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Marco Rubio Wants To Roll Back Marijuana Legalization


Senator Marco Rubio was on NBC’s Meet the Press this morning discussing a wide range of topics of concern to his bid for the Republican Party’s nomination for President. Towards the end of the interview, moderator Chuck Todd posed a question to Rubio submitted by a Facebook viewer. The question was how Rubio felt about states legalizing marijuana.

If you like weed, you might not like his answer (starts at the 33 minute mark):

For those of us who have been following along, his answer should come as no surprise. Here are a few quotes from Marco Rubio on marijuana courtesy of StopTheDrugWar.org:

“Marijuana is illegal under federal law. That should be enforced.” —ABC News, May 15, 2014
“The bottom line is, I believe that adding yet another mind-altering substance to something that’s legal is not good for the country, I understand there are people that have different views on it, but I feel strongly about that.” —Yahoo! News, May 19, 2014

[Spokesman]: “Senator Rubio believes legalization of marijuana for recreational use is a bad idea, and that the states that are doing it may well come to regret it. Of course, states can make decisions about what laws they wish to apply within their own borders.” —Politico, Jan. 31, 2015

“I’m against the legalization of marijuana.” —C-SPAN, Feb. 27, 2015

[When asked if he would enforce federal law and shut down regulation in Colorado:] “Yes. Yes, I think, well, I think we need to enforce our federal laws. Now do states have a right to do what they want? They don’t agree with it, but they have their rights. But they don’t have a right to write federal policy as well. It is, I don’t believe we should be in the business of legalizing additional intoxicants in this country for the primary reason that when you legalize something, what you’re sending a message to young people is it can’t be that bad, because if it was that bad, it wouldn’t be legal.” —Hugh Hewitt Radio Show, April 14, 2015

It’s hard to believe with four states and DC with legal marijuana, and with as many as eight more states looking to legalize in 2016, that GOP candidates like Marco Rubio and Chris Christie would take a position that will ensure that they will never become President. It’s time for elected officials and candidates for office to understand that the marijuana voting bloc is powerful, and continuing to grow every day.

It’s not about getting high. It’s about freedom, smaller government, and the economy. All issues Republicans say they support.


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  1. A nother politician who thinks he knows whats best for me and the general public that will probably try his best to force his opinion on us
    I wonder how he would like it if someone could use there position to keep something from him because of there option or belief

  2. The US Supreme Court cannot repeal the Second Amendment a repeal would require a Constitutional Convention to amend the Constitution which would also cause problems due to the wording of the Declaration of Independence which cannot be amended or changed in any way. It is the most beautifully written and worded document I have ever read.

  3. Henry Ford didn’t invent the car if that’s who you meant it was invented by a German called BENZ who’s wife was called Mercedes. But ford did create the production line assembly system of vehicles. Sam Colt created the first production lines using largely interchangeable parts which required little or no hand fitting and though there is no direct evidence I suspect he was a pot head too. Colt was no stranger to mind altering chemicals. One of his money making schemes was demonstrations of ‘laughing gas’ (Nitrous Oxide) calling himself Dr Coult. (info from the History of the Colt Revolver (Haven and Belden))

  4. The abolition, or more properly repeal of most federal legislation would do virtually no harm at all and return true sovereignty to the individual states. Which could then make up their own minds on so many things based on common sense and the wishes of the people of the individual state and we have seen which way the states are going on this issue.

  5. Politicians exist to pass laws and they love doing it. Unfortunately the more laws they pass and the more restrictions they place on individual freedoms and activities the more stress they create, the more stress there is the more discontent is created, the more discontent there is the more violence there is, And that is EXACTLY what they want. Because that gives them an excuse to pass more laws to make the world and the streets safer which in turn gives the police etcetera more and greater powers, which leads to more stress and discontent ad infinitum. any one that truly believes that any politician is interested in acting in the interests of the people is deluding themselves. The only thing they are interested in is their own self aggrandizement and pockets. It was said but i cannot remember by whom, That if there is one single thing that should be a bar to a person holding political office it is the desire to do so.

  6. You must be one of those boy molesting diseased ridden drug addicts living in some bathhouse.

  7. Nice posts.. you must be one of the losers who mass murdered people recently and are by now dead or in jail with that attitude. Screw off stealthy fagg

  8. Well im 46 and haven’t voted anything but straight republican tickets since I first voted for bush in 2000. Can I hold my nose and vote for bernie sanders in 2016 over rubio? Yes… c’mon marco, I want to like u but not with your government is God stance on marijuana.

  9. Hahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! ….Ahhhhhh!

  10. Kanne Bosem וּקְנֵה-בֹשֶׂם is in Exodus 30:23 mis-translated as Sweet Calamus. It was used in anointing oil, the Temple cannot be rebuilt without Cannabis.

  11. Zarney Barnfarft on

    Good question but I am not sure why you asked me? The answer is sadly, probably not. But a libertarian certainly would.

    The fed has no business continuing to keep their racist laws on the books. It baffles me that President Obama didn’t do something during his first two years when he had the House and the Senate completely doing his bidding for him. But he didn’t and now it’s too late, why didn’t he do anything, he was a smoker himself, a fuching (sic) hypocrite. Not to mention such a great blessing to the African Americans who still go to prison 3.4 times more often than whites, for pot. Epic fail? Yes.

