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Man In Malaysia Sentenced To Death For Selling Marijuana


death penalty marijuanaIn one of the most disgusting stories I’ve ever read, it appears that a 37 year old Nigerian man has been sentenced to death for selling marijuana in Malaysia. Not a fine. Not jail. Death. This man will face the death penalty for selling a substance that has never killed anyone in the history of mankind. Per New Straits Times:

A Nigerian college student gets death for trafficking 26.5kg of cannabis four years ago. High Court judge Datin Amelia Tee Hong Geok Abdullah today sentenced Uchechukwu Nelson Ohaechesi, 37, to be hanged for trafficking the drugs at the side of an overhead bridge stairwell at the Kajang-bound Taman Connought highway, Cheras here, around 7.45pm on Oct 17, 2010. Amelia ruled that Uchechukwu failed to raise reasonable doubt in the prosecution’s case and that his defense amounted to “an afterthought, pure fabrication and untrue”.

People are legally selling marijuana right now in Washington State and Colorado, and it has led to virtually no issues. Yet, in Malaysia, the court determined that selling marijuana was such a heinous act that it warrants the death penalty. This makes my heart heavy in a way that I don’t think I can ever accurately capture in words. No one should be penalized for marijuana, let alone lose their life by being hung from a noose.

Some people might brush this off and think of it as an example of a country with ultra harsh laws, and that it’s far removed from what is going on in the United States. To these people I would offer up this fact – a man is serving a life sentence in Missouri right now for marijuana-only offenses. Jeff Mizanskey hasn’t received the death penalty in Missouri, but he will never be let out of jail according to his sentence. His life has been taken from him, and his friends and family will never get to spend quality time with him, solely because he was arrested for marijuana.


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  1. This is crazy man!!! Fuck these goverments!!
    Everyone please do something and help to have a world without this fucking laws! This is a big crime!!
    i think sitting here and doing nothing is also a big crime!!
    marijuana is seriously nothing!! please tell people around you to stop hating and worrying about it!!

  2. Well yes its extreme , but 25kilos is a lot of pot , its not like he was selling joints , death penalty ? well if your trying to deter others it may work

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  4. From the likes I see some of you have been to Atlanta and the surrounding suburbs

  5. Notice the guys name; it sounds like he might be Christian and Malaysia is a Muslim country. Sound familiar? (I’m a good atheist, so don’t care for either of the big two.). Also, a few months ago an opposition party candidate was jailed (I’ve forgotten the exact penalty.), purportedly for sodomy (with highly dubious evidence), but the real crime was that he came too close to defeating the party in power in an election in spite of the routinely rigged election results. Sound familiar?

  6. Lilian Ngozi on

    hi name is Lilian ngozi, the youngman in question is a relation, a brother inlaw, we will appreciate any help to help us fight this, this happened less than 6months he got there. please an effort will be appreciated.

  7. stellarvoyager on

    Hey, thanks for sharing your perspective. It is way past time for America to move past cannabis prohibition, and it is true, this nation has been the greatest backer of the drug war. It is a failed policy based on lies, and I’m glad to see things starting to change here. It’s a slow, difficult process, but people are finally waking up to the truth. I agree, that will have a positive effect throughout the world because without American support, the war on cannabis cannot be sustained, and that will provide an opportunity to replace it with more sensible policies. I do hope to see cannabis freedom spread everywhere in the world. Good luck with your efforts in Malaysia!

  8. to add – should not be a jail sentence or fine as well. ganja should be legal. i am sad that in my own country, i cannot do anything but smoke in secret.

  9. i am maysian and i agree completely. many nigerians/africans come to our country and some are just trouble makers but nobody should be sentenced to death for ganja, man, nobody……

  10. no man, plenty of local have got the death penalty. it is fucked up, but damn America for making so many SEA countries follow their draconian drug laws.

  11. please see my comment below. i hope the ganja friendly people of USA and european countries will lead the world to a more future friendly ganja environment. hopefully when the anti-ganja are totally gone in maerica, otehr countries can start moving ahead with the same. this is what i hope but i dont expect to see it in my lifetime :-(

  12. i’m malaysian and i don’t agree with the laws against ganja but what can some of us do when the whole country has been brainwashed (since the late 70s) into thinking that ganja is the devil’s drug? some people see a ganja plant and they go ‘omg, omg!’ , years of fucking conditioning, man….. and some assholes are too damn dumb to do their own research cause the government must be “telling us the truth”. Don’t forget, it’s the USA who championed this anti-drug thing and forced a lot of countries in south east asia to follow the draconian anti-drug laws and go on a war on drugs (which i am for but ganja is not a drug per se, to me). Hopefully, an american/european will be caught with medical marijuana in our country so as to give publicity worldwide to such a ridiculous law and ignite a debate.

  13. stellarvoyager on

    Not only was a man sentenced to death for a beneficial plant that has never killed anyone, he had to prove his own innocence. I say, boycott Malaysia.

  14. The severity of the sentence is directly related to the race and ethnicity of the perpetrator in Malaysia. Sound familiar?

  15. 26.5 kg of MJ being sold at the stairwell of a overhead bridge is a lot of weed and highly risky business. But never mind that; the sentence is atrocious. Malaysia would be better to investigate its transportation minister.

  16. PeaceOnEarth on

    Generalization, the most common form of prejudice.
    BTW, nobody deserves to die for a victimless crime.

  17. PeaceOnEarth on

    I will make sure I never buy again anything made in Malaysia. Please do the same.

  18. Yikes bro, that’s kinda a harsh view, but maybe your experience is different than mine. At both Universities I attended, I took all honors courses, and FIT is a hard school to get into (they train NASA). I had many very smart and well kept Nigerian fellow students, and never had any problems with them. Idk, I think any demographic has its group of idiots. I’m a regular boring Christian white American, and we have plenty of smelly idiots in that group lol :)

  19. Remove smelly from the description and you have described most of the blacks in and around Atlanta GA. Yes I am black and I have a right to say this

  20. These Nigerians seem to think that they can change what ever law is made in any country to benifit them…..Can’t stand these people…..they smell bad and don’t wash their bodys and are always making trouble for the people they live with……IF he was THAT stupid to sell weed in a country with laws like that then he deserves to be killed…………..What STUPID Arrogant people smelly people

  21. closet smoker on

    What is even worse, our government will cheer on the Malaysian government for being tough on drugs, instead of condemning them for the humanitarian atrocities that this is.

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