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Man In Wheelchair Faces 4 years For Selling 10 grams Of Marijuana


Wheelchair man busted marijuanaHow do we control a waste of taxpayer resources? By not supporting the agency responsible

Undercover agents orchestrated three controlled buys of marijuana and have secured two convictions to show for their work. The convicted include a man in a wheelchair and his wife; the transactions were all for $40 bags. So much for reasonable expenditure of taxpayer resources.

BAYANET, Michigan’s Bay Area Narcotics Enforcement Team, on three separate occasions loaded a “confidential source” into a vehicle, planted money and drugs on them, and then sent them in to buy a tiny 1/8th ounce bag of pot from a disabled man, Ronald Shobe, at his home in Bay County.

Shobe’s wife was also charged; her plea deal is sealed, but she was sentenced to 78 hours of community service. Shobe, in his wheelchair, plead guilty to one count of delivering or manufacturing marijuana; in exchange for his plea, prosecutors in the case dropped a host of other charges including operating a drug house and conspiracy.

At the time of the raid, the Shobes had only $70 in their safe and less than 20 grams of marijuana. These people are not serious drug traffickers. Although an MLive report stated the confidential buyer was not a registered patient and Shobe was, the effort and expenditure made to secure these two convictions far outweigh any potential damage this man in a wheelchair and his wife pose to the community at large.

If this level of crime is what BAYANET chooses to spend their time on, communities that contribute officers or funds to the Team should rethink that strategy. Ronald Shobe, when sentenced by a Bay County Circuit Court judge, should receive the full leniency of law while facing the responsibilities of his guilty plea.

Source: The Compassion Chronicles


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  1. Johnny oneye on

    Where do patients obtain said med cann,? The stuff should grow on trees and would have been cheap as tabbacco

  2. richard bong on

    Being disabled doesn’t buy a pass for greed (shorting his customers) or giving the cause a black eye. Throwing a tantrum doesn’t help your argument. Not that “aawww, lets feel sorry for the cripple” is much of an argument. He screwed up pure and simple. Now run along and get mommie to change your soiled diaper, it’s past your nap time. Be a good little boy and maybe she’ll give you a new binkie.

  3. Thanks for the down arrow, jerkwad. I hope you get cured of your Stockholm Syndrome. This man is not a criminal gangster. You are pathetic to pick on a paralyzed man. Go to hell!

  4. richard bong on

    One of the drug warriors main arguments against MM is the diversion of legally obtained medicine being resold on the black market. This is exactly what they whining about. It doesn’t matter where he got the weed he has a MM card and was dealing giving the prohibitionists “proof” that MM is being diverted and sold to those without authorization. From the looks of thing this guy is a douche bag anyway. The po po ALWAYS count the weight of the container (baggie?) towards the total weight seized and if he was charged with selling 10 grams (weed + 3 baggies) he was selling underweight eighth’s. In other words he was cheating his customers. Screw him.

  5. Drugs warriors have as much as a valid complaint as those witch hunters of old Salem.

  6. richard bong on

    It’s on all of us to keep from giving the other side more ammo like he did. A legitimate medical need is not a license to flaunt the law. If anything he had a greater responsibility to play by the rules because of his MM card. Now because of his actions the drug warriors have a valid complaint to lodge against us. Just because you feel sorry for him doesn’t mean he didn’t act like an idiot. This close to the finish line we all have to extra vigilant.

  7. :o i hate pigs and the feds. WTF is this? I don’t get the point over arresting people over this.

  8. Most Prohibitionists eventually get to experience utter loneliness, also known as “the sadomoralist condition”—a form of existential despair as they begin to finally realize the utter futility and destructiveness of their entire life’s work. This is ultimately compounded by the deep realization that it’s simply not possible to prove any of the nonsense they’ve been zealously propagating for many long decades. It’s this type of loneliness that often turns their attention to a higher power, the one that usually comes in liquid form. This is a serious terminal affliction and not one that a psychologist, philosopher, or priest can help with. Eventually they may become trapped in a very dark place where they have literally nobody left to relate to. In such situations it is our civic duty and moral obligation to point their festering, lonely souls to the nearest cliff.

  9. He’s lucky he didn’t have a viscous attack chihuahua or the pigs probably would have shot it when arresting him. I’m surprised they didn’t tackle him and wrestle him to the ground. Hell, come to think about it I’m surprised they didn’t take his wheelchair under asset forfeiture.

  10. Pitchman101 on

    If there’s any good to come out of this, I see it being the fact that these establishments action’s continue to make the case for legalization. One would think that they have to see how stupid they look! Everyone needs to continue to vote pro reform and this madness WILL come to an end. I feel for this man and his wife but at this time, they are casualty’s of WAR!

  11. AcidicLlama on

    Aw shit…..Even less faith in gov’t than before, and I didn’t think I had any left. Espionage at its finest in my opinion every time something like this happens. I’m glad they can at least admit that they are so weak to go after someone that couldn’t even get away from them.

  12. Duncan20903 on

    All that you’re worried about is headlines? Headlines? The man is paralyzed from the waist down?

    Congrats, you’ve left me speechless and that isn’t an easy thing to do.


  13. While I dont agree with this at all. I wonder why a “patient” was selling cannabis. Makes for bad headlines

  14. To all who favor freedom,

    These arrests are taking place everywhere all the time, people are growing and smoking and the arrest rate proves that the government has lost the war on drugs, how many U.S. Citizens are going to be put through the criminal justice system for what is in actuality part of the culture in the U.S.A. additionally our goals and aspirations as a free, just, and egalitarian society has become a tyranny and a nanny state.

    Our nation watches and the resolve builds to end Marijuana Prohibition in the United States of America.

    We have to keep the pressure on our government to decriminalize marijuana.

    Please sign the new whitehouse petition,


    Decriminalize marijuana, and pardon all marijuana convictions. Over 100,000,000 U.S. Citizens have used marijuana.

    With over 500,000 marijuana arrests costing over $13 billion annually, and with more than half of U.S. Citizens favoring legalization the time is here to end marijuana prohibition.

    Marijuana prohibition is very costly to society, wasting billions of dollars and billions of hours in law enforcement, justice system and penal system time, it also destroys families and personal lives and futures.

    The effects of marijuana both physically and socially are less harmful than alcohol or tobacco, and adults should be entitled to make the decision whether or not to consume marijuana.

    It’s time to finally put an end to the criminalization of marijuana, This would not only allow our government to save billions of dollars, but could be a source of income and bring in billions of dollars in revenue.

    Please help to spread the word on any social media you can, we need this petition to go VIRAL!

    Thank you,


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