    Federally speaking, it’s not just a republican’ injustice to we the people, it’s equally as much of a democrat’ injustice.

  12. Montgomery Richmond on

    You need to smoke a joint. Seriously. You need to chill out.

    You’re a complete freaking MORON if you think that pot makes people violent.

  13. Montgomery Richmond on

    Ah, I think you just hit on the correct answer. Also medical MJ also means lost profits for the big pharmaceutical companies. Cigarette smokers = lung cancer = big $$$ from cancer treatment. No wonder alcohol and tobacco are allowed to be illegal, and MJ not. Whatever is most profitable is what goes. That’s the society we live in. Sad but true.

  14. Septuagint
    The Septuagint was compiled before the king James version which omitted kanehbos, strangely, i mean why would they take it out of the bible? unless the writers did not like what Jesus healed people with, which would suggest that perhaps King James was one of the first prohibitionists.
    It is written I think i read it in the emperor wears no cloths that the kings of the day secretly only wanted other kings to only use cannabis, and did not want the commoner to use cannabis, so maybe that was ruler james’ reason for being an ass? Unless of course it was a true mistranslation, but how could they mistranslate the bible with one of the most important parts left out?

  15. They are also out of touch with reality.
    Our constitution gives us all rights, not to be taken away by some high treasonous law, and all those who participate in the war against our rights themselves are the true criminals, and to make them understand that it is them that needs to turn their lives around, laws need to be enforced that they be hanged until dead, the way high treasonous traitors should be treated, just look at how many people died due to the low lifes
    Marijuana is not a state right, it is a human right
    Kanehbos is in the Septuigint, so Jesus healed people with it, so all those against Marijuana is also against Jesus’ teachings, and God.

  16. Okay, you win. You should definitely be able to go out and buy as many huge clips as you need to feel manly, and to fill them with those nasty hollow-point rounds. Then go over to the closest WalMart with your highly-modified AR15 and prance around, scaring everyone in sight. That should make you feel a lot better about yourself. In the meantime, I’m going to roll myself a fat joint and watch Jeopardy. Are we all happy now?

  17. You are so cute. Please. Share with everyone what it is that you do that brings in six figures. Also, I noticed that you didn’t have anything to say to my previous comment pertaining to the “infinite” amount of weed that Colorado citizens are supposedly allowed to have.

  18. Okay. You win. I thought that fucking with you would be fun. But you apparently make everything up as you go and you only have about five or six insults that you misspell every time you write them, This is getting boring. You bore me. Your sister kept going on about how boring you are, too. It was really ruining the mood, though. So I just pushed her face back into your mom’s snatch to shut her up.

    Seriously, though. You need to come up with better insults. You are pulling all of these rehashed shitty insults out of thin air with no prior knowledge of my political leanings. Even though I live in Ohio, I am originally from Louisiana. And trust me – ALL of the Republicans that spout the same bullshit about guns are getting fucked up on one drug or another. Especially coke and crack. I’m not joking. REPUBLICANS LOVE COKE, CRACK, and HOOKERS…

    Let’s face it kid – and you are a kid – you are in the severe minority on this one. EVERYONE likes to get fucked up. Even the Republican politicians you’d gladly suck off just to be next to one your heroes. Your heroes that you think are sticking up for YOUR rights, when in reality they could give two shits about you. They only want your vote and would say anything to get it.

    So you just go on calling everyone r-tards that don’t happen to agree with you. Keep spewing hate filled vitriol and blatant lies you make up as you go. Also, one of the reasons that I can tell you are literally a CHILD is because you do not ever really curse. You make up a bunch of r-tarded variations of words to bypass the Nanny software your parents installed on your computer.

    Come back when you have an original opinion that you didn’t get from listening to your drunk ass dad as he slurred insults at the local news station when they were covering the riots in Ferguson, Missouri. This is all before he invariably beats your mother and falls asleep in a drunken stupor and has to call in late to the Jiffi-Lube he manages (hey – he’s doing good there bringing in 32k a year). Remember this – YOU ARE A KID. I am an adult. I have a college degree and I actually do make A LOT of money. Not your imaginary six figures, but damn close. And I work my ass off to make that money. And before you even say anything about it, I do not smoke at work – ever. I have to deal with shit that requires a bit more brainpower than picking out the best route to take so everyone gets their pizzas in 30 minutes or less.

    If you want to have a real discussion, I am down for that. That is if you think you can go two minutes without calling me a cum sucking fuck faced retarded faggot liberal. because, believe it or not, I AM a liberal and I am proud of it… Have a nice day.

  19. Where did I say that I support a gun ban? At no point did I ever say that. I do not even know what this gun ban entails. I have been relying solely on what you have written. So, as previously posted, please explain this ban to me. Because I do not think that you even know what the hell you are talking about. I can do this all day. Being that I am a drug addicted scum bag with no job and all that.

  20. I don’t live in Colorado. Please explain exactly what the fuck was voted upon and what wasn’t voted upon. Ten bucks says you can’t do it without calling me a faggot, libtard, queer, SCUM, retarded semen drinker. Go!

