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Man Demands City Contain Fart Smells After Council Bans Marijuana Odor


smell marijuanaI have heard of marijuana odor bans before. I have always thought that they were ridiculous because municipalities are trying to ban the smell of nature. How is that even enforceable? How can law enforcement, or citizens for that matter, differential the smell of marijuana from other smells? I have family members that cannot tell the difference between a skunk in the distance, or marijuana being grown/consumed in the distance. Not everyone is offended by the smell of marijuana, and I have found that most people actually enjoy it, even non-consumers.

A city in Oregon (Pendleton) recently banned the smell of marijuana within city limits. That ordinance led a man to write his local newspaper and demand that the city also regulate the smell of farts, because after all, he finds the smell offensive. While the letter to the editor that he sent in was mean to be a joke, it also highlights the ridiculousness of the marijuana odor ban. Per OPB:

With the passage of an amendment to Pendleton city code to contain the smell of marijuana, one man saw a chance to rein in lingering bodily odors as well.

“While farting may be legal in Oregon, many (including myself) are offended by the flatulent stench,” said Peter Walters’ letter to the editor in the East Oregonian. He goes on to complain that businesses and homeowners can’t seem to contain farts, and calls on the city to address the problem.

“The Mayor and a few on the council have made it clear that they want to fight this legalization with every thing they can,” wrote Walters in a Facebook message. “Meanwhile, everyone in this town thinks that the city council is a joke because they spend their time on stupid crap like lingering pot smells while citizens complain about ten-year-old pot holes.”

Kudos to Mr. Walters. His letter was entertaining and insightful. If a city can ban the odor of marijuana, which will be perfectly legal statewide on July 1, where is the line drawn? There are many, many odors out there that people find offensive. Should we ban them all? What is the harm that can result from the smell of marijuana? What a waste of time. I hope that the citizens of Pendleton hold the elected officials that passed this ordinance accountable.


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  1. Try brushing up on your weak comprehension skills that you lack, and do something about your lack of manors

  2. you disgusting creep
    there are murderers in the world i believe we can both believe that, now, that does not mean we are all murderers, just like being one who trys to uplift the world through the clergy should not be automatically accused of the things you are accusing them for
    what will you do when in life someone falsely accuses you?
    that is so wrong to assume they are all bad people
    with your way of thought niceness should be banned, cause some murderer may have been nice once in their life, how stupid

  3. Who cares what kind of lubricant pedophile priests used to commit their depraved acts of perversion upon children?

    Your misuse of the word “vile” is quite Freudian.

  4. Cannabis use was much more important than it is today by common people

    Today, we have half of society pretending that a life with cannabis is no life at all, and the other half know that a life with out cannabis is no life at all, and we each have the right to live out our lives in peace, why the ridicule

  5. Well, I can show proof they used it in the incense burners in church
    They are going to use marijuana in church July 1st too in indianapolis
    I get dibs on he first toke:-)

  6. it isn’t written that he smoked it, although they used it in incense in the churches and that the smoke of the incense put all in a more of a spiritual mood for their sermon, but i read they used 9 pounds of the stuff to make up a batch of the oil that healed people

  7. What you consider reality, i would consider irresponsible
    my health is my wealth, and the enhancement of my life through the wonderful plant i am truly thankful for:-)

  8. ted mishler on

    What was the charge?
    Again, I have not had a problem, I mean to say, I never lit one in front of a cop, but yeah, I haven’s had any problems there

  9. ted mishler on

    I will not, and until you be civil, I refuse to speak to your low life again, so there.
    And as Herman Munster said:
    Frump Frump Frump Frump Frump!

  10. Slacker stoners do not make good Americans, nor do their attitudes of willful ignorance, lassitude and incompetence, you should be ashamed, enjoy the world and stop trying to escape it via drugs.

  11. Dictators do not make good americans, nor do their policies of hate, as people die amd there is needless suffering, you should be ashamed, we are in this world to enjoy it, not hate it

  12. Drugs are for weak-minded fools who can’t handle reality, and who can’t achieve higher states of consciousness without using chemicals.

  13. ted mishler on

    Your failures in life to achieve a higher state of consciousness using cannabis, is not necessarily indicative of everyone you know, I mean some people enjoy the experience, as lot do, are you jealous or what?

