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Marc Emery Calls Out Anti-Legalization Marijuana Activists On Washington’s I-502


Free Marc EmeryThe Prince Of Pot Speaks Out About Washington Initiative’s Opposition

By Marc Emery

I have written thousands of words on the controversy surrounding Washington State’s I-502 legalization initiative. I even get people in my comments sections who hate me because of my opinions on the issue. Now, Marc Emery, the British Columbian marijuana seed seller doing federal time in America, also known as “The Prince of Pot” and one of the leading funders of the legalization movements in North America, has some harsh words for people who proclaim themselves supporters of legalization, but are actively opposingthis legalization.

“Most of our people in the cannabis culture who smoke, grow, or sell the herb don’t vote. The vast majority will never give money to political reform of any kind, most won’t gather signatures (unless they are paid) and will never write their congressperson or even a letter to the newspaper to condemn prohibition.

For the most part, our people are politically useless, unwilling and unable to organize, distracted by petty acrimony, and won’t actively support candidates or initiatives that will further the legalization of cannabis. For all the 250,000 stoners/pot people who come to Seattle Hempfest each August, the organizers can’t even get this mass to contribute pennies per person in donations, so pathetic is the sense of political responsibility among our people. Even a tremendous event like Hempfest suffers deficits because our people can’t collectively volunteer to give even ten cents per attendee to pay for its costs. Sad, sad, sad.

Should I-502 fail to pass in November, we’ll know who to blame, and who can be held responsible. The so-called grassroots could not manage to get their own initiative on the ballot, and in their frustration, they may choose to sabotage the best opportunity Washington State has had in the long history of prohibition to do what is possible — under the political reality of the day — to legalize marijuana.”

via The Importance of Washington’s Legalization Initiative I-502 | Cannabis Culture.

The primary objection to legalization comes from a tiny minority of the Evergreen State’s medical marijuana community. More accurately, the growers, doctors, and lawyers who serve the community, and the patients they’ve managed to frighten. The issue at hand is the legalization includes a per se DUID of 5ng/mL THC in blood*, which is “a ‘legal limit’ like alcohol for DUI” in layman’s terms.

What they’re righteously angry about is that having a number on a test about the pot in your blood is not a scientifically accurate determination of impairment, especially not as low as 5ng/mL and especially not for people who smoke (use) a lot of pot all the time. Like medical marijuana patients. And they are factually correct.

But that has been ratcheted up by the tiny minority to mean “No patients will ever be able to drive! They’ll all be getting DUIDs! There will be more DUIDs to replace all the 1 ounce pot arrests!” and so on.

The fact is that if someone who smokes (uses) a lot of pot all day every day gets behind the wheel today, they are most likely a DUID waiting to happen. Any amount of THC in blood is evidence to convict you of a DUID today. After I-502, there will actually be a “legal limit” of 5ng/mL you could be under!

Now, the difference, as opponents are quick to note, is the per se means “in and of itself” in legalese, which translates to “slam dunk” for the prosecutor who wants to try you for a >5ng blood test. If it’s per se, you’re guaranteed guilty, just like a drunk who’s over 0.08 BAC on the breathalyzer, even if he’s the best driver on the road. Today, it’s not per se, which means a prosecutor, while he can enter blood tests into evidence, must still prove the driver was impaired.

But if a >5ng/mL DUID case is a “slam dunk” after I-502, it is a “fast break lay-up” right now. If you go to court having tested at >5ng/mL, you’re not very likely to be acquitted. Especially since the cop had to have a) evidence of smoke in the car (in which case, you should get a DUID), b) evidence of your impaired driving (dash cam of you weaving out of lanes, failed field sobriety test, etc.), and/or c) you wrecked your car in order to get your blood in the first place.

And to extend the NBA Playoff metaphor, right now, DUID charges with <5ng/mL blood tests are “mid range jumpers”. There are plenty of examples of convictions below 5ng where that blood evidence convinced a judge or jury to convict, because who the fark knows what a nanogram per milliliter is and how much of it makes you too high to drive? ”She was at 1.6 ng/mL Your Honor…” OK, so is that a lot? What’s ‘high’, 100? 10? .08?

But after I-502 passes, those types of prosecutions become “half court shots”. Any competent defense attorney will just say, “Your Honor, my client is a medical marijuana patient who has developed a tolerance to her medication and, after all, she was only at 1.6ng/mL, which is less than a third of the legal limit for THC.”

However unscientific, unjust, and unnecessary this per se standard is — and it is — it is necessary from one perspective: political. Polling shows that over 60% of the “squares” one needs to pass a legalization initiative are more inclined to support it with the per se standard, while around 10% would oppose it because of the standard. When you get a six-to-one support bump from a policy change, you go with it, if you want to win.

marijuana legalization votes in the war on drugsAnd ultimately, you can wish for perfection, but to move forward we must win. Medical marijuana cannot possibly cover every deserving patient — I’ve known hospice patients who could not legally access it. Lives are lost or drastically altered every day over prohibition of marijuana. It is not something you can just wait around for the perfect opportunity to change or even the oughtta-be-better opportunity to change. There have been but eight previous statewide attempts to legalize marijuana that have gone before the voters in just five states over 494 possible opportunities in 42 years of Drug War prior to this year. California doesn’t get that chance this time around after a tiny minority helped defeat their shot with Prop 19, but two (and possibly three) states have the chance to be the first domino that begins to topple prohibition.

