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Man Uses ‘Legalize Marijuana’ For Name On Election Ballot


Dave RoachVote For ‘Legalize Marijuana’ In Indiana

I have a new marijuana hero out there, and his name is Dave Roach. Although, Dave has another name that he likes to go by, ‘Legalize Marijuana.’ At least that is what Dave Roach put down for his official nickname on the Allen County ballot in Indiana. Unfortunately as a result of the nickname, Dave Roach lost his spot on the ballot and essentially handed the Democratic Party nomination to his opponent.

Oddly enough, according to the media report I read, it wasn’t the Democratic opponent that challenged the name on the ballot. It was some neo-con on the other side of the aisle that didn’t like it. County GOP Party Chairman Steve Shine told The News-Sentinel last month he considered Roach’s unusual ballot identification to be a political statement, not a true nickname. “That was intended for things like ‘Bob,’ ” he said.

The article went on to say, ““A candidate’s nickname (on the ballot) is supposed to be a name by which they are commonly known,” Director of Elections Beth Dlug said, explaining why the Election Board last week ruled the nickname Roach included in his filing application — “Legalize Marijuana” — to be invalid.”

Whether or not Dave Roach will appeal this decision is to be determined. I must say though, Dave Roach is a pretty good name too for a marijuana activist! I love how this guy is at least pushing the envelope, if not more. I was at a marijuana activist panel at the High Times Cannabis Cup in Los Angeles, and one of the things that an activist pleaded for was for marijuana activists to run for office in their area. If there was more people doing that, I think it would bring a lot of change. Maybe it’s time I look into a county seat…


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  1. DebraWiseman on

     Hey Casey,This is Deb over the hill in Raton..I am fairly new to the area& was wondering about hanging in Colorado om May5th.the 1st International make medical marajuana legal Day.If interested in meeting 4 a drink/toke email me debra167@ms.com.peace-out

  2. Hey im from trinidad and smoke herb like a chimney..but strictly that. We’re also trying hard over here to have marijuana legalized but theres alot of corruption in our country

  3. http://roach4commissioner.blogspot.com

    dude- thanks for the kind words.
    “DC legalize-marijuana ROACH”

    I mainly wanted to force the local democrat party (hacks) to fill their ballor and act like a real party. as for the nickname law- i folowed the letter f the law, and at the hearing, presented an airtight case. but the election board can do what theywant, regardless of the laws. I presented a copy of Nevada state law; and stated there are at least a dozen other states – see my blog- that have strictlt orded laws, and that i was following preponderance of evidence; and precedent , to make my case.
        So now i’m seeking legal representation, to pursue my case and make my poit. the other dude will lose- as the local GOP is undefeatable; so i said WTF- why not..

    So we shall se what happend next. buy the ticket, take the ride( hunter thompson.)
    and now “legalize marijuana is my widely and commonlyknow nickname, so i’m dialed in for the next election, to fry fry again…
    somke em if you got em?

    David Roach

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