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Marijuana And The Brain: OHSU Brain Awareness Lecture


marijuana creativity brainIf you are interested in neuroscience and marijuana, check out this event if you are in the area, via Facebook:

We’re doing a pre-event meetup at McMenamins Market Street Pub (1526 SW 10th Ave) at 4:30p, then heading to the Newmark Theatre around 6p. Neuroscience Club members and friends are invited to come!

Marijuana and the brain | Oregon recently joined only three other states to legalize recreational marijuana. As consumption of the plant’s products becomes more a mainstream activity, its health benefits and risks will be at the forefront of policy discussions. Dr. Nephi Stella will explain the role marijuana plays in cutting edge neuroscience research.

Nephi Stella, Ph.D. is a Professor in the departments of Pharmacology and Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences at the University of Washington.

Dr. Stella is researching how the bioactive components devoid of drug abuse properties produced by Cannabis Sativa can be used to treat neurodegenerative diseases.

When: Monday, March 7at 7 PM – 8:30 PM

Where: Newmark Theatre (Pre-event meetup: 4:30p at McMenamins Market Street Pub)


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  1. The two wives I had were both smokers and both hacked and coughed away while accusing me of ruining my lungs with pot smoking. One wife got lung cancer and died. The other breast cancer and lives as do I who caught the same cancer that killed my father, prostate cancer. I too test clear on lungs but did catch cancer probably inherited dispensation for it. I know cannabis smoking does produced tars but I have this as of now unproven theory cannabis tars are absorbed far more easily by our bodies than tobacco tars. I did years ago switch to eating cannabis as my primary way of getting THC and CBDS into my system with smoking only small amounts usually before bed.

    Btw, I don’t have any music system, haven’t for years as cannabis is a psychedelic and with tinnitus it produces auditory musical hallucinations of the most amazing music I’ve ever heard–because different kinds of musical instruments can and do blend together. I used to think this auditory hallucination of music was rare but asking around found it isn’t, especially with people with tinnitus. Here’s how I would rank psychedelic hallucinatory drugs, cannabis as the weakest one, images behind your eyes (or projected onto surfaces in your visionary field) are darker, less “illuminated”. Then comes psylocybin mushrooms, then peyote each getting stronger visually in illumination with LSD being the strongest by far, for me creating utterly fantastic 3-D constantly changing imagery far beyond the complexity of say, the movie Avatar where the dragons war. As an artist I will say that what art hangs in our museums can’t hold a candle or matchstick to the imagery our brains produce (???) or are able to receive from what’s out there waiting for the Krell Machine to be invented..

  2. I couldn’t agree more. I’m 67 and have been using this miracle plant ever since I was in Viet Nam at the tender age of 18. Almost 50 years of smoking mostly joints and dry pipes. I just had a series of chest x-rays ran for some test. The x-rays were all CLEAR!….did you get that?!…50 years of smoking cannabis and clear chest x-rays. I doubt very seriously that those results would be positive with the same amount of cigarette smoking.

  3. does that mean the current users will have less of a risk of having neurodegenerative disease? I’ve been smoking over 44 years. I had an opportunity to try some 3 KiNGS strain, slept like a baby.

  4. I’m 72 and a not mild user of strongest cannabis for the last 54 years, since I was 17. I don’t do alcohol, never have, nor nicotine or caffeine and no other heavy drug use except getting caught up in cocaine for about a year and a half decades ago-(lost 8,000 plus dollars). I am a visionary person, one of the original Psychedelic artists of the ’60’s and early ’70’s. I invent, I write, and I am also a religious visionary with two powerful Visions in spiritual motion at this time, one in the Holy Land and the other with Native American religion. I keep reading how pot has damaged my brain and its ability to access both brain hemispheres through the corpus collossum that is said to shrink with heavy cannabis usage. I don’t think this is true as I run circles around other people in the creative department and have most of my life and showing zero signs of lessening. I’d like neurologists to do a brain scan of me, because I think I have one of the most pure cannabis addiction brain’s around and would be a good test subject for such a study.

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