  21. stealthattack on

    The “tourists” were from pot heads. In Kansas and Utah, the increase was from transients from Colorado you gay trash.

  22. stealthattack on

    Haha you first said you support the gun ban but then now you love guns. Clearly the drugs have made you a bigger r-hard. Guess that’s how you were born from a wh-re.

  23. stealthattack on

    The people didn’t vote for the gun ban you r-traded semen drinker. It was the legislature WITHOUT the consent of the people. Guess you would love North Korea you Obama supporting leech.

  24. stealthattack on

    I see no difference between your mom or sister’s wh-ring. Pot smells like sh-t. And guess what r-tard, ALL the mass shooters were drug users and habitually on pot. Take away the drugs, no mass shooters.

  25. The DEA warned us that the Bunnies would eat the Cannabis plants and get stoned. People can’t get stoned from eating raw Cannabis but you better stop nibbling on the plants because it affects you weirdly.
    Now half a pat of Buttah in your coffee should straighten you out, it works for me.

  26. Colorado residents are only allowed an ounce of pot at a time. Nonresidents are allowed a quarter of an ounce. Far from “infinite.” Have a great day making shit up as you go along. It must be nice to live in your own little reality where those pesky facts are completely irrelevant.

  27. Except they can’t own an infinite amount of pot. Get your facts straight before running your idiot mouth. That’s the problem with morons like you. You make the “facts” up as you go along to suit your needs and viewpoint.

  28. “They legalized one right and took away another.” Yeah, because you can walk into a church or school with a joint and kill a bunch of innocent people. Your problem is that you can’t see the difference between the two. That is really scary. If you cannot see the difference between the two, then you obviously do not have the mental capacity to own a gun. Idiot.

  29. “The people in Colorado didn’t fight the gun ban…” They voted on it, didn’t they? And they didn’t vote how you would’ve, so what is your problem? If I didn’t know better I’d think that you are stoned out of your mind. What is really scary is that completely irrational people like you are allowed to own guns at all. I wouldn’t want a psychopath like you owning a bb gun. You are exactly the kind of person that would walk into an Arby’s and start shooting the place up because of what the queers are doing to the soil. Do everyone a favor and exercise your 2nd amendment right by putting the barrel of a shotgun in your mouth and pulling the trigger. Does that sound too abrasive? Good. You are the type of person that will end up shooting someone that didn’t deserve it. Killing yourself will save someone else’s life down the road. Not everyone should be allowed to have a gun. And I will be the first to admit that I am one of those people. I know my limitations. I am filled with a deep hatred for shits like you that boo-hoo about your rights while not giving a shit about anyone else’s rights or feelings. Seriously. Eat a load of buck shot. Wanna do something about it? Jack Sager Toledo, Ohio. The ball’s in your court fuck face

  30. Do you really expect me to believe that you make six figures when you call people’s moms whores? Really? I haven’t heard people resort to that since I was in sixth grade. You’re a sixth grader, aren’t you?

  31. This guy is just another douche that spouts a bunch of crap about how we need to spend more money on the military when he’s never been in the service, himself.

  32. You really need to proofread what you’ve written before you post a comment. Seriously. How the fuck is anyone supposed to understand the gibberish you’re spouting? I normally wouldn’t care, but when you call people retards you probably should not sound like you just started speaking English a few hours ago.

  33. I hate people like you, too. Not gun users. I actually love guns. What I hate is assholes like you that seriously believe the libtards are trying to take your guns away. Nobody is trying to take your stupid fucking guns away from you. Has anyone come to your house and taken your guns? No. They haven’t. They aren’t going to. Just like nobody is preventing you from praying in school. “Wah! Everybody is trying to take everything away from me!” Bullshit. Do you even listen to how much of a child you sound like? Get over yourself.

  34. He lost mine too. It’s a shame; he was starting to look like a good choice in the GOP debate, but i draw the line at weed. We need to legalize!

  35. Between 2013 and 2014, the number of homeless people increased in Colorado by 2.8%. Next door in Kansas, where marijuana is definitely NOT legal, the number of homeless increased by 3.3% in that same period. A little to the west in Utah, another bastion of conservatism and repressed citizens, the homeless rate increased by 25%. Meantime, Colorado set an all all-time record for tourism in 2014, with 71.3 million tourists leaving 18.6 billion of their dollars in the state’s economy. Exactly who is the idiot?

  36. What is this idiot about, I have no doubt he drinks alcohol which is perfectly legal (subject to age restrictions) and results in more deaths from multiple causes than practically anything else with the possible exception of tobacco smoking, yet both are legal and incredibly profitable for both the producers and the federal government via taxes. The real issue with marijuana is not that people get high, or that it leads to other more dangerous drug use (it doesn’t) It is that it is much easier for the user to produce it for him or her self and so the government and the tobacco and alcohol cartels will lose money, and money is power.

  37. It is ILLEGAL for the Feds to enforce it. Hasn’t he been keeping up with recent legislation? Funds have been barred from interfering with state-legal operations. These guys (Rubio, Christie) are totally out of touch with Congress, not to mention the voters.