I don’t know about you, but I just couldn’t cast my vote along with the Drug Czar in support of continuing prohibition.


* This is not like testing positive on a pee test, where you might have smoked pot a week ago and still come up dirty. That’s metabolites. This is active THC, and it is the impairing molecule that gets you high.

Source: RadicalRuss.Com


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  1. Do you support ASA ? oct 16, rescheduling of cannabis on a federal level. Just curious I live in Ca., we went through this with prop 19. I see both arguments as valid.

  2. As a cannabis card holder, after having
    read the entire 68 pages of pending “regulations” on the 502 initiative,
    I still have a few questions.

    My definition of
    legalization is that on a particular date anyone, anywhere in the state would
    be able to buy cannabis sativa, like any other medicinal herb or a head
    of lettuce.

    However, when there are 68 pages of restrictions and
    regulations, who are we kidding about “full legalization”…..that being
    said I want to ensure that I’ve not missed anything that would persuade
    me that yes is a better decision.

    Here are a few of my concerns if anyone could direct me to the answers?

    My understanding is that if 502 passes:

    all dispensaries will be operating illegally, it wasn’t specifically
    mentioned, but clearly they aren’t state licensed or approved, is that

    the state will control the number of Marijuana stores in any area

    the state will control the quality, strain & availability

    there will be no cannabis paraphrenalia in the state stores, no seeds, hash oil, etc

    medical marijuana patients must either grow their own or purchase ONLY
    from state approved Marijuana only stores, they will not be able to
    receive cannabis from other card holders?

    Were those multiple
    taxes mentioned? The producer will have a 25% tax, another 25% excise
    tax for the processor and another 25% tax at the retail level, plus
    state, local taxes etc.

    The estimated half billion
    dollars in taxes & fees yearly is certainly an incentive for any
    state, plus the attention to the lucrative forfeiture opportunities
    noted in the regulations.



  3. The DEA makes excuses, Al Capone makes progress. The DEA refuses to speak, they hide like cowards, they are cowards. Why dont you defend your stupidity, prohibitionists?? Every last one of you is pathetic, why do you leave it to these UFO type people to make your argument why the Great Washington State, the Great State of Washington – which currently needs all that revenue – should have to knuckle under to BS that nobody will even stand up for and everyone knows is BS except for two IDIOTS who hide, who still believe the emperor is wearing some kind of special fabric. There isnt any right to drive stoned.

  4. Enemy, possession of marijuana or paraphernalia will no longer be grounds for an arrest after 502 passes.

  5. Enemies, I am not going to call you any other names. Washington state needs that revenue, Al Capone does not need that revenue. Al Capone is getting close to winning the chess game and the DEA has nothing but excuses as Al Capone continues making progress, with their silver or lead strategy which has already overtaken our neighbor to the South the former nation of Mexico.
    Enemies, I do not care what you “claim” to believe. In this day and age we should not assume anyone is sincere who leads a reactionary political movement.
    I-502 will make paraphernalia and a user stash, no longer grounds for arrest.
    Never forgive your enemies, except “clinical” forgiveness – clinically forgive them but still treat them like enemies trying to do something that could get us all enslaved by Al Capone or bankrupt and probably both or worse.

  6. Thanks for pwning that fool. He makes money off of prohibition so of course he’s opposed to I-502.

  7. I will not vote for this. It is a bad law and what we will be left with after Federal Preemption will be worse than what we endure now. I-502 claims legality but that is technicality, it is decriminalization of an ounce with the moniker of legalization for tax and regulation purposes. It still leaves the misdemeanor charge if you possess 28.3-40 grams. If you possess 40 grams (that is less than an ounce and a half) or more you are guilty of committing a Class C Felony. If it passes I will not be allowed to grow my personal cannabis. I-502 supporters can call this bill legalization but it is anything but that.

  8.  Yes, they want NO restrictions OR taxes imposed on cannabis, or age limits either.  And they won’t vote for any initiative that doesn’t have all those conditions.  They forgot to mention how the tobacco companies and Montsanto are going to take over the plant and we won’t be able to get natural cannabis anymore, because we’ll be forced to buy it from them.  These are the same people that deprived us of that final 3.5% of the vote that would have given us victory on Prop. 19 in California.  Out biggest enemy is coming from within our ranks. 

  9.  I see,, you’ll only support it if the law is perfect and there will be no more debate.   In other words, you prefer the status quo and it’s ok with you if people go to jail for possession. 

  10. Nobody is claiming that I-502 will change the position of the federal govt.   When we still had alcohol prohibition, individual states opted out of having their own prohibition laws, and repealed them.  From that point on, the only raids were federal raids.   If the federal govt. can enforce the anti cannabis laws nationwide, let’s see them do it with no state help.  That is what this is about.  Nobody is claiming that this is the final outcome or an end to the debate.

  11. We had the same problem with Stoners Against Legalization when they didn’t support Prop. 19 in California.  These people were mostly the ones who benefit from the high prices of illegality.   If it wasn’t for the DUI aspect, they would also complain that big tobacco and Monsanto will take over production and give us GMO weed.  It is pure B.S. 

  12. Steve Sarich on

    The current price of medication for patients has been hovering around $280 an ounce for several years now.  The price that will be charged by the stores licensed and taxed by the liquor control board will be around $700 per ounce.  The sponsors of the initiative haven’t even argued with these figures.

