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Marijuana Activists Rally Near House Of New York Mayor


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More than 50 activists gathered near the mayor’s home and protested the 50,000 city arrests made last year for possession of small amounts of marijuana. They said officers purposefully target people of color, claiming that 85 percent of those arrested are black or Latino.

Some accused the New York City Police Department of tricking people into showing marijuana during stop and frisks in order to charge them with a misdemeanor instead of just an infraction.

“It’s a corruption of the intent of the law,” said City Councilwoman Melissa Mark-Viverito. “That cannot stand. It should not stand. And again what we are seeing is young people under the age of 30 being criminalized unnecessarily. And at the end of the day it’s an inefficient use of our city resources.”

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Police standing guard in front of Bloomberg’s home keep the protesters more than half a block away. Bloomberg told reporters in the 2001 mayoral race that he’d smoked pot and enjoyed it. But marijuana arrests have skyrocketed on his watch. More people have been arrested for marijuana possession under his terms than under the Koch, Dinkins and Giuliani administrations combined, the protesters claimed.

“My problem is that every policy that we always address for some reason affects communities that look like mine more than anybody else,” said City Councilman Jumaane Williams. “This is another case of it, and it’s just sickening.”

Denying any wrongdoing, NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly said officers are merely enforcing the law, and if opponents want to change the law they need to change the law.

“Officers encounter those situations on the street, they take action,” he continued. “If anyone thinks that’s inappropriate, they should petition the state legislature to change the law.”


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  1. I’m doing a story on Medical Marijuana in the New York’s metro area (New
    Jersey, NYC, and Long Island) for a local PBS station if you live in
    that area and would be interested in being featured in my piece, please
    let me know.

  2. I had been in the hospital for almost 4 months. Durring that time, I was injected with Morphine, Am I wrong, or is that Heroin? $65,000 woth of Heroin. And Marijuana is against the law? Give me a break!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Ok its this simple my people if you know about Marijuana is that it is a medicinal planet an very versatile. This is the time to act and stop talking if we the people feel this a medicine that helps us why do we not have freedom of speech the cat is out of the bag except reality.
    We talk about saving the planet then do this stop cutting the F trees and utilize the potential mi hermana Marihuana can give to this planet were we plan to have our children an their for generations. stop drilling an start planting for bio-fuel/fabric/durable material to replace wood an plastic. Then do we really need to go in to the medicinal part of this plant just today I have a test for my liver due to the damage of 10yrs plus of heavy pain medication. At this time I have gone 100% natural medicine I don’t give a F what the Feds think for my body tells me it helps, more control of my body and life.

    Who should tell us how we should lives an what is is good for our bodies an what works best only you know what is helping your body an only you. I talk from expierence dealing with the medical field since I was 6 an I am reaching 50 next year!!

    Please help the MMJ community an get your head out of you __ __ __!

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