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Overwhelming Majority Of Wiretaps Are For Drug Investigations


wiretap cell phone drug investigationsLaw enforcement resources are limited across the United States. I have always wanted those resources prioritized to help catch the worst criminals possible. Catching child molesters, rapists, murderers and other violent criminals should be a top priority for law enforcement, and resources should never be diverted from those endeavors to go after someone who is selling drugs or doing drugs with no other criminal activity present.

Sadly, the opposite is true most of the time. Law enforcement dedicates more resources towards enforcing failed drug war policies than they should, which comes at the expense of other investigations towards real crime. That’s why there are six digit figures for untested rape kits across the country. Every dollar that goes towards busting someone for marijuana should go towards something more meaningful such as testing those rape kits. But doing so would hurt law enforcement’s bottom line, because there isn’t a lot of asset forfeiture money involved with testing rape kits.

According to a recent report, it appears that instead of wiretaps being approved for real criminal investigations, a vast majority of wiretaps are being approved for drug investigations. Per USCourts.Gov:

Drug offenses were the most prevalent type of criminal offense investigated using wiretaps. Table 3 indicates that 87 percent of all applications for intercepts (3,115 wiretaps) in 2013 cited illegal drugs as the most serious offense under investigation. “Other major offenses,” a category that includes smuggling and money laundering, was the second-largest category and was specified as the most serious offense in approximately 4 percent of applications. Homicide, the third-most frequently cited crime, was specified in less than 4 percent of applications. Many applications for court orders revealed that multiple criminal offenses were under investigation, but Table 3 includes only the most serious criminal offense listed on an application.

I don’t know about you, but I want wiretaps to be approved for going after child molesters and murderers, not the guy that is selling ten sacks on the corner. I want cops to be focusing on catching dangerous criminals, and not dedicating enormous resources to busting the local basement marijuana garden. The war on drugs is a colossal failure. So much money has been wasted, with not so much as a dent being seen in consumption. It makes me sad to think that future generations are going to look back on prohibition and wonder what the hell we were thinking.


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  1. I just want to point out that throwing others under the bus to promote your cause, no matter how righteous that cause may be, is just as despicable as cannabis prohibition if not moreso. I’m not promoting the use of other, so called harder, drugs but as a responsibly recreational drug user I wouldn’t want to be imprisoned and enslaved for doing a little coke or a psychedelic occasionally any more so than I would for smoking a joint. Prohibition in any form (save acts that victimize another) is oppressive and immoral. Stop encouraging the continued violence against responsible users of other substances to promote your personal agendas. I have hope that someday I’ll see an American that actually lives up to the promise of liberty and justice for all and that day can never come as long as the masses can dictate the morality of others.

  2. Drug investigations are low hanging fruit with easy promotions. What a bunch of phony laws that try to control mans appetite with legislation. If it weren’t for violent crime, we wouldn’t have police. Hopefully they will value good police work someday, and a few agents could be replaced by qualified tax collectors. Since that seams to be what most of a cops job is these days. Chasing the fines and taking assets.

  3. This is like n gangs of new York when the fire dept fought over stealing peoples stuff whose house is burning down. We really haven’t come that far.

  4. Mic buddy no of fence to you but in Michigan the average deputy pay is $47.000 a year that’s between $22. $23 an hour with out overtime. So let’s just say cops have to turn what they find in so it can be auctioned of by law. But that doesn’t mean everything gets turned in there is some bad cops out there but most do turn confiscated items in. Now the auction money that is collected does go for over all cost for the sharifs department including pension plans, insurance , judges. Police departments are for profit. Don’t get me wrong I think it’s a huge waste of time going after marijauna cases. There time would be better served going after killers , rapist, B & E thievery so on… Go after the crack, the meth. Heroin .cocane.

  5. They go after drug of fences because of the forfeiture laws is big money for their retirement plans. The retirement plans point maybe just a joke, but it is big money for the sheriffs departments.

  6. Nice rant, but you forgot that law enforcement get to keep all the Monet &Bling they find in a raids this why law enforcement agencies don’t want to see cannabis legalisation, have you ever wondered how a city police officers can afford a Harley Davidson real bling for his/her other? On as city police salaries? Follow the Monet what happened to police raids when cannabis is legalized who will they go after then? BORIS LAFF! !!!!!

  7. Agreed, and what’s worse is the police money used against the upstanding citizens simply growing a handful of plants for personal medicine. The guy on the corner with dime bags is actually part of the bigger problem, as in my experience they’re usually hocking rocks and coca too. When safe growers can provide good clean herb legally and safely, all across the country, then we won’t have to deal with the guys with guns and coke on the corner/alley. Just a thought.

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