    According to bill sponsors Dr. Roger Roffman and John McKay, from New Approach Washington, this will be “limited potency” marijuana….for $700 an ounce. (WTF is “limited potency” marijuana….and where will they get it?  If they do find it, who’d want to buy it…at ANY price?

    Keep arguing that it’s the greedy access points that are leading the fight against I-502.  But at least have the balls to show everyone some proof that proves your accusations.  The current access points, disappointingly, haven’t donated a singe dime to the fight against I-502.  Anyone can easily verify this information through the Public Disclosure Commission website that lists all contributor both for and against I-502.

    If cannabis is a medicine here in Washington, it should be treated like all prescription medication and not be taxed.  If the voters want to tax recreational marijuana, and people are willing to pay exorbitant prices for “pot-lite”, I guess we’ll find out.  But don’t be foolish enough to argue that marijuana is going to be cheaper under I-502.  Even the sponsors of the initiative aren’t stupid enough to argue that one!  

    That’s almost as stupid as you arguing that the cops aren’t really going to charge under 21 drivers with DUI’s if they have the opportunity.  You really think that the cops are going to become “good actors” just because you pass an initiative?  Can you tell me why they’re doing it now, even though medical cannabis is legal in the state?  Fourteen years after that initiative passed and they’re still busting completely legal patients.  You think they’ll somehow be more tolerant of recreational cannabis than they are of medical cannabis?   What planet do actually come from?   

    Let’s make it legal for EVERYONE to grow tha plant.  Then, and ONLY then, will the price drop significantly.  I-502 will make sure that never happens.  Once the state gets addicted to that tax money, you’ll never see them allow individuals to grow their own and lose all that money….NEVER.  This state never found a tax they didn’t fall in love with.  Just look at the liquor, gas and tobacco taxes…the highest in the country.  When do you think you’ll see them drop THOSE taxes?  So now argue that marijuana will be any different.  Anyone with half a brain already knows better.

    Steve Sarich
    NO ON I-502

  13. Just keep trying to blind people to the GRAND PARADIGM CHANGE re-legalizing marijuana will effect.  This change will cause police and prosecutors to finally let go of this American Inquisition.  It’s clear your REAL motivation is to prevent re-legalization so you can keep charging outrageous prices for marijuana.  Give it up.  It’s just a plant, and the world is now realizing it.

  14. The WHOLE country has a huge stake in what happens with re-legalization in Washington and Colorado.  That you deny this just highlights your hypocrisy.

  15. Funny how you twist my words to say something I didn’t.  I didn’t call this measure the optimum marijuana policy.  I said it is the quickest and best way to GET to the optimum marijuana policy.  Your way gets nowhere at all, which you are apparently quite happy with. 

    This is the problem with medical marijuana.  It creates resistance to real reform.

    18-20 year olds will be MUCH better off when the environment changes to that of legal marijuana.  Police will have little interest in pursuing people who PERHAPS are less than 21.  

    The whole DUI situation will change rapidly after re-legalization, anyway.  Few police will pursue these cases of “statutory” impairment only.  They will be easily contested in court and thrown out.

    Get used to it.  Marijuana will be re-legalized, and the prices will come back down to earth. THAT’S what you are really afraid of.  Your greed has you trying to get everyone to throw the baby out with the bathwater.  – Just make a new plan, Stan.

  16. This is nonsense.  Marijuana reform is a PROCESS, not an EVENT.  If we wait until the “perfect” bill comes along, we’ll never get anywhere.

    All such bills will have restrictions someone doesn’t like.  The only criteria here is, does this move marijuana reform forward, or not?  It CLEARLY does, by a tremendous degree.  In fact, it will likely be the blow that ends ALL of marijuana prohibition – nationwide.  – And THAT is the only thing that will take us to the perfect marijuana reform policy.

    That some “reformers” insist on not seeing this, indicates they are making money off medical marijuana, and are just using the supposed “defects” to keep marijuana illegal. 

    In this, you are no better than any drug gang.  — Quit trying to fool marijuana consumers into voting AGAINST their own best interests and continuing their persecution!

    We saw this same dynamic bring down California’s Prop 19.  This will not happen again!

  17. Steve Sarich on

    With public opinion swinging towards legalization, accepting new and more insidious forms of criminalization and prohibition at this point is idiotic.  

    Accepting outrageous taxation and government mandated “limited potency” cannabis is not an acceptable trade-off.  

    Sending young people to jail for DUID, and damaging their future, for a crime they haven’t committed, is nothing short of heartless and unacceptable. Voting to put patients in harms way for something NAW choose mischaracterize as “legalization” is just plain evil….but you seem willing to make that trade.  That, sir, is truly shameful.If the politicians in this state really want to have an impact on Federal marijuana policy, let them unschedule (not reschedule) marijuana here in Washington and remove it from the state controlled substances act (RCW 69.50), removing all criminal penalties for marijuana.  THAT they can do any time they choose and there is nothing on earth the Feds can do about it.  The power to regulate controlled substances lies with the states.  (Title 21, Section 903)Leaving marijuana in the Washington State Controlled Substances Act keeps it a criminal offense, it does NOT “legalize” it.  That’s just a fact. Get caught growing a plant and find out for yourself.Steve SarichNo On I-502

  18. A few dispensaries are being raided, but overall, medical marijuana goes on functioning well.  It has been doing so since 1996, and will continue to do so as more states join.