    If we don’t hold fast to our own right to alter our consciousness in a positive way with cannabis, and acknowledge the sovereignty we have, not in secret, but in public, then we can hardly say we are truly free, now can we? How is it that you clowning will help right the wrong done to the cannabis community?

    there are good folk out there, and bless you all

    much love

  14. ted mishler on

    Suppose your right, seems a shame not all can afford the experience though, but I see your point….toke:-)

  15. The STATE of Colorado is arresting and prosecuting clueless stoners who falsely believed that marijuana has been legalized / decriminalized in Colorado.

  16. James Thomsen on

    That’s: “*differentiate the smell of..”, and “was *meant to be a joke…”.
    I’ll stop there. Good article. Cheers.

  17. Don’t argue with this guy, he is obviously not in the same level as everyone else in this century. He had to resort to insults when he failed to make his point.

    Plus he chose the name Donkey hotay… it’s probably some old person who still buys into reefer madness, don’t worry his generation will be dead in a few more decades. Reefer madness well die with them.

  18. You do know that hash requires huge amounts of product to make only a little bit of hash?
    Shatter is really dangerous to make and people should charge more for taking the risk of self harm to make it, also once again it takes alot to produce a little. So the high price is justified.

    They wouldn’t make any $ if they sold extracts and concentrates for the same price as some bud.

  19. If someone contests the ordinance in a court, the city council will be embarrassed. They’re already the state’s laughing stock for trying to appear mean-spirited but coming across as comical.

  20. Oh, God. By their standards, the city council of Pendleton ought to make it a felony to cook brussels sprouts. Nothing has as rank a smell as those midget cabbages. Oh, maybe a swollen carcass is worse.

  21. But I don’t mind them so much… they won’t POISON us, and you can’t really blame an animal for pooping… and herbivore poop is LESS stinky than our own. Who are we to complain?

  22. Ted Mishler on

    Lol! I’m with super dave
    Reminds me of another person on late night with david letterman
    super dave, did some crazy stuff:-)

  23. I believe that the town council has gotten themselves into a bind for sure… How many of us find the smell of asphalt paving, cigars butts, roadkill, paper mills, stock yards, and etc. offensive? What about the odors from the Chinese restaurant? Now that’s disgusting! Come on people! I mean really! How did it get to this? Wake up.

  24. Bongstar420 on

    Its mostly just added costs really..people are lazy douches that don’t want their margins eroded by the peanut gallery.

  25. Bongstar420 on

    Crack prices are too high too


    I’ve got oils just going stale..Don’t pay for em either, well other than the cost of production. Maybe you should learn how do grow stealth and competently extract.

    Hash oils are too cheap..they foster low status growers who can’t produce premium flowers.

  26. Manufacturing is NOTORIOUS for the strange and toxic smells it commonly produces, which commonly blanket whole neighborhoods, yet what has been done to contain THOSE? What about the stink of tobacco? THAT is certainly among the most noxious odors produced by ANYTHING, whereas, due to the relatively small amounts of smoke a joint or a bowl makes, the smell of marijuana is not only much less obnoxious, but there is also much less of it. This discrimination against the odor of marijuana is blatant, back-handed attack on pot smokers (vapers, etc.). That city council should be ashamed of itself.

  27. Clueless … like all the brain-dead bong-sucking stoner in Colorado who foolishly believe the big lie that pot is LEGAL, and then end up with Felony Drug convictions when reality comes and bites them on the ass.

  28. What was that Seinfeld line while speaking to Elaine?

    “I’ll be just fine” :-)
    to thine own self be true, Shakespeare
    and Mathew 5:16
    let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven
    Maybe I will see you at the pew in Denver:-)

  29. Ted Mishler on

    The police were friendly to me, one sheriff even gave me permission to take the scrap metal out of the river.
    I have toked up in public with no hassle, on benches, or by the river where the scenery is very pleasant, I have listened to the drum practice while toking up by the national guard, and have enjoyed listening to the bagpipe players their too.
    I have toked in the park behind the library in town.
    I’ve bought weed their too a few times, but mostly shopped at lodos wellness center, but have tried weed from many many other shops
    Why am I not in jail, if what you say is true that their is no freedom to be found their?

    MY only beef is that their is one strain that I wanted to try, Dr Grinspoon, and only one store sold it, and it was for med patients of which I am, yet I did not have a med card, which effectively kept me from that particular strain.
    denver is a huge huge place
    it is a pleasant place to be – on weed:-)
    and I intend on returning real soon too

  30. Karen Ferguson on

    Hilarious but, alas, painful, too, to need that much control over the constituents of a town/city. I wouldn’t want to be one of those people trying to control a scent. I would go mad in less than a month.

