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Make Your Garden Greener With LED Grow Lights


led grow lightMake Your Garden Greener with LED Grow Lights

LED grow lights have surged in popularity as gardeners aim to lower their energy consumption. Traditional lamps not only produce less usable light than LEDs but also require energy-hungry accessories such as fans and heat removal systems. LED grow lights offer upwards of 50% savings on electricity costs.

Two particular LED products have proven especially popular. These include the Supernova LED Light and the UFO LED Light reviewed below.

Supernova LED Grow Light Review

The Supernova LED Grow Light provides 270 watts of highly efficient light. Thanks to its special spectrum and strategic use of angles, the Supernova creates a brighter and more usable light than that offered by a 2,000 watt high intensity discharge (HID) lamp.
Two versions of the Supernova are available. One has a standard spectrum and the other has an enhanced spectrum. Remarkably, both 14″ units provide ample light for a five square foot plot. Each version uses 7 circuit boards to provide light from various angles and ensure thorough coverage.
The Standard Supernova LED growing light includes 2 light spectra. These cover the most photo synthetically active spectra of blue and red light. Gardeners use these lights to support stand-alone vegetative growth or to boost growth in a garden with traditional lights. The Enhanced Supernova is recommended for most indoor gardens. Its broader light spectrum promotes maximum flowering.

Both Supernova LED grow lights are sold in packages that include an adjustable hanging system, a power supply and all necessary cables.

UFO LED Light Review

The UFO LED Light is a popular option for hydroponic gardens. Most UFO lights use only 80 to 120 watts of electricity yet produce considerably more usable light than high pressure sodium lights with greater wattage. The UFO includes blue light for vegetating and red light for flowering. Numerous spectra are available on each light.
Like other LED grow lights, the UFO produces considerably less heat than halogen lamps, fluorescent lights and other options. This helps gardeners avoid singeing their plants and, because the lights limit evaporation, nutrients may be used more efficiently. Also, less energy is needed for cooling. The UFO includes 3 fans that are automatically activated as needed. The built-in fans are a bit noisy but eliminate the need for extra fans and expensive ventilation.
The UFO LED growing light has a lifespan of more than 80,000 hours. This convenient and “green” gardening option is sold ready-to-use.


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  1. I have been researching these led grow lights for a while now. I am really excited to get some of these lights. I did not know what the UFO lights were before I came here. Thank you so much for explaining it to me. It sounds like they are a really good way to do your lighting. Thanks again!

  2. What I love about LED grow lights is that they look fascinating as you set up your own garden. It is also beneficial for your plants as these lights help a lot on the growth of your plants as you put them indoors.

  3. and after buying 2 1000W the same guy would have to buy 500$ of fan equipment to deal with the heat issues, then you have more noise to deal with, more fire hazards, higher energy etc, not that i am saying you ll get better results with LED than with HID but led have some qualities that HPS don’t, for a stealth setup they are great and they are now getting decent results than the first generations. Drive your 4×4 hummer all you want if you really need it, i’m sure a lot of people are fine with an hybrid…

  4. What kind of review leaves out the pricing information??? Let’s just say that after you take into consideration the cost of this thing at $900+ a pop, compared to a state of the art digital ballasted conventional grow light with either high pressure sodium or metal halide, and that’s just it – this light does NOT pencil out. One could buy 2 conventional 1k grow lights with the latest ballasts and still be in the same pricing range as with just 1 of these LED lights. From having multiple points of light to having more usable light for the plants (I routinely get a pound per 1k light) these LED’s leave a LOT to be desired. Maybe after lower prices from more widespread use kicks in. But until that happens, I’ll be glad to stay…..conventional when it comes to indoor lighting for my indoor medi – garden and would recommend that others do the same. How many ways is there to say – not yet ready for prime time???

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