  38. …in today’s cowardly political climate of only using talking points, “further studies needing to be done”, and ultimately no real plan or action, the only way to advance policies important to the people is thru voter ballot initiatives. Any issue or cause that MAY make it to the floor for a vote will most likely be so watered down & neutered as to render it essentially ineffective.

  39. He needs to stop looking at cannabis as an “intoxicant.” For a lot of people, cannabis is their detoxicant, if you want to use that word, from layers of life that cause stress. Alcohol is an intoxicant, where judgement and common sense is diminished. Many people that use cannabis don’t get “stupid high” as media portrays, as most of them have somewhat of a tolerance. It is more of a calming agent that can really make whatever you’re doing in life run smoother and notice impacts of looking at the real truth of things, and does not necessarily have an effect on ability to be competent. Definitely can’t make the generalization of that for all people, but a solid bulk of cannabis users are actually smart and should have their freedom.

  40. That’s the time frame he’s stuck in, along with “Ozzie and Harriet”, “Leave It To Beaver” and “Reader’s Digest”. Of course that applies to most social conservatives. These wannabe clowns will never match Sarah for comic effect even though we’re well into this years Silly Season. What can you expect when the debates looks like a movie production cattle call for a crowd scene. They even have the same type of low level talent trying out for the parts.

  41. passionate cannabinoid on

    Maybe he should roll this BACK::

    Richard Dolan at the Secret Space Program Conference, 2014
    San Mateo



  42. Sallee Safford on

    If your doing so well in your life, why the need for pot ?????..Just wondering….

  43. stealthattack on

    They placed a limit on capacity you so if someone wants 30 round clip, they can’t get it but they can buy an infinite amount of pot.

  44. Obama could end all this with a legal signature. He does not, all talk and no action. Just like the rest.

  45. Unless the United States Supreme Court repeals the 2nd amendment, nobody has taken any right to own any kind of firearm regardless of single, semi, or automatic.

  46. stealthattack on

    Colorado STATE banned high capacity magazines while legalizing pot.
    The pot smokers supported the ban by staying silent or openly supporting it. States can make their own rules to an extent but the people in Colorado trampled on the rights of gun owners.

  47. stealthattack on

    Colorado was hijacked by libs and actually since pot has become legal there has been an increase in homeless and drifters. Not a good sign for the future.

  48. stealthattack on

    So I shouldn’t give a Damn if Rubio does a crackdown on pot heads and locks you in prison since you trample against the 2nd ammendment.

  49. Weed should be legalized. It inspires creativity, free thinking, and makes you happy……..all of the things the politicians want to rob you of on your day off of work. No hangovers or agressive mean behavior. Big pharmaceutical companies want to sell you pills, the cops want you to get a DWI so they can get extort money from you so they can afford new police cruisers every year. Think about it. For them its all a money grab. They dont want you to self medicate and be safer and happy. Theres no money in it for them. No vote for you sir. Now go get a job where you actually have to do work, like the rest of us hard working Americans.

  50. Do you really think that ANY Republican is going to move marijuana legalization forward? Has that ever happened? No.

  51. Go cling to your guns somewhere else. We don’t care about your stupid misinterpretation of the 2nd Amendment.

  52. Which morons in Colorado are you referring to? Those that voted to legalize cannabis (the urban, educated majority) or those that opposed (the rural minority)? In any case, we must not be too moronic, since our state rates among the best for quality of life, health and education. Maybe you have us confused with Mississippi?

  53. I think you must be looking for the Get Off My Lawn! forum, not the Weed Blog. And take your cheap beer with you.

  54. Um, you know you’re only supposed to count the “figures” to the *left* of the decimal point, right … ?

  55. Sure, go ahead and advertise in a public online forum that you’re rich. If you really are rich, then you’re either incredibly naive or you hate your money, because with all of your public boasting you’re making yourself a target of thieves. So either you’re a fool or you’re a liar who claims to be rich and really isn’t.

    If you’re so proud of your wealth and accomplishments, why don’t you prove it by naming your company? Go ahead, I’d love to see how successful your company really is, or if you’re just a poseur.

  56. Dude you obviously don’t know your rights as an American, if your government is taking your God given rights away you must either vote for change or fight against your unjust government, there is so much bitching going on but nobody realizes that in our constitution it clearly states if your government is unjust it is your duty as an American to fight back, obviously the 300 million Americans living today do not understand this and are to scared, the ones that know are waiting for all 50 states to rise as one and put an end to it and when they dAy comes it won’t be pretty, until then SHUT UP and quit being negative!!!!

  57. stealthattack on

    If they didn’t mess with the guns, I wouldn’t care about pot. But on the SAME day, they legalized pot but banned automatic weapons. Therefore the pot smokers and all Democrats deserve death for promoting libtardism.

  58. stealthattack on

    I am not talking about federal, I am talking about the state of Colorado. They legalized one right but denied another.
    Prior to 2012, I didn’t care if pot was legalized but the same scum that legalized pot wants automatic weapons bans. They are called Democrats.

  59. Bullshit.

    91% of Dems voted for keeping the DEA out of medicinal programs, only 22% of Republicans did.

