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What makes an Infused Edible Brand Successful


Cannabis Business Minds  is a podcast that focuses on gaining insight from business leaders in the cannabis industry.   The goals of this podcast are education, best practices, and new ideas, and strives to help it’s listeners learn about topics in business, marketing, and technology as well as share the success stories of business leaders.

In this episode, they discuss infused edible branding.  Beyond just a tasty treat, cannabis infused products need to follow strict health, packaging, and labeling requirements. In California, there’s not a lot of guidance on labeling requirements.

Julianna Carrera from Auntie Dolores has taken self-regulation to a new level, and explains how built a brand that has been on the High Times list of best edibles for multiple years.

In this episode they cover:

  • The evolution of the Auntie Dolores brand since 2008.
  • Why Julianna decided to expand the Auntie Dolores product line to offer CBD pet products.
  • Julianna’s favorite edible and the most popular edible for Auntie Dolores.
  • How a strong team and set of advisors has helped build such a strong brand.
  • What are some common misconceptions about labeling and packing infused products.
  • A few of the internal standards that Auntie Dolores has implemented to ensure a successful and compliant brand.

Listen to the podcast and find out the key points from it here: https://www.kalogia.com/blog/self-regulating-edible-market-julianna-carella-auntie-dolores/


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