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Man Walks Into D.C. Police Office, Asks For Marijuana Back, And Gets It


washington dc marijuanaThe times are changing. Washington D.C., which used to be a pretty harsh place for marijuana policy, is now one of the most marijuana friendly places in America. Washington D.C. voters approved a marijuana legalization initiative last November by a hefty margin. After a showdown with Congress, Washington D.C. moved forward with implementing the marijuana legalization initiative. As of February 26, residents of Washington D.C. (21 and older) can possess up to two ounces of marijuana and cultivate up to six plants at their primary residence.

There is also a provision that if marijuana is confiscated by police, either due to no proof of age being provided or if the marijuana was confiscated during a separate investigation, the owner of the marijuana can request it back after a 24 hour period. Which is exactly what happened this week in D.C. for the first time. Per American University Radio:

D.C. police often confiscate drugs during the course of searches and arrests, but now D.C. residents are legally allowed to ask for them back — and one recently did.

According to D.C. Council member Yvette Alexander (D-Ward 7), a resident walked into the Sixth District police station in Ward 7 on Monday and asked an officer on duty to return his marijuana to him, which had been confiscated during a prior arrest.

“He walked in to recover his property from a recent arrest,” said Alexander, who was told of the exchange by a staff member who witnessed it. “He walked in and said, ‘I want my property back, and want to make sure I get my weed back.'”

This was once thought impossible, yet here it is, police in our nation’s capital returning confiscated marijuana. Washington D.C. police will hold onto confiscated marijuana for 30 days, after which the marijuana is destroyed. An emergency bill was passed by Washington D.C.’s Council yesterday that would ban cannabis clubs, which was very disappointing, but it’s still encouraging to read stories like this one.


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  1. Doc Deadhead on

    I think we all should contact our local state representatives and ask them to introduce a bill requiring all law officers be RE-TRAINED regarding cannabis. The ‘reefer madness’ information HAS TO be replaced with factual information. The newest generation of officers are just misinformed but the older guys need to be re-trained as they were given the RM propaganda.

    They are all on the same page about how to handle heroin possesion or robery but why is it they are so far apart on this issue? The public deserves that all law enforcement officers act accordingly on the same subject.

    There are officers out there from both ends of thought, no consistency at all even in the same precinct!

    Only if they are forced to accept the information will the haters/holdouts change the way they operate and ALL officers will act properly like these did in the article.

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