    I was told, in the midwest, that when I smelled the “confinement hog houses,” that was the “smell of money.” [I happened to be a vegetarian at the time]. The scent of cannabis, when harvested is so temporary, a certain time of the year, it passes. It beats the depressing ‘hog biz,” hands down, doesn’t it?! We know it because the leaf is medicine. Yet, I’m continuously surprised at the contempt I encounter with seemingly reasonable, intelligent people. When I’m slyly told in conspiratorial tones, “Yeah, but, we know why it’s getting legal medicinally, so people can use it recreationally.”

    I do not roll my eyes at such ‘old’ thinking, instead, I say, “Well, actually, all use is healing use according to the research, imho, and it’s really none of my business what you decide to do, is it?!” At least they nod ‘yes’ to something. I need more lines, though. There has been so much brainwashing resulting in fear.

    That dictum of “no cannabis scent” was simply a symptom, not the problem. I bet they have a list of “what if’s” four pages long, each.
    I think this chap had the right idea with his letter: one has to laugh at absurdity or it can drive you batty. That’s why I love the training that lawyers get: they appear unflappable whereas, I attended a courtroom session once, and broke out in tears. *chuckle*

    It was good to laugh at Mr. Walter’s letter at 6 a.m. this morning: I hope this board ‘sees the light’ and can laugh at themselves. Does one know when one is close-minded when they are close-minded? I think not: I think that’s the nature of being ‘shut down’….one can’t see it. Sometimes, ‘manipulation’ can be a good word. Like the time, a psychiatrist and I had to manipulate a young woman to eat before she could be released from the hospital: she was dying of anorexia.

  31. CO Gov. Hickenlooper Signs New Medical Pot Crackdown

    denver.cbslocal [dot] com/2015/05/18/hickenlooper-to-sign-medical-pot-crackdown/

  32. Ignorance is bliss? Citations for public use of pot increasing in Denver

    denverpost [dot] om/marijuana/ci_27215932/ignorance-is-bliss-citations-public-use-pot-increasing

  33. Colorado cracks down on medical marijuana patients and caregivers

    denverpost [dot] com/news/ci_25443826/colorado-crack-down-medical-marijuana-patients-and-caregivers

  34. Only a bong-sucking imbecile would ignore the fact that Colorado did NOT repeal a single Felony statute against marijuana, and in fact has created NEW FELONIES against marijuana, and that 1000s of citizens are still arrested and prosecuted for marijuana crimes in Colorado every year.

    If that’s “legal” in your myopic world, then it’s no surprise why marijuana remains a criminal offence in EVERY state in the U$, and Federally, and will always remain so.

  35. Interesting Donkey. I did not realize that cannabis is still illegal, especially because there are grow operations producing more than 7 tons / year and every Coloradan over 21 has the right to grow 6 plants. That’s called legal and regulated.

  36. Colorado did NOT legalize pot, they COMMERCIALIZED it, maintaining CRIMINAL Prohibitions which are used against 1000s of pot users every year.

    Colorado recently created NEW Marijuana FELONIES.

    Don’t fall for the Big Lie.

  37. Denver City Council attempted the same type of ban, with a $1000 fine and up to 1 year in prison for the use of cannabis on private property if the odor is detectable by your neighbors. The mayor even spoke about how so many of his friends gatewayed from cannabis to crack. It was beyond the comprehension of the city council that they could not re-illegalize cannabis even though the right to possess and use cannabis is a Constitutional right of the citizens of Colorado. The police said they would not enforce such a law, meaning they would not walk into peoples’ houses because a neighbor complained of the smell. I assume the exact same thing will happen in Pendleton. Cannabis use is legal (any day now) in Oregon and attempts to short circuit the law through sleight-of-hand legislation will lose in court.

  38. I live in rural Texas, all my neighbors have livestock. I have to put up with the stink and flies. But if I grew a few pot plants in my garden, they would send me straight to jail.

  39. All mammal alert: farting within 1000′ of a school is a violation of volatilities.

  40. How bout when the sewage trucks comes and pumps out the over flowed grease traps in town ,oh and “honey pots “?

  41. ĐΣFΣCŦΣĐ on

    Recently driven past a paper mill? Good God! Even the thought of it makes me wanna puke.

  42. and ban sewage refineries, live stock ,factories, b.o…cleaning products, deodorizers . How about banning the city council members bad breath.

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