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Marijuana And PTSD Research Study Confirms Locations


ptsd marijuana cannabisDr. Sue Sisley was supposed to conduct a PTSD/marijuana research study in Arizona at the University of Arizona. However, due to political wrangling, the University of Arizona terminated her research. Dr. Sisley has stated many times that her research was terminated there after politicians at the Arizona Legislature pressured the University of Arizona to do so. The Arizona Legislature and the University of Arizona have refused to comment, but it’s pretty obvious that’s what happened.

Since the termination, Dr. Sisley and her funder, the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies, have been trying to relocate the study. It sounds like the study will be broken up into three locations, with two of those locations being confirmed late last week. Per Arizona.edu:

Dr. Sue Sisley recently announced that two site locations for her marijuana research are confirmed, one of which may be in Colorado.

On Friday, Sisley’s contract at the UA officially came to an end. The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies has been working with her to find a location that will allow her to research marijuana to the extent needed for her study. Sisley’s research is on the effect of marijuana on post-traumatic stress disorder in veterans.

“I have a very important announcement about the sites where this study will ultimately be conducted,” Sisley said. “We are splitting the entire study in three parts. Two of my sites have been officially confirmed.”

Dr. Sisley has not released the names of the two confirmed locations. Marijuana helps those suffering from PTSD, which is why this study is so important. I can’t wait until the study officially begins. When significant findings occur, I hope the University of Arizona and Arizona Legislature realize how bad their decision was to terminate the study. How they could do this to people suffering from PTSD who would have benefited from the study, especially military veterans, is beyond me.


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  1. I am a vet with ptsd. after 14 different prescription drugs, my va doctor has agreed that marijuana is the most viable treatment for me. I was discharged for being a “pot addict”, when I went to the military for help for my ptsd. if the va recognizes my ptsd, then they will have to pay me disability

  2. Good luck Doctor, and thanks for all you’re doing. I don’t think there is any question about cannabis helping PTSD. This study could force the change in policy that we so desperately need.

  3. This past week, I heard Michael Crow was at a seminar and heard the numerous stories told by Vets with PTSD. One of his aides said that HE (Michael Crow, President of ASU) was very touched by the stories. I also heard the President of NAU was in attendance as well. I guess they were presented with a petition signed by 100K citizens regarding Dr.Sisley’s situation with UA.

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