    And these aren’t the only reforms.  Many states have decriminalized marijuana, and various areas have made enforcement of marijuana possession laws the lowest law enforcement priority.  Many don’t know it, but it is legal for all adults to have up to an ounce of marijuana in Alaska.

    Public support for ending the fraudulent marijuana prohibition has now passed 50 percent, nationwide, with around 60 percent in the Western states.  We are on the cusp of victory and the prohibition wall is full of holes and tottering.  When just one state succeeds in passing a re-legalization initiative, the whole thing comes crumbling down.  Most of the other states, and the feds, will soon follow.

    There is nothing the feds can do about it – short of having another 9-11 and declaring Martial Law.

    Shame on you for trying to deceive marijuana consumers into voting against their own best interest – perpetuating their persecution.

  19. Steve Sarich on

    Seventeen states have legal medical cannabis now and the fed are still raiding them, especially Colorado and California.  Medical cannabis was passed by initiative in these states and the dispensaries in Colorado are already “heavily taxed and regulated” and “state licensed”….but still the raids go on.  

    The Obama administration is hearing the message and he will continue to ignore it.  Sad, but true.  One more initiative is NOT going to change the feds’ attitude or aggressive actions against cannabis users.

    Steve Sarich
    No On I-502

  20. I live in a state where you can never put initiatives on the ballot, I wish I had the chance to vote for something like this. Is the bill perfect ? No. should it pass ? Hell YES. I really hope it passes in all three states where it goes up for a vote. I can’t wait to see the headlines in the paper, Marijuana Legal !  I’m new to the activist thing but it would appear that getting shit done for legal weed is not easy.
    This has to pass to send a message to the Feds and more importantly the the world. I’m helplessly watching all this go down in my shitty state that has yet to even decriminalize marijuana. We need to unite behind the cause of complete legalization of marijuana on a national level. If this fails to pass
    it will be all the fuel the drug warriors need to keep their insane policies just the way they are. Remember right now they are winning, we are losing. We need to put some wins in our column right now. Remember , Mexico, Central and South America are also watching this and will react for legalizing Marijuana if these intiatives pass. The have already spoken out in favor of doing so and will only increase pressure on the USA to end the drug war as they see that it’s own people vote against it. 

  21. Steve Sarich on

    Under this particular  “reform” process, anyone under 21 can have their lives ruined by a DUID charge when they haven’t smoked in two weeks.  They will have a record for driving while impaired on drugs, even though they haven’t committed that crime.  I guess if you’re a marijuana consumer under 21, which is 3/4 of our college students, you be pretty stupid to vote FOR it, wouldn’t you?

    As the law stands now, they have to PROVE impairment to convict you of DUID.  Certainly no one is impaired 2 weeks after smoking a joint.  But since we now have proof from the National Institute on Drug Abuse that ACTIVE THC can stay in your system for a month, and this initiative says that ANY amount of THC is considered impairment under the law, you are automatically guilty and you have no defense in court.

    This is FAR worse on your criminal record than a simple possession charge.  You really don’t want a college or a future employer seeing a “drugged driving” charge on your record when you apply, do you?

    So tell me why 18 year old voters should vote for a law that imposes serious new criminal penalties on them for consuming cannabis?  Wouldn’t they have to be “insane” to do that?  If I was 18, this wouldn’t look much like “legalization” to me.  

    This will apply to 18-20 year old medical cannabis patients as well.  They can all vote.  They can currently grow and use cannabis legally.  They just won’t ever be able to legally drive again.  

    I wouldn’t count on THEIR support for your “optimum marijuana policy”.  It really doesn’t look all that “optimum” from where they sitting. It looks like they’re getting screwed by this new “marijuana reform”.  

    Try that agrument on a twenty year old college student studying to be an attorney.  I don’t think they’re buying that as “reform”.  

    Steve Sarich
    No On I-502

  22. Uh, Steve, I was responding to your numerous insults that I quoted above. I wrote one sentence. 

    Actually, I did write more but decided not to post because every one of your repeated assertions has likewise been answered repeatedly. You are impervious to the facts. arguing with you is like pissing on a turtle.

    One example. You have written repeatedly, “the law [1-502] is written by the same federal prosecutor who put him [Marc Emery] in federal prison in the first place.”

    For the last time, John McKay did not write I-502. He was asked to sponsor it after it was written. 

    From the Seattle Weekly, September 28, 2011: “Dickerson has since joined forces with an array of legalization proponents to draw up an initiative, which given enough signatures will go first before the legislature in the next session, then before voters
    if legislators fail to act.”

    Fellow church member, Pete Holmes asked McKay to sponsor I-502. “But McKay didn’t have much time to weigh the matter. He was in Idaho about to go on a river-rafting trip. He says he liked what he heard from Holmes about the details of the so-called “New Approach” initiative. Unlike previous efforts put forward by the group Sensible
    Washington, which simply would have removed the criminal and civil penalties related to marijuana, this one would tax and regulate the pot industry. “I decided ‘in for a penny, in for a pound,’ ” McKay says.”Here’s the part that I didn’t post but after reading your subsequent and typically intemperate remarks, I have decided to speak what’s in my heart. “They are the biggest bunch of hypocrites in the cannabis movement.” (Sarich)

    Unlike you? The true reformer who crows, “I’ve been a well-known medical cannabis [advocate? sic] for the last decade.” There is no doubt that you are well known.