    94% of Democrats voted to keep the feds out of pot banking, only 20% of Republicans did.

  60. In other words, protect the rights that you value but deny the rights that you don’t want others to have. Anyone that disagrees with you is a hypocrite. Got it.

  61. …excellent points all based on fact! I again see this common GOP trait in Rubio with his “Father Knows Best” morality, along with his anger that somewhere, someone just might be enjoying themselves…

  62. Zarney Barnfarft on

    I don’t know yet who I like I just know that I will not vote for Hillary Clinton. As far as the president being extremely important in the inevitable nationwide legalization? It doesn’t seem to me that the president will really matter that much, They are big boys and girls and they (should) all know why pot was demonized and criminalized in the first place–that alone seems like it could be leveraged against a renegade president who tried to pull a ‘FU states my DEAs coming in’–why? To arrest the same ‘brown people’ who’s grandparents were the target of the criminalization of marijuana in the first place?

    I’m no fan of political correctness AKA thought control, I’ve known it was a hoirrible thing that has no place in a society where we are by law, free to speak our minds. But racism falls nowhere near the same vein as political correctness. As per the US Constitution, “…all men are created equal..” so no one should be discriminated against because of the color of their skin. Why any and all ‘brown people’ laws haven’t been repealed yet exposes a big hole in where our federal government really stands on “…and equal justice for all.”

    Maybe I am just really being too simple-minded and positive about the state of the government in our nation and our states, believing them capable of the needed change? I very well could be and if I am, our government is in a lot worse shape than even when ‘brown laws’ were originally enacted.

  63. So if you get arrested for possessing automatic rifles you can appeal for the 2nd amendment and get to keep your weapons just because a state bans it doesn’t mean you can’t own it federally, same with marihuana just because a state legalizes it, it isn’t federally vice versa so quit complaining and know your rights because all your doing is hating on nothing.

  64. I bet you make six figures being a corporate welfare bitch. Business marketing major working at Lockheed, perhaps? Yes, you’re such a genius – we should totally go to war with the other country that has mass amounts of nuclear and bio weapons. My pothead ass has a 155 IQ and creams difficult chemistry topics at University. I bet a dumb fuck like you can’t even do basic Calculus. Sure, we outlawed banana clips in CO (which I was against) -, so just buy more short mags dipshit. You probably need extended clips because you’re a shitty shot and can’t down an Elk until the 23rd round. Sterilize yourself.

  65. stealthattack on

    But the people in Colorado didn’t fight the gun ban as long as they got their pot. That’s why I hate pot users.

  66. You have so much hate, and express ignorance at its finest…. I’m not for anything our government does anymore, no politician will fix our broke system, it’s time for America as one to stand up and take back our government, you keep calling me a hypocrite when nothing I have said is being a hypocrite lol

  67. Marco Rubio don’t have to worry about winning. Because of his stands on marijuana legalization. I know that I am not going to be voting for him because of this just like I am not going to be voting for that Fat A** Chris Christie because of his stands on marijuana legalization

  68. stealthattack on

    But you seem happy with limits on high capacity clips but giddy with pot legalized you stupid hypcritical b-tch.

  69. Dude I own three guns you are mentally handicap if you didn’t understand what I said about I’m against outlawing liberties you fucking retard your ignorant man you need to get off the internet.

  70. So does that mean that Rubio wants to roll back the legalization of pharmaceutical drugs that produce any “mind altering” effects? Come on Rubio, you can’t have one foot in the door and one foot out. It’s all or nothing. This is America, not Christieland or Rubioland. If you don’t like weed, then don’t use it. Quit trying to micro manage every other citizens life. Just because we have failed federal laws on the books doesn’t mean we have to continue down the path of insanity and try to make these ridiculous laws work. These aren’t the Ten Commandments, these are laws that were founded on lies, ignorance, and racism. No matter which way you slice it, prohibition has been the most failed example of a business plan this country has ever experienced. With billions of dollars wasted and absolutely no gain, why we would anyone continue this 80 year failed attempt for one more day. This is incompetence in its most blatant form.

  71. So trampling the 2nd ammendment while you smoke pot is happiness? Your mom really is a wh-re. I know you won’t reply because a terrorist liked you hates the 2nd ammendment.

  72. joiningtheparty on

    I liked Rubio and Chris Christy for a while but i will not vote for anyone that does not support the removing of federal laws regarding marijuana.

  73. If scum like rubio and christy were so concerned for society, they would be crusading to make that poison, alcohol illegal. Cannabis’ harms are dubious, and if valid, manifests rarely and applicable to only a few circumstances. Alcohol is unequivocally a deadly substance that indiscriminately destroys lives. I truly abhor these prohibitionist parasites’ rank hypocrisy.

  74. Democratic party. Still working hard to ensure people buy into the notion they are in touch when in reality they don’t really care either.

  75. It’s clear that you are unhappy about legal weed, but guess what? It’s
    here to stay, so you’d better get used to it. Here, have a kleenex to dry those sad, sad eyes.

  76. stellarvoyager on

    Rubio, what an effin hypocrite. He wants others to be punished for doing what he did years ago, yet does not even have the courage to admit that he did it.

