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Marijuana Activists Need To Protest President Obama’s Fundraiser July 23rd In Oakland


ObamaAs Many Cannabis Activists As Possible Need To Protest Obama’s Fundraiser In Oakland

The federal attacks on the medical cannabis community keep coming. Recently, the Department of Justice announced their intention to confiscate two buildings operated by Harborside Health Center in Oakland, CA and in San Jose, CA. This latest attack comes on the heels of other raids, audits, and other intimidation around the state.

Can you please join us on Monday, July 23, to tell President Obama to stop attacking California’s medical cannabis patients, cultivators, and providers when he visits the Fox Theater in downtown Oakland?

Harborside Health Center (HHC), Americans For Safe Access (ASA), and others are calling for a peaceful protest to let the President know we want him to stop the federal attack!

Mark your calendar for MONDAY, JULY 23, right now!! The approximate time is 3:30 pm.
We will be sending more details soon – including ways to shuttle in patients from outside the area.



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  1. So, if offered the choice between hanging or being strangled, you would actually be sheepish enough to actively choose one over the other instead of refusing to play along with such a farce?

  2. Steve in Oakland on

    When one of them has looked sincere and lied to your face it’s hard to decide which is worst. I’m sure a Romney presidency would be no picnic, but how much closer are we to fascism with Obama as president as we would be with anybody else? About the same, it seems to me. I’m reminded of the old bumpersticker, “Don’t vote! It only encourages them.”

  3. Greenpower3000 on

    Between the 2 candidates the less worst is Obama, it is sad that we have to choose one of them

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