    Unfortunately, outside of the “cannabis community” you are renown as Steve Sarich, the “brash entrepreneur” (Seattle Weekly) who was growing 375 plants and shot and critically injured a home invasion robber.

    Frankly, you supporting I-502 would be a liability. To a significant number of the 3,677,919 mainstream registered voters in Washington state, you represent the worst aspects of medical marijuana and the medical marijuana industry. The best way for you to support the movement is to stay silent. Every time you spew you aid the prohibitionists and make it harder to advocate for medical cannabis users. 

    Recently, the Seattle Times, a friend of marijuana law reform, published an editorial by Bruce Ramsey which stated, “Now that this [I-502] is on the table, there is a sudden drawing back. For all the concern with prisons, gangs and deaths in Mexico, many users here don’t feel a big risk. We have a marijuana industry, lawful or otherwise, and people in it worry about being put out of business.” 

    In politics–the system whereby laws are made and changed–perception is reality. The possible is that which is passable.

  23. None of those superficial observations change the fact that marijuana reform is a process, not an event.  I-502 is worlds better than what we have now, and moves us the lion’s share of the distance to optimum marijuana policy.  It would be insanity for any marijuana consumer to vote against it.

  24. Marijuana reform is a process, not an event.  I-502 is worlds better than what we have now, and moves us the lion’s share of the distance to optimum marijuana policy.  It would be insanity for any marijuana consumer to vote against it.

  25. Steve Sarich on

    I think that was taxsi’s point.  If you really want to legalize it…..REALLY DO IT!  Don’t write a new law that’s full of heinous NEW prohibitions, while not removing all the old ones.  That’s just not “legalization”.  

  26. Sorry, the US government already has a patent on Marijuana. It is patent # 6,630,507 and it is assigned to the US Dept of Health and Human Services. This was back in 2003 so it is old news.

    So the government wants the patent because pot has medical value but the also want it a schedule I drug in order to justify the huge amount of wasted monies on the “war on drugs”.

    No one ever said policians do the right thing but then again you have to do what big pharma pays you to do.

    Spread the word…..stop the stupidity and legalize marijuana,,,,,,it is safer than alcohol and tobacco so what is the problem?

  27. Steve could you please spell check your posts from now on, there were so many errors that the intent of your message was completely lost.  Why would the cops want my can?

  28. Do not give the government control of the cannabis plant.  Giving the government control of the cannabis plant is the opposite of what needs to happen.  Please don’t taint the wonderful plant by allowing the government to put its dirty hands all over it.  They want it and they are tricking the herd into voting it to them.  

    If you love the govt. and think they do a great job and trust their judgement in matters of determining how people should behave when alone in the privacy of their own homes, then it makes sense to cast a vote giving them control of the precious and magical gift to man of cannabis.

    If your even slightly concerned that the govt. might just totally mishandle cannabis like most everything else they control, then how could you support this bill? 

     It is not a step in the right direction to give a drunk person the car keys to drive you home just because they seem sober enough to at least get you part way there before the crash.

  29. Steve Sarich on

    You’ve run out of good arguments and you’re just left with childish insults?  I stick by my statements. They ARE the biggest bunch of hypocrites in the cannabis movement!  I haven’t found one of these supporters that’s actually read the entire initiative.

    I’ll be here long enough to see this “new approach” to prohibition defeated…that I promise you.

  30. Steve Sarich on

    And you’re so typical of people who just love the sound of the word “legalization” more than you care about the reality of what the legislation will, and won’t, do.  When “legalization” means that just as many innocent cannabis users will go to jail, NO, I’m not for it.  If it means that anyone anyone under 21 (three quarters of our college students) could have their lives ruined by a “drugged driving” charge because they smoke a joint two weeks prior to getting pulled over….NO…that’s not a trade-off I’m willing to make.

    When the law says than anyone that grows a single plant is still going to jail for felony manufacting….NO….that’s nothing even closely resembling legalization.

    When you think it’s OK for ALL medical cannabis patients to be guilty of “drugged driving” every time they get behind the wheel….just so you can have something you can call “a win”….you not only lack intellegence, you also lack integrity and compassion.

    The second this initiative were to pass, the Feds would be in federal court getting an injunction to stop it.  It will be in court for years…..stopping any further possibility of getting GOOD legislation passed.  All we’ll end up with is a heinous DUID law that we will never get rid of.  By the way, I hope you don’t take prescription pain medication because the same Drug Czar that is targeting cannabis users with the new DUID law is coming after you next.  Yep….ng/ml DUID’s for legal PRESCRIPTION drug users.  His says his goal is to increase DUI’s by 10%….and you’re playing right into his hands.

    What I am in “real life” is a full-time cannabis activist.  Today, Sunday, I’ll be meeting with other activists and attorneys to write a new medical cannabis law for Washington to finally protect patients that are still be raided and prosecuted 15 years after the voters approved medical cannabis in Washington.  Myself, I’ve been raided by three different Joint Drug Task Forces since 2007.  Last Thursday I watched one of my best friends, a forty year old father of four, get sentenced to more than 4 years for felony manufacturing….and during the sentencing the judge admitted he was a  legal patient.  He’s sick and requires a special diet to stay alive.  He has been denied medication or a meal that he could eat since last Thursday.  

