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Majority Of America’s Political Center Supports Marijuana Legalization


Legalize Marijuana legalization cannabis prohibitionCourtesy of The Joint Blog

new poll commissioned by NBC and Esquire designed to determine the opinions of those in America’s “center” [the nation’s voters who don’t fit into a specific ideology or political party]has found that 52% are in support of legalizing cannabis.

According to the poll, 34% of America’s “political center” “strongly supports” cannabis legalization, more than all levels of opposition. 33% claimed to be oppose to legalizing cannabis, with 20% of those being “strongly opposed”. 15% said that they are either undecided, or neutral on the subject.

The results are practically identical to a Pew Research poll released in April, which found that 52% of Americans are in support of legalization with 45% opposed.

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  1. Sigh… I went digging for the no-kidding numbers for this survey. If anyone can find them, I’d like to see them. The survey was of 2410 registered voters from all over. What I have found, is that the people who did the survey used a clustering algorithm to define the political spectrum as 8 groups of people across the political spectrum based on how much categorical commonalities the subjects shared in terms of demographics, psychographics, political values, social values, economic values; and lifestyles.

    What bothers me is that ALL the information we’re given, as posted, only refers to the four groups identified as the political center, but we don’t know how the 2410 voters who were surveyed were divided up, precisely — no clue how many are in each category, only that the middle 4 categories that are defined as “The Center” constitute 51% of the people surveyed.

    I think it’s fantastic that 52% of 51% (26.5%, if you were wondering) are either strongly or somewhat in support of legalizing cannabis. What I’d like to know is this — who else does, and what was the total? Better yet, why not let us know the totals across all eight of the magic political categories? Graphics are lovely, and pretty, and whatever… But please, publish the numbers. The opinions and beliefs of the other 49% of those 2410 respondents are no less valid than the coveted CENTER (note: as defined by arbitrary calculation and not by self-identified moderates and centrists).

    Here are the posted descriptions of those 8 groups from the NBC news website, as clustered statistically (if you’re curious): [NBC’s description] Honestly, I can see people from EVERY category both supporting or opposing cannabis legalization, depending on their specifics.

    1. Bleeding Hearts (liberal base) — [young, well-educated, white, unmarried, from the West and Northeast who support the liberal agenda.] Definitely cannabis strong.

    2. The Gospel Left (liberal base) — [mostly black party-line progressives who live in Southern cities who are deeply religious and thus fly rightward on social issues.] And I’m not certain what “fly rightward” means, precisely. Maybe not cannabis supporters, but maybe so.

    3. Minivan Moderates (CENTER) — [mostly white suburbanite women from the Midwest and South with pro-choice, anti-gun tendencies and a distrust of government.] I can’t even guess as to their cannabis leanings. “Weeds” was just a show.

    4. The MBA Middle (CENTER) — [mostly white well-educated voters in upscale sections of the South and West who blend a don’t-tread-on-me streak with progressive social views.] Not sure what this means, either… Perhaps this one should have been split in two? Not many of the “don’t-tread-on-me” types support many social issues, period, let alone progressive ones. Except, perhaps, cannabis — this is why I would like to see how the numbers actually break down.

    5. The Pick-up Populists (CENTER) — [mostly white low-income voters living in the South and Midwest who worry the economy is unfair and the government is wasteful.] I really don’t understand why/how this is defined as being in the Center. Again, I’d like to see for myself.

    6. The #Whateverman (CENTER) — [very young diverse voters in the Northwest and West who seem to lean left but are so “meh” it is hard to tell.] Again, huh what? I’d like to know what correlates to “meh” when talking about agree/disagree, forced-choice survey responses.

    7. The Righteous Right (conservative base) — [middle-aged white voters in the South who use faith as their guide on gay marriage (bad) abortion (very bad) and programs for the poor (ok).] Younger church goers, likely cannabis supporters, but not the older puritan types.

    8. The Talk Radio Heads (conservative base) — [alpha male conservatives who want government to ban abortion and support traditional marriage but otherwise stay out of our private lives.] Another toss-up for cannabis support. The cannabis-smoking good ole boy is not a rare animal, where I live.

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