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Man Serving 13 Years For Possessing Two Marijuana Joints Is Denied Clemency


marijuana cone jointAccording to at least one reputable study, alcohol is 114 times more harmful than marijuana. Marijuana is also safer than tobacco and pharmaceuticals, both of which are legal. Knowing that, why does Louisiana have such harsh marijuana laws? A man is serving a 13 year sentence for possessing two marijuana joints in Louisiana. That’s right, a jail bed is being reserved for 13 years for a person who possessed two joints. There are pedophiles that serve less time than that, but sadly, that’s how the State of Louisiana treats marijuana.

One would think that a Governor would learn of this colossal waste of taxpayer dollars and would step up and grant clemency. However, Louisiana’s Governor Bobby Jindal had the opportunity to do just that, but refused to do so. Per Anthony Papa’s article on Alternet:

Bernard Noble, an individual serving 13 years for possessing two marijuana joints applied for clemency and was recently denied. The reason behind the denial was he had not yet served 10 years in prison. Bernard’s sentence is a prime example of the draconian nature of the marijuana laws in many states across the country. In stark contrast to Louisiana, many states have decriminalized possession of marijuana for personal use, with the offense being punishable by a fine and with no threat of jail time.

This is truly a case of injustice and the vehicle of clemency is totally appropriate here. But for some reason Gov. Jindal and his administration refuses to show compassion and follow the recent lead of President Obama who granted clemency to twenty two prisoners this March.

No one should serve even one minute in a jail cell for marijuana, let alone 13 years. How is this man such a danger to society that he needs to lose his freedom for so long? In Oregon, where I live, I’ll be able to possess up to eight ounces of marijuana starting next week. So why is Louisiana so far behind on the times? I don’t think I could ever live in Louisiana as a result of their ultra-harsh marijuana laws, or even visit for that matter, no matter how beautiful the state is.


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  1. China has almost 300x as many people as Louisiana. Since their rate of incarceration is only 1/13 as much as Louisiana, that leaves them with about 20 times as many prisoners as Louisiana.
    That doesn’t change the bottom line, that Louisiana is a sick, sadistic wildly hypocritical racist state.

  2. well, lets think positive, at least they didn’t shoot him in the face for two joints

    Where is obama? Why does he not protect us here in the states?
    What court would not convict all those involved in the failure of our economic system along with those into destroying and ignoring our constitution of the united states along with the bill of rights?

  3. We should have someone making shirts or hoodies with this….and have different names of all the people serving wrongful jail time for a few joints, or in the case of Shonda Banda, who wasn’t even indicted, when they pulled her child into “CPS”, and slapped her in jail for medical use with IBS, who is frail and they know she will die in custody. Life sentences should be only for murders, serial killers, rapists who have done 3 turns, (and my list could go on) not for cannabis users.

    Boycotting products from LA is a good idea, but better still, is trying to find out how to stop each state from ‘railroading’ us. In Oregon, every time we sneeze here, it seems as if misinformation is being leaked out to try to kill our new legalization, and those against cannabis are doing their damnedest to keep writing bills that confuse and obfuscate matters, to where we have NO idea on what exactly will be legal next month. Look at what they did in Washington State, for example! Killing the medical dispensaries was the STUPIDEST idea yet. SO you see, as long as we keep going “local”, for bill passing, and keep to our personal agendas (like HIGH ONLY CBD, though i support Realm of Caring,(and don’t hit me), and the families with Dravet’s Children), until we start getting active nationally, we’re going to keep doing “Code of the West” (documentary, if you haven’t seen it), where the right just keeps gnawing away at our rights, until they are gone.

  4. If you feel the need to lock a person up for simply smoking a plant that makes him happy, then YOU are the fucking criminal!

  5. Louisiana is a pretty state, but it has a problem with corruption
    I have personally seen cops drinking beer on duty while patrolling on foot in new orleans
    louisiana has seem to adopt the slavery attitude toward those who use cannabis, and have this bully mentality that is prevalent with most low lifes concerning those into cannabis
    their lack of preparedness of the flood shows where their interests lie

  6. And Jindal is considering a run for the presidency! Imagine what would happen with someone like him directing national drug policy… brrr makes me shudder! Bernard Noble, father of 7 (he supported them all!), a Kansas business owner, in New Orleans to expand his business there when he was arrested in 2011. He’s been incarcerated ever since. He’s already served 4 years too many & this good, Christian governor wants him to serve 6 more YEARS before he’ll consider doing the right thing. Please put your hat in the ring, Bobby Jindal! I want to campaign against you to make sure everyone knows what kind of man you are!

  7. honestly to me this is direct violation of 8th amendment. Only thing left to do: get them to resign with emails and phone calls from many people

  8. People say they’re protecting us. Stuff like this isn’t keeping crime off the streets.

  9. AntiIgnorant on

    The drug war is so moronic. Clearly designed to fund prisons and the system that puts our citizens there.

    The drug war is criminal in and of itself.

  10. Pedophile means someone with a sexual orientation towards children. It’s not a term for someone who have committed a certain crime.

  11. This is one of the main reasons I don’t support “states rights” on pot. It should be legal at the federal level.

    In the upcoming LA Governor’s race, even the Democrat is for the damn drug war.


    It’s like Jim Crow. No state has the right to deny people our basic freedoms, like smoking marijuana.

    At least the Democrat running, John Bel Edwards, voted for reduced sentences. So, LA voters could elect him, and he would be better than David “The Diaper Don” Vitter, who even opposed medical.

  12. US_Citizen71 on

    Wow! I think it may be time to boycott all products from Louisiana. I like my Tabasco but I can live without it.

  13. stellarvoyager on

    To some, as long as they get their medical, this guy’s situation will be A-OK with them.

  14. Bobby Jindal believes in sticking NON-violent Louisianans next to OTHER NON-violent Louisianans! There prisons are FULL of NON-violent, BLACK drug offenders! It’s SAD that Louisiana itself houses more prisoners within its borders than do Russia and China COMBINED! Of those prisoners, 88%+ are NON-violent drug offenders!

  15. ĐΣFΣCŦΣĐ on

    Bobby Jindal a so called Christian who believes in torturing Americans. Stick a Dog in a box for 13 years and see what happens. Place a Dog in a cage with a rabid Dog and see what happens. Bobby Jindal supports sticking non-violent Americans in metal boxes next to rapists and killers.

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