    If you think ad hominem attacks are an acceptable alternative to debating the actual issues, YOU “my man”, are guilty of “stoner mentality”.  My guess is that you, like nearly all the people that support this initiative, haven’t read this 68 page monster.  Ignorance is bliss, right?

    You live in another state.  If you’re down with the idea of going to jail for a DUID that you’re not the slightest bit guilty of, please pass that law in YOUR state….don’t argue that those of us who’d be going to jail here should embrace that ridiculous idea for your benefit.  

    I’m betting that if they tried to pass this law in YOUR state, you’d be fighting it tooth and nail….just as they did in Colorado where it was just defeated for the third time.   That “my man” is the definition of a true hypocrite.  

    Are you listening NORML?  You’re the biggest hypocrites of them all.  Paul Armentano called the ng/ml DUID law in Colorado “unneccesary”, “unscientific” and “draconian”.  You sent out Legislative Alerts to warn people that this bill was dangerous and would entrap innocent cannabis users who weren’t impaired.  You told them they needed to contact their elected represtatives to defeat this bill.  Then, out of the other side of your mouth, you and Reprehensible Russ are supporting THE SAME DAMN LAW here in Washington!

    Marc Emery is in prison for selling seeds to grow cannabis.  Now he’s supporting a “legalization” bill that still makes it a felony to grow one cannabis plant.  

    And you dare to call ME a hypocrite?

  31. Calling I-502 supporters “stupid.” Writing, “Screw you” to Marc Emery? Writing of Marc Emery and Russ Belville, “They are the biggest bunch of hypocrites in the cannabis movement.”

    Mr. Sarich, please, slither away until after November 6.

  32.  This is so typical of what Marc just wrote about.  Stoner mentality is if I can’t have it all, then I don’t want any of it.  You people need to learn how to win. 

    Steve I bet you are a blow hard hypocrite in real life my man.

  33. Steve Sarich on

    I’d like Marc to answer a question for me (or at least for himself).  The sponsors of I-502 have stated that 92 tons of pot will be sold in these state licensed stores in the first year.  The largest pot seizure in history was 20 tons (2010).  Can you please explain to me, from your federal prison where you’re at for only selling seeds, why you think the DEA that arrested you would not raid a stash of 187,000 pounds of pot…no matter who owned it?

    No one is questioning the need for legalization, but we really need to be a little smarter about it than to vote for this piece of crap.  We’re nearing victory in the war on cannabis and many of you are ready to wave the white flag and surrender total control of growing cannabis to government.

    Jack Herer must be spinning in his grave.  Jack was a good friend and I can tell you that he would truly be ashamed that so many people who have the nerve to call themselves “activists” are willing to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

    You are not going to be able to paint those of us who oppose this initiative as “prohibitionists”.  We’re not the ones who are former federal prosecutors.  We’re absolute activists and we plan on winning this war.  Your idea of winning is to surrender total control of cannabis over to the same government that has been sponsoring this prohibition since 1937….and then claiming you won somehow.  

    That’s just selling out and I’m not willing to do that.  

    Steve Sarich
    No On I-502

  34. Steve Sarich on

    Nah, you’re probably right.  Give the cops a new tools to bust cannabis users, and be able to prosecute them successfully without them having any defense in court…..and I’m sure they’ll never a tools like that.  Are you really that stupid?  Before you post stupid shit like that, say it to yourself out loud and see if even you believe it.

    Of course they’ll take you to the ER, in handcuffs….which is also the way you’ll be leaving the ER.  Your can, on the other hand, will be going to impound to be sold later….while you’re in jail for DUID…..for that joint you smoked two days ago and the THC that’s still in your blood.

    Are you willing to bet $10,000 on your “not likely that cops will do that” theory?  Because that’s exactly what you’re doing.  And I’m fine with you going to jail for being that stupid, but I have no intention whatsoever of letting you send me there when I’m not guilty of driving impaired.  And I’m not looking forward to hearing you whine like a little girl about it later.

    Yeah….Marc’s real smart.  He’s sitting in a US federal prison for selling seeds and he’s supporting a new law that will make it illegal to sell seeds or grow your own plants….and the law is written by the same federal prosecutor who put him in federal prison in the first place.  And the law contains the same DUID provision that the US Drug Czar is currently pushing in every state legislature. Yeah, Marc’s a real genius….or just a tool.

  35. Steve Sarich on

    Funny….I’ve missed you at all the hearing in the State Legislature.  So much for your work for “progress” in this state.

  36. Steve Sarich on

    Since I’m one of the key “NO ON I-502” organizers, I guess your beef is directly with me….so let me deal with your bogus accusations.

    First let me point out that I’ve been a well-known medical cannabis for the last decade.  My entire life revolves around the fight for patients’ rights.  I the only person that’s testified at every hearing before the State House and Senate on every medical cannabis issue for the six years. I run the largest patient advocacy organization in Washington and we have been providing free legal assistance to patients since the day we started the organization.  We have never charged anyone a dime and I’m proud to say that we have a better record of protecting patients from prosecution than any attorney in this state….or any other state for that matter.

    We have no “dues”, no membership fees, and still we help patients absolutely for free.  Now tell me what a greedy bunch we really are.