  77. Actually I was a military child been all over and lived all over USA, Asia, and Europe… Your negativity continues to prove my point. Drugs, prostitution, and everything else that is frowned upon is apart of every countries culture and was accepted before progressives such as yourself started maintaining office, the world is going to shit and the only way to fix it is to go back to the days we actually believed in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

  78. That’s cause in Netherlands they are not morons unlike in Colorado. They also have drug testing too and deny those that test positive for drugs. I lived all over Europe unlike you.

  79. honestly I don’t care if it was legalized look at Amsterdam, has all hell broke loose? Look at Portragul, has all hell broke loose after they decriminalized all drugs? On the real you are just what is wrong with this world like I said.

  80. Yeah we should spend more money on worthless leeches like you. The F35 will be useful to go to war against Russia you uneducated drug addicted trash.

  81. I make over six figures you low life trash. I could buy your company and kick you out as I don’t hire druggies especially OWS trash like yourself.

  82. Just another corporate running dog, trying desperately to gain some traction by pandering to his ever-shrinking base; so what else is new … ?

    Oh, wait, that’s right: The Donald! It must really be killing Rubio, “Jeb!” Worst-Logo-Ever Bush, and the other Koch suckers–we lost count; there’s like, what, two dozen of ’em now?!–to be so completely out-demagogued by a political “amateur”. As noted elsewhere, Roger Ailes & Company created the monster, and now he’s coming back home to destroy the castle.

  83. I hope he realizes that he’s condoning a modern day version of The Crusades over a simple plant. He speaks of it like it causes you to go insane when you consume it. It doesn’t. It lifts your mood and encourages an appetite. Perfect for depressed anorexia patients. But you know, those kinds of people don’t matter. People like Rubio are what’s really killing this country. He has no real argument as to why it should stay illegal, and instead preys upon the fact that it has already been made illegal by our “federal government,” and should never be actually objectively studied because it goes against our laws. Holy shit, if we blindly followed laws, slaves would still exist, women beating would be an Olympic sport, and we would never have gotten out of the Dark Ages. By the way, cannabis was a staple medicinal herb back then, too. And if anyone thinks cannabis has always been illegal in the U.S., just remember what the Declaration is written on: hemp.

  84. You my friend is what is wrong with America all this hate is what is destroying our Country… Why do you think Bob Marley was so inspirational? Because he preached love, peace, and to accept one another. Lay off the hate accept society good or bad, no change will come with negativity!

  85. I’m sorta Republican (libertarian branch) and these idiots just dismay me. There must still be people sending them money.

    Your point about them all being owned – it was always like that. Citizens get one major issue every year or two. All the rest is bought and paid for.

    It could be worse. We could get none.

  86. michael james on

    Yeah, because States’ rights were never part of the GOTP mantra, were they? And government control of things people can and can’t do? Where is the REAL GOTP line? Oh, it’s in dollars and the christian right.

  87. Another lost soul on

    For those who are uninformed about pot I gladly would like to point you to ur car, do you like that? Because it was invented by a pot head. All that Shakespeare that we were forced to study in school, ya he was stoned when he wrote it. I beg to differ with anyone that keeps saying pot kills your brain, ever hear of Albert Einstein. Funny our last 3 presidents were stoners, yes even ol W, but really that’s no secret. You like God and Jesus? Ya god told Moses to use cannabis in the holy anointing oil, Jesus also traveled and performed his many healing miraculously using the same holy oil God also said I give unto the every seed bearing plant, amazingly enough when God planted the cannabis seed he said it was good, just like he says about all his creations. He did alot in 6 days, that doesn’t seem quite the profile for someone that was going around planting marijuana. Which brings me to this as I’m sure some ppl are reading this shouting to themselves as they read this, I hope you realize that in the time it took you to read this Micheal Phelps (the Olympic hero) wouldn’t have enough time to count a of his medals, you know why? WINNERS DONT SMOKE WEED, CHAMPIONS DO.

  88. Another lost soul on

    So are you implying Einstein was stupid and didn’t have a brain. What about Henry Ford, are you against him if so go blow up your car and start kicking rocks.

  89. Another lost soul on

    Your scum for saying shit like that. I hope you know when you die and meet your maker her shoes you the part in the bible that tells us not to judge and he pulls up your comments. Interesting enough though Colorado has since experience a steady drop in violent crime, a steady drop in other drug use, a huge surplus of taxes, lower traffic death, and a shit ton of money for schools. It’s ppl like you that are what’s wrong with this country, thinking you know best. Guess what America isn’t burger king you aint getting it your way, so if the American way is so bad get out.

  90. Not all of them, just the extreme right wingers. There are some Repubs that are 420 friendly just like there are some Dems that are pot haters.

    Rubio’s comments reveal who are his largest contributors, big pharma, pot hate groups, etc.. Politicians don’t have their OWN view anymore….their views are “OWNED”

  91. Google the F-35 fiasco if you really want to know where our money is going. A trillion and a half for one already outdated weapon system that decreases our security on multiple levels and failed in the promise to replace either the F16 or the A10, all in the name of corporate welfare! My guess is that is a little rich for your 102 IQ score however.

