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Majority Of Arizonians Want Marijuana Regulated Like Alcohol


arizona marijuanaby Erik Altieri, NORML

A poll released today, commissioned by the National Cannabis Industry Association and conducted by Public Policy Polling, found that a majority of Arizona residents would vote “yes” on an initiative to regulate marijuana in a manner similar to alcohol.

When asked, “If an initiative appeared on a future ballot in Arizona, proposing that marijuana be regulated in a manner similar to alcohol and sold to adults 21 years of age or older in state licensed stores, would you vote ‘yes’ in favor of this initiative or ‘no’ against this initiative?” – 59% stated they would vote “yes” (40% felt strongly, 19% not strongly) and only 36% stated they would oppose the measure (33% strongly feeling so, 3% not so strongly).

The survey also questioned Arizona voters on their current medical marijuana law and found 59% of respondents support the law and only 37% are opposed.

The poll was conducted on January 9th and 10th and surveyed 600 Arizona voters. You can view the full poll here and read the official release from The National Cannabis Industry Association here.

Article from The NORML Blog and republished with permission.


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  1. Good post David. However I MUST disagree with one of your suppositions. Marijuana is NOT a “Political or Law & Order” issue. It’s a “HEALTH & HUMAN RIGHTS” issue

  2. DavidTheExpert on

    This is a political issue, not a moral issue. Obviously if all were right in the world, cannabis would not need to be regulated at all. But if you think there’s any chance in hell that we can get it legal to sell in the United States without strict regulations to prevent sales to minors, you’re nuts. Half of the time, we can’t even get it legalized without crazy DUI concessions.

  3. somebody in a state that has no legalization of cannabis still needs to take the case to the appelate and supreme courts. if you get arrested for it, take the bail bondsman”s money for your bond and get good legal counsel. it is up to you to win in appeal for the nation and the world. note, you may need to take the case to the United Nations to secede us from certain treaties, which would take additional lawyers. good luck!

  4. K. So there is no reason for marijuana to be regulated like alcohol. Alcohol is a drug. Marijuana is a plant with some psychoactive and medicinal/palliative effects. I want marijuana regulated like coffee and tea (which are also plants with some psychoactive and medicinal/palliative effects).

  5. Just think… John Kavanagh (R-Mesa) says the Voters were DUPED into voting FOR Medical Marijuana in 2010. That they DIDN’T UNDERSTAND what they were voting for, and he wants it BACK on the ballot in 2014! You ASS HAT!! In 2014, we’re going to vote to “Regulate and Tax Marijuana like Alcohol”. We’re moving forward, but feel welcome to TRY to defeat it. Don’t get PISSED OFF and do everything possible to overturn it, like you have the past THREE times we voted FOR IT… AFTER we VOTE IT IN AGAIN!!

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