    Neither the ACLU of Washington or NORML (or MPP or ASA) has ever assisted us, not once, in defending these patients over the last decade.  During that time, each of those organizations has collected contributions from our patients, claiming that they needed the money to “protect our rights”.  Horseshit.  They never helped us, despite our numerous pleas, or spent one dime of the money they collected from the patients of Washington State.  They took money from patients to line their own pockets.  DO NOT tell me what stellar “activists” these people are.

    To make matters worse, they either wrote or supported every bad medical cannabis bill that has been proposed in the legislature for the last six years.  We patients are still suffering from all of this bad legislation that they helped stick us with. Alison Holcolm, the head of New Approach Washington, was directly responsible for this bad legislation and we were, fortunately, able to defeat her other legislative attempts to force patients to register like sex offenders in order to get protection from arrest and prosecution.  Now she’s proposing legislation that will make us illegal every time we get behind the wheel.

    Since you are accusing those of us who oppose I-502 of “milking the cow” and profiteering from our opposition to the terrible legislation….please show us how you came up with that totally bullshit argument.  Go to the Public Disclosure Commission website and look at the contributors.  Pretty sad, right?  Where are all those wealthy cow milkers and profiteers?  While I really wish they’d help us, they’ve decided to “stay neutral” on I-502.  There is only one cannabis industry group in Washington and their leader, Greta Carter, is vocally supporting I-502 and published an article in DOPE Magazine explaining her support.  So where does that leave your argument that it’s the “cannabis industry” who is leading the fight against I-502?

    We ARE an “interest group”….we’re patients….and we WILL NOT let people who are too stupid to bother reading this legislation throw us under the bus so they can buy a “legal ounce” of pot-lite from a government licensed store at $700 an ounce.  

    If you want to argue that I haven’t dedicated my life to protecting patients’ rights….give it your best shot.  I doubt you’ll get much support with that argument. 

    Steve Sarich
    NO ON I-502

  37. Tim Crowley on

    Thank you, Marc. I’m ashamed of the so called activists in WA State who refuse to support 502. By failing to support progress they support jailing pot smokers by their inaction, they will never again have respect among folks who want this movement to progress

  38. Shame on Russ Belville and Marc Emery? Because these guys havent devoted their lives to the legalization of Cannabis???? NORML doesn’t care about WA because … its members don’t live there?

    Sorry, Floydma. Russ and Marc (and Keith Stroup) have done more for marijuana legalization than almost anyone on the planet.

  39. I was really pissed at the so call cannabis voters that did not support prop 19 and it lost by only 3or 4 percent.  No bill will ever be perfect, but I feel that cops will not likely want to mess with blood test and lets face it, they will have to employ a full  time nurse or go the ER which will open up  all kind of scenarios of  blood testing  horrors and bio-hazards concern we need to take as many steps forward as possible even if we have to lose a couple of steps.  Marc’s right on 

  40. It’s incredible how far the “NO” people will go to keep profiting from the current system. And they say Big Brother likes propaganda, what a bunch of hypocrites “defending” the rights of patients or it sounds more like fighting with propaganda for their own economic interest. The ” NO” promoters are an interest group like any other, who would align with the DEA or big pharma in order to keep the status quo as long as they can keep milking the cow like they are right now. Dont let yourself be fooled by those who are only interested in themselves and pretend they’re doing it for the sake of the cannabis patients.

  41. eating_sunshine on

    I have read and considered every argument against 502. rats  First of all, I don’t understand were most of these people are coming from.  worms They could be paid by the reefer madness government to make comments here. snakes  Any victory against the government, tells everyone that we the people think the government is a bunch of liars about cannabis.  white dove Any victory against the liars is a good thing. 

  42. This just serves to put those patients most in need of medical cannabis at the highest risk of DUID.  It hinders medical marijuana in order to allow recreational use for the general adult population.  I’d rather continue smoking and risking prosecution (which would make my law degree useless) then give prosecutors a per se conviction which will apply mostly to seriously ill patients.  It’s selfish to throw patients under the bus for the sake of the movement, and it makes it look more like medical marijuana is just being used as a stepping stone for legalization, without any care of what happens to those most serious patients who will always be over this per se limit.

  43. I think Marc Emery might be wrong about cannabis users, yes we have long been demoralized but change is on the way.  Lets not fret about elected officials “granting” us our rights, as Americans all we need to do is stand up and in a clear loud voice say:  ” WE DECLARE OUR RIGHTS”.  It takes more than just clicking the “LIKE” button, please follow the link that follows, READ the the documents there and if you want change and if you are up to the challenge then sign it and live up to it.

     The laws regarding cannabis were born on the wings of lies and pampered by propaganda such that now the tightly held belief systems are going to have to reckon with the desire of all humanity to live with dignity, free from the oppressive tyranny that ignorance and biggotry have spawned.http://www.change.org/petitions/all-elected-represenitives-and-the-united-nations-recognize-the-rights-of-cannabis-users

  44. Steve Sarich on

    “I don’t know about you, but I just couldn’t cast my vote along with the Drug Czar in support of continuing prohibition.”
    Hate to break this to you Marc, but the ng/ml comes from THE DRUG CZAR!  You ARE supporting his plan, so please cut the crap.  You don’t “legalize” by allowing new and even more heinous criminal laws for cannabis users.  By the way, selling seeds will still be illegal.  You won’t be able to grow a single plant without becoming a felon.

