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Marijuana And Creativity


marijuana creativity brainIt’s no mystery that stoners tend to be quite creative. Whether they’re writing songs or painting photos, people who use marijuana really seem to have a great hold on the arts. Many people accept this fact as a general stoner stereotype when in fact there are substances in marijuana that actually do enhance the creative process, giving a more solid backing to the creative stoner. Pot, after all, isn’t just about getting high. This plant can really help us to find new ideas and accept alternate possibilities to what we previously thought.

There was a study conducted in 2010 by Morgan, Rothwell which showed that marijuana’s primary property is it’s ability to increase the hyper-priming process. This process is what happens when your mind makes connections between two seemingly unrelated things, also known as the “Aha!” moment. Stoners seem to be able to make these connections faster then non-smokers, adding more weight to the idea of the creative stoner. In addition, marijuana also ups the production of dopamine in the brain, which gives stoners the calm euphoric feeling they love so much. With this calm feeling comes the absence of the “inner filter”, or the small voice inside your head that critiques you while you’re painting, writing, or performing. Without your inner personal criticism, the creative process is allowed to flow more freely, producing more artistic results.

Research done on the subject of marijuana and creativity also says that using cannabis blurs the lines between the five senses, which allows the user to be more in awe of their surroundings and the art that they produce. So basically, marijuana creates a sense of wonder, which may actually be negative occasionally, causing the user to think their art is better when it might not be. Usually, however, the product of high art tends to be much more appealing to the eye as compared to not-stoned art and stoners themselves seem to be much more in tune with the creative, more colorful side of things.

Marijuana may enhance the creative process but there needs to be some base there as well. Being creative takes a lot of really hard work and practice so don’t get discouraged if you’re not pumping out masterpieces the first time that you sit down with a paintbrush and a bong. Take your time and practice your chosen work of art. The marijuana only enhances what’s already there. And while the studies on this subject seem to be few and far between (not to mention they disagree with each other), stoners know that smoking definitely does something to make the user more in tune with themselves and the world around them, thus giving them an upper hand when it comes to creating art!

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Johnny Green


  1. Really Pan Piper? You really felt the need to drag fox into this? Why did you have to go there? I am a so called “fox watching conservative” and guess what?

    Why can’t we just have a conversation about something like this and not have the liberal name calling. So Mr Hill had his opinion and I don’t agree at all with him but geez am I calling him names? NO! Just sayin.

  2. Interesting article…..but it would be nice if the author didn’t repeatedly refer to all pot smokers as “stoners”. People hear/read that word and think of some dirty, unemployed hippy that does nothing but toke all day, rather than the professional, working people who comprise the vast majority of cannabis users who only enjoy it in their own home in the evening.

  3. You’re confusing cannabis with cognac or booze in general .Wernicke–Korsakoff syndrome (WKS)—also called wet brain. A common mistake .Visit a few “Old Mens Bars” and you’ll see first hand.

  4. I think things by writing them down. I smoke herb and beseech the elephant-headed scribe to remove all obstacles, to let free my mind.

    Bow bow bow to Ganesh.

    Cannabis is conducive to meditation, and praying to a trippy-looking idol and meaning it.

    “Lively up yourself,” Bob Marley said. Smoke a spliff so that you can create catchy rhythms and deep lyrics which mean
    something – whatever – achieve your personal best.

    Increase your spiritual energy, UTILIZE ganja, choose to be peaceful and happy and energized and creative.

    (from: The Winter of Menthol Spliffs)

  5. Great article…I have smoked pot for over 40 years with a 10 year break during my 20’s at which time I established myself as an adult and pursued a professional career. My work benefited from smoking pot during my 30s and 40s and early 50s because it enhanced my creative and strategic skills; helped calm my nerves during stressful times. When most of my colleagues were going home submerging themselves in alcohol, I was puffing on a needle size joint and thinking about how I could be better the next day. That next day, my colleagues were either hung over or if completely sober so stressed out they were useless in strategic conversations that were suppose to benefit us all. So…I am woman, hear me roar, and then watch out because this pot smoking old lady can kick your butt in the boardroom any day. Let’s get marijuana legalized and start creating a better world for us all to live!

  6. ” It stays in the system for so long because the human body wants to keep it. Our bodies know that it is good for us…”
    exactly. our bodies are literally starving for cannabinoids. banning cannabis is like banning vitamin C… it’s just plain stupid

  7. Thanks Johnny! Very well written.

    I often read about weed being described as an intoxicant. Clearly this is a misconception as it is non-toxic. It stays in the system for so long because the human body wants to keep it. Our bodies know that it is good for us. Even the feds know that it protects the brain (U.S. patent 6630507), but the creative lubricant effect is why I have enjoyed it for 30 years.

    I have always kept a regular job in many different industries, but have been able to add extra income as a mural artist and audio technician. I agree with the description that it blurs the lines between the senses. Weed has the ability to break down the barriers within the brain and allow the various regions to interact. Some of my best artwork was inspired by smoking a little. I have also created some truly awful artwork while influenced by cannabis, but that’s all subjective anyway.

    There are some people, myself included, that absolutely thrive on this miracle plant. It is not for everyone though. Some people do panic if they get really high. It is probably the fear of their paradigms and ego dissolving that causes this. I know a few people that used to smoke too much, but all of them had no problem stopping when they really needed too. Eating it can cause dizziness and hallucinations if too much is consumed, but unlike other drugs (including pharmaceuticals), you never really bottom out with weed. Whether or not that is a problem depends on the individual.

    Back to the point of the blog…what this substance does for the creative process is unmatched. What it does for the human body is heal almost everything it touches. My advice to a young first timer is to go easy on it until you know how it affects you. My advice to a paranoid prohibitionist is to light up or lighten up. Smoking a little weed is no big deal. You might write a song, paint a masterpiece, or invent something useful.

  8. Mr. Hill, you’re obviously mis/uninformed, or you’re deliberately trying to bait people on this blog by making such a comment.

    Five minutes on google debunks every last vague talking-point and personal anecdote you’ve written. Which is why I won’t waste time addressing them all, individually.

    Welcome to the Information Age. Look outward for information, not inward.

  9. George Vreeland Hill on

    Marijuana is a drug that slowing eats the brain.
    Talk to someone who has smoked pot for years and it’s like their lights are on, but no one is home.
    I know a few people who are long time pot users and over the years they have become paranoid, angry at times over nothing, idiotic, forgetful and more.
    Pot is not good.
    I don’t think people should go to jail for pot, unless they drive while high or commit a crime while on the stuff.
    I do however, believe that pot should not be legalized.
    The long term use of marijuana is proven to be harmful.
    In closing, I do believe that marijuana should be legal when medically necessary for someone under a doctor’s care.
    That does not mean for a person who is “stressed out” or for some other stupid reason which is only an excuse for getting high.
    Say no to drugs.

    George Vreeland Hill

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