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Marc Emery Extradited To The U.S. To Face Charges


In a surprise development, Marc Emery, “The Prince Of Pot,” was extradited to the United States to face charges on conspiracy to manufacture marijuana, conspiracy to distribute marijuana and conspiracy to engage in money laundering. The extradition order was signed today by Canada’s Minister of Justice Rob Nicholson after Emery turned himself in to Canadian Authorities.

The charges are in connection with his Vancouver, British Columbia-based seed-selling business. Emery has been out on bail since Nov. 17, when he was released from custody while he awaited this final decision.

Emery reached a plea deal with U.S. prosecutors last year, agreeing to serve a five year sentence in exchange for pleading guilty to conspiracy to manufacture marijuana.

Emery’s wife, Jodie Emery, was not expecting this result. “It’s the worst option. We didn’t even entertain it as an option,” she said. “I’m just stunned.” Marc Emery has long maintained that he was targeted for political reasons. The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration has repeatedly denied that.

We at THE Weed Blog will be watching the situation closely and will update the situation as more details emerge.


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  1. Its never okay for someone to go to jail for marijuana but I respect your opinion Mike, there definitely needs to be positive faces in the pot movement.

  2. Good riddance. This egomaniac and his teenage groupies have been an embarassment to the cause. Maybe we can now reverse the bad name he gave the legalization movement.

    Marc – don’t drop the soap dude.

  3. sad day even the bible says sow the seed .

    to think the US wants to cage a man for a natural product, This is an embarrassment to the DEA what a waste of taxpayers money.

    we dont have enough funds to keep child molestors and rapists, mrderers in prison because our puritan drug goons spend all the budget on eradicating a plant.

    The US should make this guy in charge of medical marijuana cultivation education, thats a fair sentence with a bonus at the end , say whatever the big bank players awarded themselves.

    I Hope Mark Emery and all political MJ prisoners are released

    what a sad day in the US

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