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Make Sure To Support Marijuana Reform On 420


Legalize Marijuana legalization cannabis prohibition tea partyCelebrating 420 with friends and family is something that I look forward to all year. I enjoy going to events and meeting new people, and smoking as much marijuana as I can get my hands on. But, I always make sure to keep fighting for reform on 420. Marijuana activists shouldn’t take a day off from fighting for reform, not until everyone is free from jail and every state has full legalization. Incorporate fighting for reform into your 420 endeavors.

April 20th is the perfect time to talk to people about marijuana reform. Coverage of 420 events is going to be all over the news today, and most media outlets are finding any and every way to cover the marijuana holiday. This might be the only day of the year that someone thinks about marijuana. Use it as an opportunity to talk to someone who is on the fence about reform. Point out how the science speaks for itself. Marijuana is medicine, marijuana is safer than alcohol, and the marijuana industry in Colorado is generating taxes on a substantial level, which should be something that every state should be doing. Also offer up the endless amount of polls that show support for reform.

Other ways that you can support marijuana reform on 420 include, but certainly are not limited to:

Share marijuana stories on social media. Awareness and education are vital to the movement, and you can help that one share at a time and/or one upvote at a time. All it takes is a click!

Network with other activists at 420 events. Some of the most productive reform networking I’ve ever done is at an event. It’s the best time to meet people from other states, to see what they are doing that works and doesn’t work, and to get their contact info.

Donate to a campaign or reform organization, or if you are poor, then volunteer your time. Florida has a medical marijuana campaign in full swing, Alaska has a legalization initiative that is on the ballot and needs help, and my home state of Oregon is still in play for 2014. Sign up to work at a phone bank, or to gather signatures, or some other way that helps the cause.

Share your own story. Stories are powerful, and when someone can put a name and face to the failed public policy that is marijuana prohibition, they will be more likely to get one board. It’s much easier for people to stereotype the average marijuana user as being some lazy loadie that has not ambition or worth. You can change that in a heartbeat by sharing your story and being an example of someone who is successful in life while also enjoying marijuana and/or gets medical relief from medical marijuana.

Finally, contact your legislator. If every marijuana consumer in America, and non-consuming supporters, contacted their state and federal reps and Senators it would speed up the process of marijuana reform significantly. That’s something that every politician I know says behind closed doors. They don’t get on board with reform because they feel popular opinion doesn’t support it. Contact them to let them know that you support sensible laws!


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Johnny Green


  1. davidaquarius on

    Also Johnny, if I may add, the best way to strike a blow against prohibition is to VOTE! In addition to all the things mentioned above, Cast Your Ballot! Fill out the circles and put the paper in the box (or mail as the case may be). A lot of the grief we’ve experienced the last 20 years would have been considerably less if advocates (ie: stoners) had gotten off the couch and voted. Pro-cannabis advocates come in all shapes and colors and politics, but some may have to put their libertarian/conservative leanings aside and vote for progressive legislators.

    Only by stacking the Congress with progressives will we be able to change the laws federally (and locally) that will allow cannabis to be free once again. Pres. Obama and Atty Gen. Holden are dancing around this issue because they are scared of the right wing in Congress. That’s the reason for all the weasel words they spout about rescheduling weed. If the Dems controlled both houses of Congress, this argument would be moot.

    Granted, many Dems are just as weaselly as their Republican counterparts and there’s no guarantee that the type of change we want will be forthcoming but the odds for real, effective reform are far greater under Harry Reid/Nancy Pelosi than McConnell/Boehner.

    But none of this will happen if we just sit on our asses come Election Day. Volunteer, give a few coins from the ganja fund, learn the facts then teach your friends and family. then cast your ballot. Let’s make Election Day “420, the sequel.”

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