  92. People that say pot smokers are SCUM, are most likely in-bred, low life, do nothing idiots who don’t even know the first step into discovering information for themselves. I smoke everyday, have a good job, no mental issues and I hate people like you so I’m doing pretty good. Please GFY, SCUM. It’s people like YOU, that make this country SHIT. IMO, Weed doesn’t smell horrible at all.

  93. Agreed. These fools scream for smaller government – but when they feel strongly about something then government will do just fine.

    Cognitive dissonance must be bliss.

  94. stealthattack on

    Pot smokers are SCUM especially the trash in Colorado. They legalized pot but banned capacity for automatic weapons. All our money is going to drug using leech scum instead of the military or high speed rail.

    And weed smells like sh-t. Those that smell bad should be beaten with billy clubs.

  95. Karen Ferguson on

    From NormalGamer:
    ” In your dreams, Rubio. Much like his stance on marriage equality, he’s also delusional about his stance on Marijuana; it will eventually be legalized whether he likes it or not.”

    Love it when what I have to say pales in comparison to short, succinct and nuthin-left-to-say-mode.
    No more “Hide N’ Seek”…it’s ‘ready or not…here we come.”

    ps. Tried to find out about “Wiz Kaliko” and can’t find anything. W/ a name like that..one must know something about the writer.

  96. No presidential candidate will legalize marijuana nationwide. Just try to vote for a president that won’t enforce the federal law (not Chris Christy)

  97. Rubio is running for the party that is longing for a time LONG PAST. His party has no jobs plan, no education plan, no healthcare plan, no immigration reform plan, no plan for the full equality of women, LGBT, and minorities, no environmental plan, no infrastructure plan and no plan for America’s future.

  98. I’m bashing Rubio on this, too. But the bigotry is not cool and certainly not helpful – I think i was clear about that.

  99. Well lets see. What can the Federales do? Shut down pot shops – sure. Make States enforce laws not on their books? No.

    What Rubio proposes is a free black market in cannabis. OK.

  100. Yes! I hereby challenge Mr. Rubio to a debate on this topic. Any forum, any time. Anyone on this forum could destroy this guy in a marijuana debate. And a lot of us vote. Hillary, are you listening?

  101. What a tool. If he lived by his own words, he would be lobbying for the end of pharmaceutical drugs for pain, anxiety, etc… All of which are far more dangerous than cannabis. Again, what a tool.

  102. U be the serious policy reformer..we will take our turn at some point. RIGHT NOW, I just want to bash on Rubios idiocy.

  103. U mean insanity….lmao..vote for what?..this CS isn’t going to be the choice for the GOP nomination, he will never get that far…surely.

  104. “If there are medicinal uses of marijuana that don’t have the ‘elements that are mind-altering or create the high’ but do alleviate whatever condition it may be they are trying to alleviate, that is something I would be open to”
    ..yeh, I would be open to you putting that same stipulation on all these addictive poisons- you idiotic politicians push for after big pharmacy companies line your pockets…I hate all politicians..every one of them speak from both sides of their head with a forked tounge.
    WTF? Sure go back to the war on drugs, spending billions, this guy is just another moron in a suit. Is that even an option at this point in todays economy? Sure, well just take those billions we made from taxation and turn it back over to the cartels and guerilla groups in Latin America. Is any politician mumbling this
    garbage even thought it through? Idiot.

  105. How do we un entrance the prohibition industry which cost society more than $50 Billion a year and is History’s most golden cash cow. That’s a lot of high paying jobs that would vanish overnight with no replacements job other than what will come with canna prosperity. The demographics have changed and the internet has exposed the truth about cannabis prohibition. There is no where in the constitution that makes prohibition legal or is there any scientific justification for its prohibition. Maintaining prohibition is Constitutional treason

  106. In states where marijuana legalization was a SINGLE ballot question,
    marijuana received more votes than even the winning Presidential
    candidate… support for marijuana legalization is broad and across the
    population voting only (R) or (D) out of “herd mentality”.

    GOP, and candidates such as Khristie Kreme and Boobio really need to
    understand that 2016 will be voting all about marijuana legalization,
    and whoever is going to win outright better get on stage in CO, WA, AK,
    and OR and blaze, vape, or much! The people who will roll out for this
    election will be all those younger voters who have not ever voted in a
    Presidential election.

    I’m voting third-party and marijuana!

  107. Hey Rubio, do you drink? Since your so against “mind altering” substances, you might want to take that off the menu too. While you’re at it, why don’t you just shut the fuck up!

  108. What are you afraid the ramifications are for legalization, Rubio? Is it the children? Well guess what? The jury is in on this one. Researchers from the University of Pittsburgh and Rutgers University have just concluded a long term scientific study on this topic. The study followed 408 male marijuana users from early adolescence to their mid-thirties. The study concluded they found absolutely no connection between long time marijuana use and depression, psychosis, or respiratory illness. So where did all of these false statements that have been repeated, over and over again, originate from ?Science is slowly disproving every claim this government has made about this plant, and yet people still quote statements and hold opinions with no scientific validity, even presidential candidates. It amazes, and scares me,that someone could be so incompetent and ignorant and be campaigning to be in the drivers seat for this country.