    “* This is not like testing positive on a pee test, where you might have smoked pot a week ago and still come up dirty.  That’s metabolites.  This is active THC, and it is the impairing molecule that gets you high.”

    No, this is NOT a pee test.  They will arrest you, impound your car (which you aren’t likely to see again), take you to a hospital to draw your blood, and when you come back with 10 ng/ml level, you’ll go straight to jail.  As with all DUI’s, they will enact even tougher penalties if you have over twice the “legal limit”.  So if you’re a patient, you’re totally screwed….but that OK with you Marc because it fits with YOUR political agenda.  Sorry, but going to jail for a crime I haven’t committed, and having no legal defense for it, does not fit with MY political agenda….or any other agenda.

    Yes, they ARE testing for active THC, not metabolites.  All of the studies show that you can’t determine impairment, with ANY DRUG BESIDES ALCOHOL by measuring drug concentrations in the blood.  You’ve got some time on your hands…..read a book.  I’ll be happy to send you all of the studies going back to the 1980’s.  You’ll find that they all say the same thing.  This is nothing more than an attempt to further incarcerate cannabis users, but you seem to be arguing that more people getting arrested is “necessary”.  Screw you.

    By the way….the last study, which was just released by the National Institute on Drug Abuse prove that ACTIVE THC can stay in your system for 30 days.  There goes you “metabolite” excuse.  

    If you refuse to learn the science and the law, please quit talking about it like you’re actually an expert on the subject.  You sound like Radical Russ….the unemployed former windbag for NORML.  They are the biggest bunch of hypocrites in the cannabis movement.

  45. Marc Emery = a profiteering multi-millionaire convicted drug felon in prison

    Not surprising he’s now towing the Big Government Big $$ Corporate Big Tax line.

    **** Vote NO on i502! ****

    Bad Laws = Bad Results !!

  46. I’ve known Marc since the late 80’s when we both began publishing magazines (e.g. Zines, they were called at the time) on Drug Policy.  Until about 2000 Marc was all about “freeing the weed” and “overgrowing the government.”  Then he suddenly changed his spots supporting “tax, regulate and control” and really giving it all over to monopolistic dispensaries and unwittingly to Big Pharma.  All I can reall say is “Marc, please come back from the dark side.”  LOL.

    “The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it’s profitable to continue the
    illusion.  At the point where the illusion bgecomes too expensive to maintain, they
    will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the
    tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the
    theatre.”Frank Zappa.
    New Candidate for 2012 Presidency wants a “Green Economy” Based on Marijuanahttp://www.newagecitizen.com/MERP/RelegalizeNowObama57.htm

    Bruce Cain for President 2012: The Great Betrayal http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_pX4NvEIw9g

    Because Marijuana is Safer that Beer . . . How About We Start Treating It That Way?MERP HeadquartersThe Marijuana Re-Legalization Policy Project (MRPP)= “MERP”http://www.newagecitizen.com/MERP.htm

  47. More lies from radical Russ! There is not currently any per se DUID limit in WA to be convicted cops have to PROVE impairment they can’t just arrest you for having THC in your blood.
    The reality is that 502 will give us nothing.  The retail sale provisions will be 100% preempted by federal law (controlled substances act of 1971).  The pro 502 crowd wants to tell you “oh don’t worry we can change the DUID section later”.  That is BS! Under WA a initiative can’t be modified for at least two years.  Even after that no one will ever vote “for” drugged driving. In fact since prohibition was repealed DUID/DWI laws have never been repealed or softened.
    The DUID laws are even harsher for young people.  Mind explaining to me how a ZERO TOLERANCE policy won’t lead to wrongful convictions.  Oh wait that’s right Russ an the NAW seem to feel that some wrongful convictions are ok if it gives us “legal cannabis.”. I say it is never acceptable to put a human being in a a cage for something they did NOT do.  DUID is a very serious charge here in WA considerably more serious than possesion of less than an ounce.
    A lot of people bring up NORML endorsing 502 like it means something, it doesnt.  The fact is that the NORML leadership simply does not care about the people of WA.  They are willing to waive all cannabis users rights to drive for a token victory.  When you think about it of course they are, they don’t live here!  Bring up DUID limits in Colorado or Cali and see how fast they freak out.  Thomas Jefferson once wrote “of all human failings hypocrisy is the most insidious for it corrupts the otherwise beneficial efforts of ones fellow man,” couldn’t have said it better myself Mr Jefferson.
    While I have always had a ton of respect for Mr Emery he is wrong on this issue.  He needs to really ask himself who he wants to side with.  The prosecutor that put him away along with people like Russ (who will not stop attacking patients) or ordinary every day Americans who believe in REAL cannabis form and not this backhanded attack on cannabis users.  I firmly believe that he is being misled about this initiative and I don’t think he would support it if he had the facts.

    Shame on those go are misleading Marc.
    Shame on Russ and the rest of the 502 crowd for spreading more lives and half truths.

  48. As usual, Marc Emery lays down the facts and leaves the garbage being pushed by some of the exaggerations conjured up by the  “No of 502” people in the trash where they belong. I really think he should have underlined the words “Under the Political Reality of the day”. Some people think anything short of their own personal expectations in terms of pot legislation isn’t good enough…those people need to learn to compromise with the majority of society, otherwise you can’t take baby steps forward.

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