical Marijuana Program is experiencing quite a bit of attacks these days. There have been attempts to shut down the program all together, but I doubt the bums in the State Legislature will be able to get that far. However, below is a piece of legislation that I think will get through the process, and could become the law of the land. I included a link to the actual bill, as well as a summary:


Some of the primary changes this bill makes to the current law are:

Require cardholders to be Montana residents

Replace “caregiver” with “provider”

Removes seizures from qualified conditions list and replaces with epilepsy

Removes spasms from qualified conditions list and replaces with multiple sclerosis only

Require a minor patient’s parent/guardian to pay for a criminal background check

Restricts people under Department of Corrections or youth court supervision from obtaining medical marijuana cards

Restrict people with drug convictions from obtaining a card

Gives local governments authority to adopt ordinances and regulations to effectively ignore medical marijuana protections

2 oz every 30 days

No use in a healthcare facility

Restricts providers from teaming up to cultivate

Allows law enforcement to request list of names each provider provides to

Requires infused products manufacturers to perform all activities in a facility designated solely for marijuana infusing

Denies license if you haven’t paid taxes, student loans, child support

Denies license if you are a peace officer, department employee, physician

Allows $ 9 million budget to state for 2012-2013 to carry out licensing and regulation


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  1. Ok,these Montana assholes coming up with these amendments are frickin morons! It will never pass the people! Jagoffs!

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