  109. I don’t think we have to worry about what he thinks. It’s that kind of thinking that separates him from the voters. Maybe he has a lot of cash coming in from the pharm companies or the private prison industry. These bought and paid for politicians have to say what they are told to say.

  110. And what is the message we are sending kids by selling their future to pay for the mass incarceration of non violent people that were merely possessing a plant product? Rubio should stop invoking the welfare of children as an excuse to veto the will of the people. In order for justice to be justice, it must be founded in fact and truth. Current US law regarding Cannabis is not factually accurate and is therefor unjust. One would think with 23 states in open violation of federal law, as well as D.C., that this issue would have warranted a serious question during the debates and would not require a Facebook user to raise during an interview. Ignore us at your own peril.

  111. Marco Rubio must really hate freedom to make such comments. He doesn’t have a chance to win the presidency. Cannabis prohibition is not only failed policy, it is immoral.

  112. That’s xenophobic and not helpful. Serious cannabis policy reform advocates are better than that.

  113. His “primary reason” for supporting cannabis prohibition is that legalization sends the wrong message to kids. Ugh. He would be destroyed in a debate on that point by anyone who’s done even a little homework. It will be fun to watch his eventual flip-flop on this issue as his constituents become enlightened.

  114. Vote accordingly. Don’t not vote. You end up with lying idiots in the White House like that ignorant, spineless, coward living there right now.

  115. This is my favorite part,”I don’t believe we should be in the business of legalizing additional
    intoxicants in this country for the primary reason that when you
    legalize something, what you’re sending a message to young people is it
    can’t be that bad, because if it was that bad, it wouldn’t be legal.” Excuse me, Mr. Rubio, we are not talking about “messages to young people.” We are talking about the right of free adult citizens to use a plant that has been consumed for centuries with relatively few negative consequences if they so choose, without fear of government interference. No one in their right mind wants kids to use pot, alcohol or anything else, but that is obviously not the point. And I thought the Republican Party was supposed to be all about citizens’ rights??

  116. Rubio should go back to Mexico or whatever 3rd world shit hole he is from, I don’t want this clown telling me what to do.

  117. Lawrence Goodwin on

    To Chris Christie, Dianne Feinstein, John Boehner, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, and any other federal, state or local public officials who speak the same senseless drivel spouted by Marco Rubio: Lead, Follow or Get Out of Our Way. At last, your tired, convoluted rhetoric about cannabis plants WILL be laid to rest forever. “Direct democracy can sometimes produce good results” for cannabis policy, according to an Aug. 9, 2015 opinion by editors of The New York Times. “But it would be far better for Congress and the president to repeal failed laws and enact sensible drug policies.” Right on!

  118. AFreedomFighter88 on

    Some of our politicians and lawmakers like Marco Rubio would rather destroy the lives of citizens than stand up to their corporate masters. Cannabis legalization is just another crystal clear example of how our lawmakers bend over for corporations.

    Tobacco, alcohol and pharmaceutical drug companies make 100s of billions in profit every year. Our politicians take their money, do their bidding, and so it goes. Corporations who are scared witless of losing their long term deadly stranglehold on the US public due to cannabis legalization. Massive citizen outcry is required to make this gigantic lie right.

    All the data from the Center for Disease Control clearly supports cannabis legalization. It is absolutely clear that cannabis is safer than the legal serial killers tobacco, alcohol and pharmaceutical drugs which kill over 650,000 US citizens annually. Nothing the least bit complicated or hard to understand about these statistics taken directly from the CDC dot gov web site:

    Numbers of deaths per year in the USA
    * Prescription Drugs: 237,485 + 5,000 traffic fatalities
    * Tobacco: 390,323
    * Alcohol: 88,013 + 16,000 traffic fatalities
    * Cocaine: 4,906
    * Heroin: 3,365
    * Aspirin: 466
    * Acetaminophen (Tylenol): 179
    * Marijuana: 0, none, not a single fatal overdose in all medical history and almost no traffic problems

    So, which is safer?

    Stop the lies and Legalize!

  119. Bryan Turnbull on

    People should do their homework. Cannabis cures CANCER!!! And many more health problems. Why would you vote for someone that ignorant?

  120. I think that many of our politicians today have no grasp on the reality that the cannabis community, both medical and adult use, is speckled with a very large array of political inclinations ranging from far left to far right and everything in between. As long as we all keep voting for the who are the “closest fit” to our own idealologies in all things except cannabis, we get these Rubios, Christies, Clintons and the rest of the blah candidates to choose from, all of whom have no clue to the true science of cannabis, nor do they really care. They sound bite their way into the airwaves and spout what they “think” or are made to think their base wants. All the cannabis users in all the bases need to speak the hell up. If you like a candidate – any candidate – why the hell aren’t you writing them to tell them how you feel? They really need to know who we are and what we really think.

  121. *NormalGamer* on

    In your dreams, Rubio.

    Much like his stance on marriage equality, he’s also delusional about his stance on Marijuana; it will eventually be legalized whether he likes it or not.

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